Garrett AT Max Metal Detector Bundle

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  • Garrett AT Max Metal Detectors / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special
  • Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer with Z-Lynk
  • Lesche All-Purpose T-Handle Shovel
  • Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath
  • OmegaMill MinuteMan Metal Detecting Finds Pouch
Product Description

Garrett AT Max Metal Detector / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special 

The Garrett AT Max Metal Detector / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special is one most capable all-terrain VLF metal detectors available. The Garrett AT Max Metal Detector / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special is one most capable all-terrain VLF metal detectors available. You can use the AT Max on land in freshwater or in saltwater. Wireless or not - it's your choice thanks to the Garrett Z-Lynk technology. As one of Garrett’s most advanced and versatile metal detectors, this detector comes equipped with all the features that Garrett customers requested: built-in Z-Lynk  technology, MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones, easy-to-see display numbers, advanced ground balance resolution and even a back light control box.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer with Z-Lynk

The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer is capable of being submerged up to 20 feet, and comes with one-button power operation, re-tune sensitivity adjustment, silent vibration mode, automatic power-off feature, and a lost pinpointer alarm in case it goes missing. The Pro-Pointer AT is 9 inches long and includes a Garrett belt holster, lanyard attachment, and a 2-year warranty.

Lesche All-Purpose T-Handle Shovel

The Lesche All-Purpose Lesche T-Handle Shovel is made of aircraft quality steel. It is robust, rust resistant, durable, and lightweight. The tapered edge combats dents from harsh digging conditions. You'll find that it sharpens itself during use. The shovel is 26 inch long and weighs roughly 2.3 pounds.

Garrett Edge Digger with Sheath

The 7.5 inch carbon-steel blade on the Garrett Edge Digger has jagged teeth that can rip into any soil. It can create uniform holes, and cut through small roots that come between you and your treasure. The handle is made with a rubber grip and a thumb indention for a stable grip. Its non-slip blade guard keeps your hands away from the blade.

OmegaMill MinuteMan Metal Detecting Finds Pouch

The OmegaMill Minuteman Metal Detecting Finds Pouch, built in the USA, was designed for treasure hunters. The 9” x 10” red and black bag features inside pockets and a front zipped pocket. An additional mesh pocket inside helps keep you organized and your finds close by.

  • Manufacturer Garrett
  • Manuals .
  • Quick Look Give yourself the whole kit and kaboodle with this Garrett AT Max summer bundle including detector, pinpointer, shovel, digger, and pouch.
  • Product Type Metal Detectors
  • Warranty No
  • Interchangeable Search Coil No
  • Arm Rest Strap No
  • Adjustable Shaft No
  • GPS No
  • Audio Tones No
  • Depth Indication No
  • Programmable Target Id No
  • Target Id No
  • Pinpoint Mode No
  • Vibration Mode No
  • Search Flashlight No
  • Backlit Display No
  • Volume Control No
  • Bluetooth Compatible No
  • Interchangeable Headphones No
  • Rechargeable System No
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Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 4/12/2021 By: Seim amrloune

    Q: Hey, I'm looking for this product, you know egypt and hw much treasures here under land. Anyway we one from they people have Pharaonic cemetery and more with my neighbors . But Still big problem We don't have this product and we need one but haw can arrive Egypt because they're taken in airport after shipping me . If you know any seller here or have another ways! I appreciate this for ever. We are wieners if getting a product. Sorry my weak English hhhh but after arriving the treasure i gone USA for education language this my dream because i like amircan and European countries they are relly human and have real life and freedom not freedom for sex and dreink but freedom to do everything and have respect others. Thank you for trying help us Ya i have many future customers if we have get solutions for safety arrival. Have greet day And happy Ramdan month This month for us is most important thats why we wishes happy for all people . Bye

    A: At this time, due to manufacturer restrictions, we are not shipping most products outside the US. Some of our professional machines, like OKM units, are shipping outside the US. We apologize for the inconvenience but need to respect the manufacturers requests.
  • Posted On: 3/5/2021 By: Abdirahman Mohamud

    Q: Hello I’m interested on this business I’m looking best one of Gold deductive

    A: The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is an excellent gold detector.
  • Posted On: 2/2/2021 By: Steven Kawalec

    Q: Does the Garrett AT Max bundle come with an operators manuel ? I've used White's my whole life and am now switching to Garrett. Thanks, SK

    A: Yes, a manual is included, it is also available as a pdf on our website and on Garretts.
  • Posted On: 11/1/2020 By: Alain Ramirez

    Q: What is the depth detection range?

    A: Most people contact us to know the depth a metal detector can go. There are a lot of factors that play a part in depth. Most hobby detectors are VLF (very low frequency) and the depth depends on the soil conditions and the target size. When it comes to hobby detectors, we like to safely say the size of the coil is about how deep it will go. For example an 11 inch coil will typically pick up targets at 11 inches.
  • Posted On: 7/30/2020 By: Arman

    Q: Do you post to Sydney Australia , Garrett AT Max metal detector bundel. And what would it cost if you can post it.


    Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship this product outside the US.

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