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Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector

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Product highlights

  • Total Weight: 2.7 lbs (1.2 kgs)
  • Frequency: 6.5 kHz Frequency
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Discrimination & Elimination Controls: Remove unwanted targets.
  • Audio: 1/4" Headphone jack and built-in external speaker
  • Target ID: 12 graphical segments for more precision identifying buried objects.
  • Sensitivity Control: 8 sensitivity settings to fine tune detector depth.
  • Pinpoint: Used to find exact location of your target after initial detecting.


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Product Description

The Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector is a great metal detector for beginners and experienced treasure hunters alike. This 2.7 lb detector operates at 6.5 kHz Frequency and comes standard with the waterproof 6.5x9" PROformance search coil. The coil can be submerged as deep as you like, but the control unit is not submersible. This would be perfect for the edges of a lake or even a shallow pond. The included Target ID functionality makes it great for hunting old coins, jewelry, relics, and other valuables and lets you know what treasure you may be about to unearth. If you are searching for artifacts on an archaeological site or if you are just looking for that buried treasure, you can do it with the ACE 250 from Garrett. Complete with adjustable arm cuff and an adjustable S-style shaft with a cushioned handle grip. 

Selection Modes:

  • All Metal Mode (Zero Discrimination)
  • Jewelry Mode
  • Relics Mode
  • Coins Mode
  • Pinpoint Mode (When Pinpoint button is pressed)
  • Manufacturer Garrett
  • Manuals

    Instruction Manuals

  • Quick Look The Garrett ACE 250 model is a great, lightweight detector for beginners but is also equipped with more advanced settings for experienced detectorists. Target ID, Notch Discrimination, Sensitivity Settings and a submersible coil make this a perfect detector to go hunting with today.
  • SKU 14-1139070
  • Product Dimensions 21.75x11.00x5.25
  • Manufacturer SKU 1139070
  • Product Type Metal Detectors
  • Best for Beginner, Coin, Relic
  • Factory Included Accessories
    • Manual
    • Hardware Set
    • 4-AA Batteries
    • Arm Rest Strap
    • 6.5x9" PROformance Search Coil
  • Warranty Yes
  • Detector Type All-Purpose
  • Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
  • Technology VLF Single Frequency
  • Arm Rest Fixed
  • Arm Rest Strap Yes
  • Adjustable Shaft Yes
  • Assembled Length Max (in) 51
  • Assembled Length Min (in) 42
  • Apps None
  • GPS No
  • Audio Tones Yes
  • Depth Indication Yes
  • Control Box Mount Standard
  • Frequencies 6.5 kHz
  • Number of Frequencies 1
  • Programmable Target Id Yes
  • Target Id Segments 12
  • Target Id Yes
  • Discrimination Adjustable
  • Pinpoint Mode Yes
  • Ground Balance Fixed
  • Vibration Mode No
  • Search Modes 5
  • Search Mode Types All Metal, Coins, Custom, Jewelry, Pinpoint, Relics
  • Search Flashlight No
  • Display Type LCD
  • Backlit Display No
  • Volume Control No
  • Headphone Jack 1/4"
  • Bluetooth Compatible No
  • Interchangeable Headphones Yes
  • Battery Type AA
  • Battery Quantity 4
  • Battery Life (hr) 20 to 40 Hours
  • Waterproof Non-Waterproof
  • Rechargeable System No
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Garrett ACE Comparison Chart
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    • ★★★★★ Nice entry level detector

    Review by Butch on October 20, 2020

    Nice entry level detector. Great starter detector. Great price , it will definitely do the job and get you hooked. Eventually I moved up to the AT PRO . ( actually I have 2 )
    • ★★★★★ Nice entry level detector

    Review by Butch on October 20, 2020

    Nice entry level detector. Great starter detector. Great price , it will definitely do the job and get you hooked. Eventually I moved up to the AT PRO . ( actually I have 2 )
    • ★★★★★ Nice entry level detector

    Review by Butch on October 20, 2020

    Nice entry level detector. Great starter detector. Great price , it will definitely do the job and get you hooked. Eventually I moved up to the AT PRO .
    • ★★★★★ Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector

    Review by Wendy Becker on October 13, 2020

    What a great beginner machine..I loved it, easy to use and picked up on alot of good signals.

    I found many small treasures and coins..highly recommended.
    • ★★★★★ A salute to good health

    Review by Robert on October 13, 2020

    Christmas a few years back I purchased ACE 250 Sports Package for my Dad who is retired.
    My Dad has went treasure hunting with my Mom on several occasions and really enjoyed time outside with each other.
    And most of all keeps them both on the move healthy and looking for there next find.
    The package is a great set and a lot of fun.
    Keep thinking one day I’ll get something to replace my old one and go out again with the love of my life.
    • ★★★★★ Great detector

    Review by Kroy on October 23, 2019

    I like the Garrett ace 250 it’s easy to use and the pinpoint makes it so easy to find items.
    • ★★★★★ Great entry level detector

    Review by Woody McKay on August 31, 2019

    The Ace 250 is a great entry level detector to get into the hobby! It gets deep and the coil makes pinpointing a breeze. Once after a storm at Ocean City MD I found two gold rings only 20' apart. I've found many coins, rings and relics with it and just love that bell sound when it finds silver!
    • ★★★★★ Great quality of Ace 250

    Review by KImber on August 22, 2019

    This is my first metal detector and I love it. I have used my husbands whites but the Ace 250 to me is so much better. I have found money , jewelry and old hot wheels . I found a necklace my mom lost many years ago (40 years ago) and to add my great grandfather had made it for my mom. So happy with my Ace 250.
    • ★★★★★ Excited to get started

    Review by Denise on August 22, 2019

    I have other detectors by Garrett and have purchased from kellyco before. My new ace 250 arrived promptly and in perfect condition as it was boxed and packed well. The free gifts were and added bonus. I needed a new hand scoop and the coin book is awesome. Cant wait to get out there!
    • ★★★★★ Garrett Ace 250: A Great Product

    Review by Hillgouger on August 21, 2019

    Three years ago, my birthday gift from my family was a Garrett Ace 250 with two different size coils. I had researched and read many reviews on different brands and models of detectors, and the 250 seemed to be a perfect fit for both my budget and needs. Although the unit is simple to set up and easy to use, it is still a workhorse. It doesn't have some of the more advanced features (ground balance, wet saltwater beaches, underwater capability, etc.) that more expensive machines have, but it has served me well as a beginner in detecting. I have used it in temperatures from the teens to nearly 100 degrees F with no problems in performance. I have used it in rocky soil in the mountains, sandy freshwater beaches, and in dry/damp (not saturated) sand on saltwater beaches and it has performed very well, My finds include coins, fishing tackle, tools, and plow shares! I have purchased - and highly recommend - the covers for both coils to protect them from bumps and scratches.

    Normally, I run in All Metals mode, but in city parks, I may switch it to Coin or Jewelry mode. The discrimination mode is easy to set up on the 250. On one occasion, I needed to retrieve some small metallic objects that had recently been scattered in an area covered in deep grass. That area held several year's accumulation of metallic debris from a nearby shop. I was getting all sorts of mixed signals over the whole area. Realizing the new items would be on top of the ground and all other metal objects would be under the surface, I used the discrimination feature. I finally found one of the items and set it in a clean area and swept over it to establish a signature. I then screened out all other signals and set the sensitivity as low as it would go. That eliminated almost all unwanted signals, and in a few minutes I had recovered and accounted for all the new items.

    I still consider myself fairly new at detecting, but my finds have been selected twice in the last two years as KellyCo's Treasure Find of the Week!!

    • ★★★★★ One of the best entry-level coin shooting machines in the business

    Review by CT RELIC DIGGER on August 20, 2019

    My name is Joshua Bossie A.K.A CT RELIC DIGGER on YouTube!
    I started out a long time ago with my Garrett Ace 250 from Kellyco & I'm proud to say that I'm a very satisfied customer! The Garrett Ace 250 is a great entry level machine, it's a spot-on coin shooter and is very very consistent and easy to use!!! I would highly recommend this machine for anyone interested in getting into the hobby of metal detecting! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I CURRENTLY SWING THE GARRETT AT MAX????????????⛏️
    • ★★★★★ First Metal Dectector Purchase

    Review by Ed on August 20, 2019

    Purchased the ACE 250 Detector via Kelly. Have only used the device sparingly since buying it; anticipate knowing more about how the unit performs as I get farther through the learning curve. Giving a 4 Star rating due in part to not being familiar enough with other units to objectively compare the ACE 250, and I also have done a bit of research which indicates a slightly larger replacement coil on the ACE 250 might yield more results. Overall, a good product for a beginning metal detector hobbyist/novice.
    • ★★★★★ First Metal Detector Purchase

    Review by PlainEd on August 20, 2019

    The Garrett ACE 250 is my introduction to metal detecting as a hobbyist. Although I have not used the product very frequently yet (purchased from Kelly), I have been able to locate a number of small buried items around our home place. It is my intention to use the detector a several historic family farm locations in the not-to-distant future. I'm still on the learning curve with the device, getting more accustomed to the changes in sound depending upon what is buried and its depth. Giving a 4 Star rating at this point as I am not yet familiar enough with the product in relationship to other detector models available, and I have been thinking from personal research that a slightly larger detection coil on this same unit might produce more efficient operation.
    • ★★★★★ Great Detector For Beginner

    Review by David F on April 9, 2015

    I have had my Ace 250 for about a year now, but just getting used to it now after working out of town for a while. I have found it to be easy to use, accurate and sensitive. The target ID is usually right unless it's a pull tab or the top of an old beer can, these almost always ID as a coin but I dig everything for now anyway. I am getting ready to order the Garrett AT pinpointer because the one included is pretty weak and I found a Fiskars digger at wally world for $9.00 that is better than the included digger. I will upgrade eventually to the AT Pro and give this to my daughter who loves to go out with me.
    • ★★★★★ Ace 250 Birthday Gift

    Review by K H on February 9, 2015

    I received my Ace for my birthday and on my first use of 15 minutes, I found a Royal St. Pierre Worcester horseshoe in my backyard. I received option 2, and love all the perks that came along with it. This weekend I will try my luck at the beach and my son has even shown interest so I may soon order one for him. This is by far one of the best presents that I will admire for a long time to come.
    • ★★★★★ Garrett Ace 250

    Review by Lee K on February 24, 2014

    I will be joining those who love their Ace 250 which I use with a Garrett pin pointer. The combo lets me search much faster. It is a great unit for general use, I highly recommend it. - Lee
    • ★★★★★ Garrett Ace 250

    Review by William M on December 23, 2013

    I just wanted to say that Kellyco is a very good company. I will definitely recommend this company to everyone. This is my first metal detector and I am having a lot of fun with it. I haven't found anything of value yet but I am going out again today. I am going to go to a park and search around. Well, keep up the good work Kellyco.
    • ★★★★★ Having a Blast

    Review by Carl A on November 4, 2013

    Well, going on my second week with my 250 and having a blast. I got a lot to learn but it is going well. I so far would not purchase another detector with out pin pointer, it works awesome. Kinda weird how you see nothing and dig down 4 inches and bang there's something. I have not hit the big one but its been fun, the Ace 250 is awesome and the pin pointer (is awesome). I have found coins, cans , etc. What I want to say is when that machine starts to talk to me and I x it then push the pin pointer it is right on. I have dug 35 holes and I have 35 objects to show for it. Garrett Ace 250, it doesn't get any better.
    • ★★★★★ Just Taking it Easy

    Review by Jeff M on November 4, 2013

    I bought my Ace 250 from Kellyco about 1 1/2 years ago, it is my first detector and I spent a lot of time learning the Ace 250. I have found several clad coins, silver dimes, quarters and wheat pennies. The Ace 250 is a really good coin machine but it is also a really good relic hunter, I have found old tractor radiator caps at six inches, a toy cap gun at about five inches, a half mill from the thirties, several old bullets at various depths and I have found several other neat old things. The machine will discriminate but I wouldn't want to miss something so I have probably put fifty pounds of junk metal in my metal bin. The Ace 250 is economical, a very good first time detector and I highly recommend it.
    • ★★★★★ The Machine is Awesome

    Review by Hao F on October 24, 2013

    I ordered this device two days ago, and I've just received it, and it's working great. The machine is light, portable, and easy to assemble. I found several coins today in my backyard. I think those of you who are still watching, just stop hesitating. Kellyco has everything you need, nice customer service, fast delivery, etc.
    • ★★★★★ Ace 250 Upgrade

    Review by Shawn B on August 28, 2013

    I bought an Ace 250, for the money it works really well. I mostly hunt for coins and this thing is on them like a magnet. I only could get about 6 inches of reliable depth with the stock coil, mostly on an impulse I bought the Excelerator 10x14" search coil for the 250, wow is all I can say. It turned it into a whole new machine. It has doubled the depth and covers a larger area, I am getting coins at close to 12 inches. Anyone thinking of getting a better unit, may want to spend the $150.00 for this coil instead. It's a great machine, but the the upgraded coil takes the unit to a whole new level.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Steven N.

    Review by Steven N on July 9, 2012

    I had wanted to try metal detecting for years. A friend had a few detectors when we lived in England, and I kick myself, every time I think about it, for not going out with him. Imagine all of the Roman and Celtic coins I could have dug! Plus, being in the Navy, I've lived on or near a beach for the past 20 years.

    So I finally asked for one for Christmas. "What kind?", my wife asked. I realized I had no idea. So, I did my research on the internet, ordered some catalogs, and eventually called the technical specialists at Kellyco. The people that answer the phones REALLY know their stuff. They walked me through the "what will you use it for", the "where will you primarily detect", and the all important, "how much do you want to spend" questions. After getting an idea of what I needed, they recommended the Garrett Ace 250. Well, they're the experts, so if they say it's what I need, I'm good with it.

    When it arrived, I was dumbstruck. I thought there was no way I would be able to work it. However, after watching the included training DVD, things started to make sense. I set about half a dozen metal objects on the floor, and started "detecting". Each different item brought on a different reaction from the detector. And by playing with the controls, I learned how to discriminate. Each time I used it, I learned something new, just from the reactions of the detector to what it was finding.

    One of my most memorable digs was on a beach in Virginia Beach, VA. I was actually about to call it a day, with only clad and junk in my pockets, when on the way back to the car, I got a strong hit. I centered the coil, with the Ace 250's "electronic pinpoint" feature and got ready to dig. When I looked at the sand at my feet, I noticed what looked like a gold chain sitting almost on top. When I picked it up, it slowly rose from the drift, but hung up when about 8 inches of chain was visible. What was keeping it from emerging? A HUGE GOLD MEDALLION!!! HOLY -
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jason S.

    Review by Jason S on April 28, 2011

    Excellent metal detector. When starting, use the all metals mode. The sweet spot on the coil is easy to find. Works great for relic hunting. I've dug several Civil War bullets (3 ringers and .36 cal Remmington tear drops and Colts) in the short amount of time of owning it. I would definitely recommend this detector for any beginner considering getting into detecting.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Charles A.

    Review by Charles A on August 24, 2010

    Recently, I purchased the Garrett Ace 250 from Kellyco. Everyone was and continue to be very helpful. Thanks to everyone. After having a Garrett ADSI, and using it for many years, I found the Ace 250 light weight a plus. The Ace 250 was ready to go right out of the box and I was finding coins and jewelry right away. Nothing very valuable yet, but I know its coming. Would recommend highly, thanks Kellyco.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Clark C.

    Review by Clark C on August 10, 2010

    I was in the market for a metal detector and thought I'd be spending $500 or more for a decent detector. Did some research and settled on the Ace 250. Great price and works great, too! It is super easy to use and understand the readout. I have big plans for the Ace! I started detecting in my yard first. I am finding mostly old junk (nails, odd iron pieces, even a spoon!) but have found a few coins. Nothing real old but it's encouraging. The deepest coin so far was about 6 inches deep, a nickel. I love the pinpointing feature of the Ace 250! Works like a charm and really zeroes in on your find. I have a couple of locations in mind with old oaks that are calling my name. Also, a nearby Civil War battlefield! I am extremely satisfied with the Ace 250 and highly recommend it! Happy hunting!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Dale .

    Review by Dale on July 9, 2010

    I'm a newbie, and just received my Ace 250 yesterday and hit the dirt at lunchtime for a trail. After doing lots of research, I expected to find lots of trash in my yard. All I can say is this thing is AWESOME! I have yet to try out discrimination and elimination, but this unit is very user-friendly and performs as advertised. I found pull tabs, cans, a matchbox and other junk, to go with one clad dime and five pennies....all in a half-hour! The unit is very light-weight and comfortable. I'm hooked!
    • ★★★★★ Review by AC .

    Review by AC on June 13, 2010

    I have found this metal detector to be amazing compared to the old Radioshack one I had bought when I was 13 (28 now). I have only had it for a few days but have already found about 60 things that my old detector did not find on my property. The ID meter is really good in all directions when you have an actual target like a coin but my house area is extremely trashy and throws off the detector if items are near each other. I am looking for coins mainly and have found 3 pennies and a dime so far in my yard that the other detector passed over. Have found tons of trash too and am slowly cleaning my yard of metal trash. I would absolutely recommend this detector. It is very sensitive and picks up some really small things at quite decent depths.
    • ★★★★★ Review by B N.

    Review by B N on May 31, 2010

    This was the second detector I have bought. It has everything the novice needs to learn about metal detecting. After finding numerous coins, I also found a 10k gold ring with a diamond chip about 6 to 7 inches deep on the second day of use. I like the pinpoint feature. It has been very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone who is beginning or needs a second detector as a backup. It is very light and very easy to use. It is worth the money.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Larry .

    Review by Larry on April 7, 2010

    Today I received my Garrett Ace 250 Sports package and I am stoked! I placed my order March 2nd, and even though the package was back ordered, received it within 10 days. Very impressive. My congratulations to Kellyco and the staff. I have a feeling that they are the kind of people that take care of business. The website is loaded with information.

    The Garrett Ace 250 was easy to assemble. I am 6'2" but the easily adjustable shaft fits me perfectly. The included manual is clearly understood and simple. I am surprised with the weight being much lighter than I had assumed. Clearly, the folks at Garrett are thinking of their customers.

    I have just retired and am looking forward to enjoying my new toy!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Redhen1911 .

    Review by Redhen1911 on March 17, 2010

    I just got this delivered today and love it!! I read the manual and watched the DVD provided and it is extremely easy to use. After digging up old nails 2 to 8" deep, I found an old tea leaf strainer (very pretty ornate) 8" deep, 1974 Quarter, 1970 Nickel, and a modern Penny in my back yard... pin point mode is great! Tomorrow I am heading to the local park. I am happy we are getting decent weather here, just in time!! It is a great machine. I am very happy so far. I have found every object I hit with ease!! I just have to look at screen and it will tell me what I need to know. Thank you, Kellyco, for all the freebies thrown into package. I also purchased the Automax V4 Pinpointer at great price. This comes in REALLY handy! Happy Treasure Hunting everyone!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Dwight B.

    Review by Dwight B on January 29, 2010

    The 250 is an AWESOME machine and as advertised it is ready to go right out of the box. After watching the video and reading the manual, I took the 250 out to my front yard just to try it. As recommended, I put it in all metal mode and used the factory set sensitivity. In about 15 minutes, I found my wedding ring that I lost about 5 years ago during a snowball fight. The 250 is easy to use. It is very light and ready to go right out of the box. I have never really used a MD before so I have no real experience but I would highly recommend the Ace 250 to anyone.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jason S.

    Review by Jason S on January 21, 2010

    Overall, I found the Ace 250 to be a very good machine for the money even though I’m still learning the finer points of detecting. My major concern is with Kellyco and not the product itself. If you plan on buying the 250 through Kellyco, don’t get misled into buying that huge piece of crap Automax Pinpointer that doesn’t work. Spend the extra cash and buy a Garrett Pro Pointer. My friend has one and it makes my Automax look like a Walmart toy. Even at 20 dollars it’s a huge waste of money. I would have been better off throwing a 20 dollar bill out of my truck window.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Ron B.

    Review by Ron B on January 7, 2010

    I bought one of these detectors last spring while on vacation in Florida, near Del Ray Beach. I had taken my trusty old White's 5900 with me that I have had for over 20 years and have always had good luck with, yet upon arrival to Florida I found that a switch had broken and I could not find one to replace it with so I decided then and there that it was time to upgrade. I found a local detector shop who had these in stock, drove there and bought one. After a short briefing I was out on the beach again hitting target after target.

    We went to quite a few beaches in the area, from Del Ray on south to Ft. Lauderdale and had a great time meeting new people and finding a variety of coins and other interesting things along the way. The detector is quite easy to operate and the best thing is that it is light to hold! As far as a head set is concerned, I would recommend to anyone who is serious about detecting, find a good pair that fits over your ears that will help reduce the outside noise. Yeah, you may look like you just came out of a radio studio but it will truly be worth it in the end! They do not have to be huge, just have a good fit around your ears, and have a quality sound too. I will be buying another one this spring, as my wife and I will be working some areas here in Colorado as soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws here, which according to the weather forecast this evening, could be as soon as this weekend! - Ron
    • ★★★★★ Review by Gary N.

    Review by Gary N on December 10, 2009

    I was just killing time until my wife was done with her hair appt. so I metal detected a nearby field and I had a good day. I found several newer coins and then what I thought was a cheap piece of jewelry. Only to find out later it was a 14k gold Mariner religious medallion worth $300 according to the jeweler.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jm .

    Review by Jm on November 29, 2009

    I have had my Garrett Ace 250 for six months. It’s my first and I am hooked on metal detecting. I go everywhere I can. I dig up lots of quarters. I like the custom programming. I can’t wait to find gold rings but haven’t yet. I love it when I find silver coins in old areas. I bought a big coil for it and it wears out my weak arm but I still use the coil anyway. I can pinpoint great with the stock coil. If I move over a gopher hole, the detector thinks it is a nickel. The 250 is great for the money! I have learned it rings on some mineralized dirt here in CA. Also good signals are there both ways swinging and bad ones are one way or sometimes disappear. I would recommend the 250 for any beginner. It’s nice and light and tells you what you're finding most of the time. I use lithium batteries for super long life.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Curt .

    Review by Curt on November 1, 2009

    I have had the Garrett Ace 250 for about a year. It took me about 30 minutes of reading instructions "read the instructions!" and playing with the settings before heading out to the back yard. The pinpoint feature works great, you hold down a button and look for the peak signal, the object is under the center of the coil. It also gives a more accurate depth reading while pinpointing. You can chose to lock out iron, foil, pull tabs, and just chase coins. In this mode you will find brass, copper, tin, canning jar lids, and coins. I would start out by looking for and digging everything. Yesterday, I was at our pasture along the Platte River searching for everything. In about 10 minutes I had found 16 inch steel file, lid from a doctors sample of Stannoxyl from 1920's, and a tin lid. Then I spent about an hour digging up hunks of barb wire and nails. In the last year my treasures have consisted of: horse shoes, pennies, quarters, dimes, brass clock, sterling silverware, nails, barb wire, buckles, cans, 2 gal pail, bullets, metal toys, medals, and stuff that all you can do is wonder? Great machine for the money.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Raymond R.

    Review by Raymond R on September 12, 2009

    I have no previous experience with metal detecting but my 6 year old son has an interest in treasure hunting, and after some research, I thought this was the machine for us. I received the Garrett Ace 250 yesterday. I read the instruction manual and watched the instructional DVD. I also read as much info as I could find on the internet about this metal detector. We spent some time in the backyard learning the machine. Then we hit the park and after that we went to the beach (freshwater) for a total of six hours. The Ace 250 seemed a little confusing at first but after getting used to it a bit we were able to differentiate the junk from the "treasure" for the most part. It does give some inaccurate readings on the initial pass of an object but if you lift the detector away from the target and try again it will usually give the correct signal. The discrimination was accurate, in that, it never confused one coin for another.

    The instructions recommend that as a beginner you dig for everything you come across to get used to the different signals and what they mean. This led to a lot of disappearing signals where we would get a solid signal but found no metal when we dug. Eventually, the Ace would stop finding a signal at that spot. This could have been our inexperience though. The pinpointing feature is great once you learn how to use it. Every once in a while the pinpointing signal would just stay constant until you let off the button. But this was not a huge issue as it was only once in a while. The biggest issue we had with the Ace 250 is that it will give a coin signal for foil. We found a lot of foil when we thought we were digging for coins. It even located a piece of chromed plastic. The Ace 250 is very light and the height adjustment is such that it was comfortable for me at 6'1" and for my son at under 4". The detector seems of good quality with nothing breaking or feeling loose or wobbly even with my son, in his excitement, dropping it to grab the spade.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Andy .

    Review by Andy on August 31, 2009

    I bought my Garrett Ace 250 after suffering 30 years of "withdrawal" from metal detecting, which I did extensively as a 16 year old. The Ace 250 is a great value and as some have already said, "a coin magnet”. Since purchasing my Ace in April 2009, my son and I have found 579 coins - including a silver half dollar and silver dimes, a 1900 English half penny, 2 rings, 2 medals, various jewelry including 3 sterling silver charms, a gold bracelet, and dozens of other cool things. We never fail to bring home a pocket full of treasures. This detector has accurate identification, discrimination, and depth. It is very lightweight and has extremely fast response. We use rechargeable batteries to keep the expenses down but the charge lasts for an entire afternoon so don't worry about battery life. Some tips: 1) learn to use the pinpoint by de-tuning; 2) gold rings will appear under the ring part of the pull tab on the display; 3) we prefer the jewelry setting; 4) if you don't get sound both directions, it's not a coin; 5) learn to discriminate large round junk from coins by holding in place over the object and switching to all-metal mode and watching / hearing the "pinball machine" sound in the junk area; 6) buy a pair of lightweight headphones with volume control on them ($20) to use when you go alone. Do NOT have any concerns about buying this machine. DO go out and spend some time with your kids treasure hunting.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Rob B.

    Review by Rob B on June 4, 2009

    I've been detecting for about 15 years and rarely write reviews, but I felt this one is deserving. The Ace 250 has a lot of hype on the internet and most is right on. I bought the machine for my son hoping he would go hunting with me but after one trip he decided it wasn't for him, (it's not for everyone) so with that said I thought I'd use it a while and see what all the hypes about. Well, it's certainly an entry level machine but a very good entry level machine. I found coins at 4 to 6 inches deep in dry ground. The nickel signal for me has been mostly pull tabs but I'm sure I'll learn the machine better the more I use it. My overall opinion is this machine is a coin shooter and it LOVES aluminum, even the smallest piece of foil so set the sensitivity at 4 or 5 bars and leave it there. The dime and quarter signals have been right on every time but the 50 cent and dollars signals for me have been everything from a can lid to an electrical crimp fitting. Okay, I don't want to be negative so the good does outweigh the bad with the Ace 250. Oh yeah, if you get a signal in one direction only it's worth a dig, it's mostly been a coin on it's edge for me. Good luck and happy hunting.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Russell .

    Review by Russell on May 22, 2009

    Yes. The 250 was easy to tune and to use with the video and instruction that were supplied. I liked the discrimination feature plus the sound was good and the battery life is excellent. I have located several coins using the 250. I would highly recommend this detector plus Kellyco is very good and delivered fast service on my purchase.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Bunker H.

    Review by Bunker H on May 20, 2009

    The Garrett Ace 250 is by far the best buy for the money. It offers easy operating capabilities, with great depth. The attachments allow for even more versatility. I normally hunt with a Minelab SE, but I always keep the Ace 250 handy. I have a larger coil on the detector which allows me to get down deep in the ground. When my arm gets tired from swinging the Minelab, I take out the Ace and feel comfortable about the depth, that I won't miss any find. One such time I went over the same spot that a lot of high end detectors with extra large coils went over, I pulled a real nice Mercury Dime and a nice flat button out of the ground at around 8 inches. I buy and sell a lot of detectors, but I will always keep the Ace 250 in my array of detectors. I purchased two of these, one for each of my daughters. They have pulled a lot out of the ground.
    Thank You, Clarence (Bunker) Hill
    • ★★★★★ Review by Hal I.

    Review by Hal I on May 19, 2009

    This is a very nice detector. I watched the video and I read the book and was able to get started right away. Pinpointing is very easy and the detector is very light weight. The smaller coil is great in trashy areas and using the preset programs makes hunting very easy.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jerry A.

    Review by Jerry A on May 18, 2009

    I found the Ace 250 extremely easy to tune and use especially with the many modes available and the pin pointer feature. I mostly use it to search for coins and beach searches and have found a few items including metal-bearing rock. I would highly recommend this detector as it is very light and easy to use.
    • ★★★★★ Review by David T.

    Review by David T on May 18, 2009

    I would definitely recommend this detector to anyone. It is awesome and works great! It's also easy to use and lightweight.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Steve C.

    Review by Steve C on May 17, 2009

    Kellyco recommended this metal detector to me after I sought advice as to what would be a good detector for beginners. I had researched many detectors and didn't want to make a mistake. The first thing I noticed about the Garrett 250 was how light it was. I found that I could swing it for hours and not get arm weary. I am still amazed at how accurate the ID meter is. When it signals a quarter it is almost always a quarter. I found a Mercury dime the first time I took the detector to a small beach. In eight months time, I have found over one hundred dollars in coin, ten rings, four knives, earrings, tokens and a James Madison dollar coin. This metal detector makes me wish I had taken up metal detecting ten years ago. You can't go wrong with this detector.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Chris S.

    Review by Chris S on May 17, 2009

    I love this machine! It is easy to use and the target identification makes a big difference. I usually search parks and public areas for coins and I am now finding many more because I am spending a lot less of my time digging trash. I have read some people don't like the lack of volume control and say it's hard to pinpoint but after using the machine for a while I have found that once you get used to the Ace, pinpointing is easy and what some call a loud volume can be a benefit. I am very happy with the Ace 250. It is definitely the most bang for the buck and I highly recommend it to anybody... newbie or seasoned detectorist.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Bonnie R.

    Review by Bonnie R on May 17, 2009

    I love my Ace 250. It's easy to use and to carry for distances. The discrimination is great and it saves time not digging up trash. I mostly use my detector in play grounds to find coins but I recently took it into the woods to try to locate relics. I didn't have much luck but had a lot of fun. I would and have recommended the Garrett Ace 250 to some of my friends.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Joseph B.

    Review by Joseph B on May 16, 2009

    I bought this detector 4 months ago and can't believe the advancements made in this detector! I bought it for my 10 yr old son but soon found myself using it while he was resting. It's so easy to use I think I may invite my wife to our next outing. He has already filled HALF a whitman folder of Indian heads and Lincoln pennies. I may quit looking for relics and start coinshooting again! This machine is point and dig easy. It's his 3rd machine and he tells ALL his friends how easy and affordable it is. The discrimination also lets him find nickels. The others would pass them over. He wants a second one for his B-day so his friends can go with him more. They can't use the older ones but fight for this little Ace 250! Do yourself a favor and invest in this machine, you WON'T be sorry!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Boyce M.

    Review by Boyce M on May 16, 2009

    I bought three 250's for my wife and two of my daughters. They love them. It is easy to tune and use. My older daughter went with me to a park and her first find was a gold ring. The meters are very helpful and the discrimination is great. I couldn't have asked for a better detector for them to start with. I also own several Garrett detectors myself. I'm totally satisfied with all of them. The 250 is a great detector for anyone to use. We have found all kinds of artifacts, coins, bullets, and relics with them. Lots of the artifacts and relics date back to before the Republic of Texas, and up to the present date. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good detector. Not too expensive, and a great metal detector to use.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Boyce M.

    Review by Boyce M on May 16, 2009

    This is a great performing detector at a great price. I bought this for my son and he loves it. It is simple and easy to use right out of the box. It is lightweight enough for any age. I would highly recommend this detector for anyone wanting to get into treasure hunting who doesn't want to spend a fortune. 5 star all the way.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jan K.

    Review by Jan K on May 16, 2009

    I purchased a Garrett Ace 250 and found it was easy to set-up. So far, I found a few wheat pennies on my property. I also found some old tools too. I went to a meeting of a group of metal detecting people at the library and they talked about where to go detecting that is legal. I found out that you cannot go detecting in county or state parks unless otherwise posted. I am planning on taking my Ace 250 to Ocean City this summer and searching the beach for lost coins. I have other friends that metal detect and have found many coins on their property and it is such a rush when you dig and find things. We found some truck farm picker tokens. I hope to begin searching again soon... now that the ground has thawed from the cold winter. There are better metal detectors out there but you will pay much more money for them. For the price of an Ace 250, you get a lot of bang for the buck. Happy metal detecting!!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Colin H.

    Review by Colin H on May 16, 2009

    I have been using this machine for six months now. At first, I found it a little difficult to use but now with advice from other users and practice I find it to be a very good machine and I'm very happy with it. I usually use the jewelry setting and have had a number of finds on this. I find the pin pointing selection good and the depth penetration to be good. Discrimination also appears good in areas of high metal content. I have also used the machine on the beach but prefer the smaller coil for this. On the beach, I have found two rings and over two hundred coins dating back to 1854. In the fields, I have found artifacts going back to Roman times including two nice steel yard weights, some medieval including a sword belt hanger and coins from the 1700s to present day. I would recommend the Garrett Ace 250 to the serious beginner and more experienced detectorist.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Irby P.

    Review by Irby P on May 15, 2009

    The Ace 250 is very easy to use and it is a very good coin finding machine. You can just turn it on and swing. I showed my sister how to use it in about five minutes she was finding coins on her own. It helps to be in sand while learning a new machine. The Ace 250 was real good in the dry sand of Virginia Beach but I also used it in dirt and was able to find coins right away. I found a few wheat pennies in dirt about five inches down the first time out. It is a very good machine to start off with and the price is right.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Leon C.

    Review by Leon C on May 15, 2009

    I was never into metal detecting but we were going to the Outer Banks on vacation so I thought it might be fun. I bought an inexpensive unit and did fairly well on the beach. I found an equal number of coins and pull tabs. The unit died recently so I needed a replacement. After much thought and research and cost considerations, I chose the Ace 250 and I'm glad I did. The 250 is a coin shooter and my coin total keeps going up. But it also likes trash. Foil and lead fall right in there with nickels and dimes. But for the price, I can live with the discrimination as it is. Most of my hunts are on the beach and I keep the setting at jewelry. It's great on dry sand but unless you keep the sensitivity down to 2-3 bars, wet mineralized soil returns a lot of false reads. Using the 250 is a breeze, turn it on, select your mode, adjust the sensitivity and find stuff. If I could add anything, it would be a volume control. There are better units out there, but in this price range, this is a great unit for beginners and a pretty darn good one for every one else. I've only had my Ace for about two weeks and already I've found enough coinage, about five bucks, to buy new batteries for it. But that may be awhile, battery life on the 250 is great, not like my "other" one. Five stars in my book.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Gene B.

    Review by Gene B on May 15, 2009

    Overall, I must say the Garrett Ace 250 is an easy machine to learn. I guess the sniper coil is what I find to be the best feature. I have 5 Standing liberty quarters that I have been passing over with my ADSII for over two years. They all came from a 10 by 25 foot area of high trash and the sniper picked them out. I will never stop using my ADSII which I bought in 83, but in real trashy areas I have found the sniper and the Ace 250 to be the machine to go to. I have found 5 standing liberty's, nine mercury dimes and one 1864 seated half dime in the month and a half. I have been using the sniper coil in the trashy areas. The depth will never match my ADSII, but I can say the Ace 250 is a very good machine. For someone starting out in this hobby, they wouldn't be going wrong if they bought it.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Mike D.

    Review by Mike D on May 15, 2009

    The Garrett Ace 250 is easy to use but for the money it should have a different tone for the different coins. I had a Bounty Hunter before that was a little less expensive and I could tell by the sound what coin I had found and I liked that much better. That said, I used the Bounty Hunter most of the time at the beach, and I have only used the Ace once at the beach. I have used the Ace 250 on several play grounds and around a couple sports fields and have found a few coins. The depth finder is useless and I don't think the ID meter is very useful either. Overall, I would rate it a 5 out of 10. If this one stopped working, I would not buy the same one again. I thought the Garrett would be better than the Bounty Hunter but I was disappointed. I guess you just have to get into the $400 to $500 range to get a half way decent detector and I don't do enough detecting to spend that much for a better unit. Good Luck. It is a lot of fun and exciting when you find something. The last time I was at the beach I found a set of car keys and a pair of glasses. Poor guy must have dropped his keys and could not find them because he had also lost his glasses. They were about a foot apart under about 3" of sand.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jb .

    Review by Jb on April 29, 2009

    First of all, I can’t say enough good things about Kellyco. The service was as excellent as most describe and the shipping was absolutely amazing. That being said, I will continue to do business with Kellyco for my upgrades in the future. I am very happy with my Ace 250. I conducted a bench test experiment with my father's older and much more expensive brand detector and the results were darn near exact as far as depth / distance was concerned. I then waived various coins and objects in front of the Ace 250 and it identified them with amazing accuracy. The only feature I can find that was not extremely accurate (and I might be mistake) was the depth meter. It seems as if that was a little off. Example: it would register a coin at 6 plus inches that may have only been at 2 inches and or vice versa.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Steve S.

    Review by Steve S on April 9, 2009

    I joined a local club with my Garrett Ace 250. Everyone had expensive $1000 plus detectors. Out of 12 people at our recent hunt, I'm the only one that found a coin. I found a 1901-S-Barber Dime. The bragging rights were mine that day. It is very easy to use and takes very little practice to learn the machine. I've had mine less than 6 months. I'm still learning. I mostly find current coins, but I need to research areas to find the old stuff. I recommend this detector for someone looking to start the hobby.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Todd .

    Review by Todd on March 1, 2009

    I bought my Garrett Ace 250 after long studying it. For the price, you can't beat it. I've found coins nine inches down. The only downside to this metal detector is that it only works in lightly trash filled areas. Don't even try in heavily trashy areas. Overall, though I love the machine, I've found a lot of coins and even an old ring. If you're a newbie or if you’re short on cash, this is the machine for you! It dominates all other machines similar to it.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Chad S.

    Review by Chad S on February 6, 2009

    We owned all White's metal detectors in our past time. Since I tried Garrett products "Ace 250" I was so shocked of what it really does, because it looked like a toy metal detector! When you get to begin hunting, OH Boy! Yeah, it found even more than White's metal detectors can ever find!!! We were supposed to be hunting for gold, but instead of that we hunted for coins, jewelry, and other great things to be found! Yes, it did find all goodies and ignorant junkies better than the White's can. We found 44 Wheat pennies, 23 dimes, 12 nickels and 3 quarters at an old one room school that was from 1901-1944. It is now a neighbor home I asked permission to hunt on it and they let me finally got it out, and that doesn't mean I hunted it out. There's a lot more to do still. The best buy on earth is the Garrett Ace 250!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Gregory D.

    Review by Gregory D on January 1, 2009

    I am going on my third year of metal detecting and I have used the Garrett Ace 250. My first year I found a lot of treasures (2007 and found $114.00 in coins - nickels, dimes and quarters). I also found a lot of gold and silver that the metal detector paid for itself. My second year, 2008, I decided to buy a new detector a White's MXT for better finding. I found $120.00 dollars in coins with the two. But I also found out that I used my Ace 250 more then I used the White's MXT, because the Ace 250 was more reliable in finding more coins and jewelry! Because it was way easier to use, it told me where the coins and jewelry was way better than the MXT. Example: I picked a play ground and first went over it with the MXT and found $1.25 in coins. Then I went over the same spots with the Ace 250 and found $1.45 in more coins, because the Ace 250 ID was easier to read and the discrimination tune sound was more clear then the MXT! The MXT is better if you want to find more nickels than the Ace 250, but other than that I like the Ace 250 better when it come to finding more coins and jewelry. I have found more silver necklaces, a gold ring, and silver and gold earrings with the Ace 250. But my best find was when I took my Ace 250 to Greece and found a 1055 B.C year old coin and other Greece coins and relics. Yes, I would and I'm recommending the Ace 250 to all my friends, because it is worth the time and money for a beginner! It is a ("AWESOME GOOD METAL DETECTOR!") Now that it's 2009, I can not wait for the warm days to come to go out and use my metal detectors! P.S. Maybe, the MXT will fair better this time? (smile)
    • ★★★★★ Review by Steve F.

    Review by Steve F on October 29, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is one awesome little machine! Whether you prefer to hunt in All Metal, Coin, Jewelry, Relic or your own Custom Program, you'll find the goodies in the ground! You can customize the sensitivity, discrimination, eliminate a find so you don't dig it up again, and use the pinpoint button to center in on the treasure the meter tells you in the ground before you dig it up. Battery life is nothing short of amazing and last well beyond 20+ hours using 4 AA's & headphones. The weight of the Ace 250 makes it easy to swing, which keeps you in the game for hours. And last but not least, the meter is very accurate. It's been my experience that whatever the meter tells you you've detected then that is usually what's in the ground and the depth gauge is generally dead on. Believe me I researched everything out there before purchasing the Garrett Ace 250 and, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing out there that's any better for the price of the Garrett with Graphic Target ID. Do yourself a favor. Buy the Ace. You'll be glad you did.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Kyron .

    Review by Kyron on September 10, 2008

    For the price a nice little light weight machine and very keen to search. The two downfalls are the annoying bells that continually keep ringing when searching and the other bad feature is the supplied headphones. As there is no noise suppressor in this machine and the headphones have no dial up volume switch and one would feel they would be sending you deaf with the headphones supplied by the company. The only way you can detect with headphones on this machine is to buy another set at your own expense with a noisy suppressing knob. I contacted Garrett by email when I got my machine sent to me to complain about these deafening headphones. The company unfortunately did not have the manners to reply to me, or let me know other people were having a similar complaint. Garrett could fix this problem by supplying headphones with a volume knob attached for very little more money.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Richard B.

    Review by Richard B on April 25, 2008

    Just like I always do with any sizable purchase, I did a lot of research before buying my first metal detector. Everything that I had read about the Garrett Ace 250 indicated that it was a highly sensitive metal detector, that was easy to use, and an excellent value for the price. Now that I own an Ace 250 myself, I can tell you that these statements are all 100% true. The Ace 250 is a very sensitive machine. I have been surprised many times with the depth that this machine can detect, and with the small size of some of the items it can detect. There have been a few times when the Ace 250 has detected a small item that my pinpointer has had difficulty detecting! It’s quite impressive.

    The Ace 250 is feature-rich, but very easy to use. It has several discrimination modes that you can choose from, and it allows you to program a custom one of your own. There is a sensitivity control that allows you to adjust the detectors’ sensitivity for the ground conditions in your area. The Target ID on the display will give you a good idea of what type of target you are detecting, and the depth display will tell you the approximate depth of the target. Pinpointing with the Ace 250 is quite simple and accurate. I hold down the pinpoint button, and do an X over the target area, as described in the manual. The open coil allows you to see the edge of where the tone starts to drop out on sides, front and back of the target. Imagine the center point of these edges and that is where the target will be.

    One must-have option for the Ace 250 is the 4.5” Sniper coil. With the Sniper coil, you can detect targets between trash items. You can also get very close to large metal objects, such as playground equipment and fences. This allows you to find targets that others cannot with their larger, less capable coils. An Ace 250 with a Sniper coil is an awesome combination. Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my Garrett Ace 250. It definitely is a high performance machine.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Christopher P.

    Review by Christopher P on April 24, 2008

    The Garret Ace 250 has been an excellent machine for me. I've only had it for 2 weeks and I have found silver rings, knives, coins, and various other items. The depth is pretty good for a machine in this price range, $200. The discrimination control is great. In addition, the machine has 4 preset modes and a custom mode, all of which make cranking it up and getting started a breeze. This machine is perfect as a back-up for those who have to have a big expensive model. However, if you’re like me, it works just fine as a lightweight alternative to a diving unit. Furthermore, beginners and kids can use this machine by just turning it on and getting started. The battery indicator and battery life are both a big plus on this machine as well. This is certainly the best bang for the buck.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Anthony H.

    Review by Anthony H on April 22, 2008

    This metal detector is a good buy for the money. It doesn't cost very much and it works great. It has an LCD screen that tells you what kind of target you hit when your metal detector picks up something. It is a great and reliable metal detector. I have had this metal detector for about 3 years and have had no trouble with it. I have found numerous coins with it and other objects it is pretty easy to pinpoint your target with this detector. I would recommend this detector to anyone who wants a good reliable metal detector.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Bethany S.

    Review by Bethany S on April 22, 2008

    I own a Garrett Ace 250. I received it in 2007 for my 10th birthday. I wanted my own detector after my dad got a Garrett GTAX550 in 2004 for Christmas. My family and I all tinkered with it for a while until we got the whole thing figured out. Just like most just starting out, we all dug our share of junk. As soon as I got my Garrett Ace 250, I wanted to metal detect right away. The first place I hit was the front yard where I found what we believe was the remains of a bullet but we are not sure. I have found some coins, but the best thing that I found so far was a girl's class ring in the playground of a local school. Inside the ring, there was a name engraved. We did some searching and found three listings with the same last name in the phone book. The first number we called was the owner's mother. She was very surprised and glad we found her daughter's class ring. She gave us her address and we sent the ring back to her in the mail. It was a great experience to find things of value and be able to return them to its owner. But, we have lots of fun finding quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. I really enjoy my Ace 250. It is very easy to use, lightweight, and the 4 AA batteries last a long time. The pinpointer is very precise and depth indicator is really handy when digging your target as well.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jerome K.

    Review by Jerome K on April 21, 2008

    I like the ease of use with the Ace 250 but the discrimination is a bit lax. The weight is OK. The controls are easy to understand. The price of the metal detector is good. I would like to see distinctive sounds for coins. It seems to have the same beep for all items. We have used the detector for about 100 hours. Overall, it is a nice detector for the price. Still, I am having a bit of trouble pinpointing items. Maybe I just need to use the detector more hours to get a good feel for this. I will continue using Garrett products.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Robert .

    Review by Robert on April 19, 2008

    I recently purchased a Garrett Ace 250 so that I could have a spare detector for friends who would like to go with me on hunts. I have to say I was skeptical at first based on the very low price of the unit (my thinking being that you usually get what you pay for) but, I have to say the Ace 250 has turned out to be a major winner. It is very light and can be swung all day over my 5lb Excalibur 2, its pinpoint feature is freaking awesome, and it sips batteries.

    It is also an incredible coin shooter. I can’t believe how much change comes up with this machine. That being said, I think the Ace could be better in the target ID department. The gold shows up as a pop tab sometimes (but hey if you dig everything then this isn't a problem) and I find that you do have to turn the sensitivity down a few bars when you get too close to the water. All in all, I give this Detector 4 stars. In my opinion, there is no better inexpensive detector out there.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Ernest F.

    Review by Ernest F on April 18, 2008

    The Garret Ace 250 has been an excellent machine for me. I've only had it for 2 weeks and I have found silver rings, knives, coins, and various other items. The depth is pretty good for a machine in this price range, $200. The discrimination control is great. In addition, the machine has 4 preset modes and a custom mode, all of which make cranking it up and getting started a breeze. This machine is perfect as a back-up for those who have to have a big expensive model. However, if you’re like me, it works just fine as a lightweight alternative to a diving unit. Furthermore, beginners and kids can use this machine by just turning it on and getting started. The battery indicator and battery life are both a big plus on this machine as well. This is certainly the best bang for the buck.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jason M.

    Review by Jason M on April 17, 2008

    Garrett's Ace 250 has many of the features you would expect from a mid-range detector, but with a low end price tag. Even though this machine is packed with all the bells and whistles, they have somehow managed to keep the weight down to a mere 2.7 lbs so the only thing you'll be icing up at the end of the day is your digging hand! With notch discrimination, 4 presets (all metal, coins, relics, jewelry) and 1 custom setting to be programmed by you, keeping away from the trash is much easier, of course if you're looking for a gold ring, there's no avoiding the pop tabs, get used to it! Another nice feature is the depth indicator that shows how deep your scanned target is, and it's surprisingly accurate in pinpoint mode, not so much in regular scanning mode, but since you pinpoint before digging anyway, that's not something that gets in the way. And since we're on the subject of pinpointing, let's talk pinpointing! The 250 has the ability to go into pinpoint (all metal) mode at the touch of the thumb so you can narrow your grid down and hone in on the exact spot of your target before you dig, very nice option.

    So why am I not giving a 5 star rating? I actually wanted to go with a 4.5, but it wouldn't let me! I love this machine, but there is one thing I would change if I could, I know, for the price it's probably just not possible to add anything else, but I can still dream. The 250 has a preset ground balance setting that isn't changeable, which is great for a beginner, but a little more of a challenge for someone wanting to experiment a little with some highly mineralized ground. For example, the 250 is great in the dry sand at the ocean, but don't even go near the wet sand or into the water, too much mineralization due to the salt concentration. Fresh water isn't an issue at all however and you can go right into the water as long as you don't get the control housing wet, the coil is completely water proof. Overall, I can't say enough good things about it.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Robert H.

    Review by Robert H on April 15, 2008

    The Ace 250 is an excellent machine for the price. It has many features that one would find in a more expensive machine. I've only had mine for a week and already I've found a silver ring, about ten dollars in clad, a knife, and many more items. I look forward to using this machine when I'm not searching in the water. My daughter really wants to try her hand out at metal detecting and I’ll probably teach her on the Ace 250. The light weight and ease of use will be perfect for a child. The only negative is that the machine isn't waterproof. However, it has the best bang for the buck.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Herman S.

    Review by Herman S on April 14, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a beginner to intermediate detector that usually sells around $250. The Ace 250 is a great detector for the first time detectorist because it is extremely easy to use. When I first got the Ace 250, I turned it on and started detecting right away. The Ace 250 has a very easy to use LCD screen that shows modes you are hunting in (All Metal, Jewelry, Custom, Relics, Coins) the depth chart, the sensitivity meter and what type of object the detector has found.

    What I like about the Ace 250 is of course the very easy to use LCD screen. I also like how the Ace 250 has Tone ID so you know what kind of target you found. The Ace 250 emits a low tone when you have hit, say a piece of trash and when you hit a coin it emits a loud higher pitched sound. This way you spend more time digging quality targets and less time digging trash. Another great feature that I like about the Ace 250 is that it has a pinpoint target right on the control pad. The pinpointing feature is very easy to use. All you have to do is hold down the pinpoint button and move the detector over the target in a cross like pattern and when you hear the loudest, brightest sound, you found your target. I also like that the Ace 250 has great depth capability. The depth chart goes up to 8 inches, but I’ve found that most of the finds with the Ace 250 have been around 4-5 inches.

    What I don't care for with the Ace 250 is its stock coil. Because the Ace 250 has an elliptical coil, the target will not always be in the center of the coil. For a first time user, this can be a very tricky thing to get used to, but once you get used to the coil and where it targets the object it’s actually pretty easy. I think that the Ace 250 is a great first time detector for the price. It’s very easy to use and it gets the job done. With the Ace 250, I found about 100 coins, with my oldest find being a 1901 Indian Head penny. I’ve also found some jewelry and a couple of older relics.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Gene R.

    Review by Gene R on April 13, 2008

    I decided that I might want to pick up a new hobby. I started doing some research on all different metal detectors. After making phone calls, reading reviews, more phone calls, and watching my budget I opted for the Garrett Ace 250. At the same time, my oldest (17 years old) decided he wanted one. He started researching and also came up with the best for us would be the Garrett Ace 250. Well, we ordered 2 of them. We read the manual, watched the video, read the book again, and decided it was time to go and have some fun. We went into the backyard, practiced, and decided it was time to go to the local beach (pretty cold last weekend of January). We set our detectors to the all metal mode and went hunting. The detector starting going off within the first 5 minutes. Found some pop tops, soda cans, more pop tops then I started to understand the different sounds for different metals. When I had a totally different sound I stopped went to pin point mode and started to dig.

    It took a while to find but I dug up my FIRST REAL FIND (a quarter). I started to play with the mode button and left it on coin mode and started to find some pennies, dimes, and more quarters. We would go out to different beaches and find coins and earrings on one stop. Since it is still winter in the (northeast) there are not many places to dig into where there is not frozen ground. I am waiting for the warmer weather to come so we can go out and spend more time detecting. The Garrett Ace 250 is a very easy unit to use. The instruction manual and the video are a great help for a new person getting into this hobby I would highly recommend this detector. It takes time to learn all the features but like all other new things you have to read and read again. I can't wait for the warmer weather to go out and really have fun. It is definitely a great detector for the newcomer to this hobby.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Tyler S.

    Review by Tyler S on April 9, 2008

    I have always been interested in both the history of my hometown and lost treasure. I have pursued various hobbies that related to one or the other, but until I happened upon the joy that is metal detecting there was nothing incorporating the two. Being a teenager, I knew my budget was limited. I searched for a model that seemed cost-effective. The Ace 250 by Garrett appeared to have all the features I was looking for and it wasn't going to empty my wallet. I ordered it and eagerly awaited its arrival. Everything was very simple. Assembly consists of sliding a tube on, tightening a nut, and plugging in a cable. The very next day I went to a friend’s house to hunt. We discovered a dump filled with forty year old truck parts. It was exciting and gave us both a sense of accomplishment. I have since hunted on my property extensively and uncovered numerous coins and even a few lost parts for my lawn mower.

    The detector is very easy to operate. Push power and you are ready to go. The Target ID is accurate in both bench tests and real use. I often use the Custom mode to find exactly what I am looking for. The pinpoint feature has saved me from turning my yard into an earthen checkerboard. The LED screen is both easy to see and intuitive. The detector is well built. Weighing in at only 2.7 pounds, I can use it for hours without becoming fatigued. The frame feels sturdy and rigid. The stock coil provides excellent coverage while maintaining a high sensitivity. The detector does not feel so much as if it is a tool, but rather an extension of my arm. I proudly give the detector five stars!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jeffrey B.

    Review by Jeffrey B on April 9, 2008

    The Ace 250 Detector that I received from Kellyco last year is one of the best and easiest machines to use that I have owned in 30+ years I have been hunting. Never had a Garrett machine before but have owned quite a few from other well known companies and have had a fair amount of luck with most of them. This little Ace 250 is so lightweight that even a man of my 60+ years has no trouble hunting all day with it. I never realized how nice the newer detectors were especially with the tone ID and the notch Discrimination. Have had no trouble with this Ace 250 and have found things with it in places that I have hunted numerous times in the past 30+ years.

    I also really like the bell tone it gives when you hit a nice coin like the 200 year old pennies I have been finding lately. My personal opinion is that Garrett has really made a big plus in their detectors over the years and it is only a few more months until I buy another one of their machines. I am getting ready to see how this little detector does in some of the Civil War sites I have been to in the past.

    This detector is as easy on batteries as any I have ever had and a lot better than most. Also, don't let the very reasonable price fool you because this has the depth of a lot of other detectors that cost two times as much. I am very satisfied with all the people at Kellyco that I have talked to and my purchases of anything in the treasure hunting field will be from this company. I always get my orders without any hassle and have saved a BUNDLE of money over the years Kellyco and Garrett are a fantastic combination. THANKS TO ALL!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Chuck M.

    Review by Chuck M on April 9, 2008

    I think the Garrett Ace 250 is a good metal detector. It's lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It has many features that I use and am comfortable with. It's easy to start. You really don't need the manual to use it. It's not real complicated. It has many of the features that most other metal detectors have. I believe in my opinion it is the best one on the market today. Ask anybody who has one. It would be a very good one for anybody to start with. It would find things as small as a tip of a pencil metal tip or just about anything else you would think about locating. It does everything for you. You just turn it on and go.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Tim M.

    Review by Tim M on April 9, 2008

    I'm into searching for coins and jewelry and anything that might be of interest. The Garrett Ace 250 is cool. It’s a turn on and go detector. I like the display on the control box. The discrimination and elimination controls are easy to use. And it is a lightweight. The Ace 250 is a metal detector that I would surely tell beginners that are interested in metal detecting to start out with. It is a good investment.
    • ★★★★★ Review by John H.

    Review by John H on April 9, 2008

    I have been a Garrett user (and a couple of other brands as well) since I started detecting in 1999. When Garrett released the Ace 250 onto the market, I was one of the first to lay down my money and get their newest offering. Being mostly a coin and jewelry hunter, the first thing that appealed to me was the light weight. At just a little over 2 pounds, it's easy to swing for several hours without totally wearing you out.

    Upon installing the provided batteries and turning the 250 on, I was very pleased to hear that familiar Garrett bell tone that, to me, is the "Sound of Money" when it hits a higher conductivity target. As with most Garrett machines, the factory Sensitivity setting was a little to high for my area, but after lowering it to 4 bars or 50%, the 250 smoothed out and away we went. I found the 250 to be loaded with a lot of the features of my higher priced Garrett machines, like 4 preset hunting modes, a configurable 5th Custom mode, notch discrimination to name a few. I was already used to the elliptical coil, which comes stock on the 250, so pinpointing was fairly easy right from the start. New users will have to practice a little, but will get the hang of it in no time.

    As for Depth, 6"-8" is what I can expect in my area, but that's plenty to get most of the goodies waiting to be found in my area. I find the Ace 250 seems to be hotter on nickels and gold rings than most of my other machines. My nickel count has gone way up and I have added several gold rings to my collection as well, thanks to the 250. I may use other machines, depending on the area I'm hunting, but the Ace 250 is always in the car whenever I head out for a hunt. It is one sweet machine for a real nice price!!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Becky S.

    Review by Becky S on April 9, 2008

    I started detecting 5 years ago with my first detector, a Radio Shack model! Over the last 5 years I have gone through a few other detectors. After the Radio Shack model, I got an older (yard sale find!) Bounty Hunter, then a Quick Silver and then finally the best metal detector of all; the Garrett Ace 250!! I have found more items with my 250 in a 6 month period then I have in 4 1/2 years with the other brands! From coins to tokens to jewelry the Garrett Ace 250 has been the greatest. I find that metal detecting is a great family activity.

    When I go detecting my 2 teenage boys and my younger daughter all want to participate. We set out with a picnic lunch and spend the whole day exploring. Detecting isn't just a great activity to keep you in shape it also brings a family closer!! I would recommend purchasing a few detectors for the family. Turn off the TV and video games, get out in the great outdoors, and spend some quality family time exploring for treasures. NOTHING brings a family closer then metal detecting!!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Camille L.

    Review by Camille L on April 9, 2008

    I am a new huntress. I bought a Garrett Ace 250 machine only a few months ago and love it. My first hunt I was in a creepy, wooded area, unknown to me about snakes, foxes etc. until I saw scattered bones, I was having a ball, treasure hunting. I have to say that in spite of all the surroundings, I was very pleased with the 1876 Seated Liberty Quarter I found. This was relatively easy to find and a lot of fun. My brother and boyfriend, who were with me, were very jealous. I am very happy with my purchase and will continue to hunt every chance I get.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Terry A.

    Review by Terry A on April 9, 2008

    I had a Bounty Hunter, which is a good detector. I wanted to upgrade so I bought a Garrett. It took a while to get used to it but now it’s all I use. I live in a small town in Tennessee with a few other small towns around. All these towns have ball fields, walking parks and places where they put on horse shows. I try to dig around bleachers and side lines at ball fields. I've also had good luck in parking lots that are not paved. I am retired from a Paper Mill and took up detecting to get a little exercise. This soon turned into a great hobby. I go about every day. I usually find 2or 3 dollars in clad each time I go out.

    I have not had a lot of luck around old home places. I don't believe people in Tennessee had a lot of money to lose and if they did they looked until they found it. One of my best hunts was a swimming pool parking lot. This was an old pool built in the 50s. The parking lot was unpaved and I happened to drive by it one day. I keep my detector in my truck all the time so I thought I would give it a try. I found over 12 dollars on 2 hunts. I also found 5 wheat pennies but no silver. This is a good hobby that I recommend to anyone. I compare it to fishing, you never know what you've dig up when you get a hit. I recommend the Garrett Ace 250 for most people because it’s easy to use and not too expensive.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jimmy E.

    Review by Jimmy E on April 9, 2008

    The Ace 250 is the second Garrett detector that I have owned. By far it has been the best to date! I have just returned back to coin hunting after five years. The first two weeks of owning my new Garrett, I have located over 150 coins! In those same two weeks, I only manage to search about six hours. This is also the first time I have ever shopped with Kellyco. I would very much recommend them to anyone.

    The Ace 250 is to me one of the best investments of a detector I have had in a long time. The best feature about the new detectors today is the touch and search. With what I have done so far with my Garrett ACE 250, it would be my dream come true to win the new DFX from White’s. My last detector that I owned before the Garrett Ace 250 was a White's DI 6000 about twenty years ago, which was a very good machine! Even after the harmonics messed up on it; I was still able to find things, but couldn’t discriminate at all. With my new Garrett 250, I have even found things in places that had already been searched out. Thanks.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Christoph H.

    Review by Christoph H on April 8, 2008

    I own a Garrett Ace 250 which I purchased from Kellyco. Though I am an international customer it was very easy to order and one of the employees of Kellyco was very helpful. I received my order in no time; the detector came ready with batteries, headphones, manuals, instructional video, collection bag and digging tool. When I received it, I was immediately ready to go hunting which I did.

    There was not that much I found as the site was very trashy and I still don’t have experience metal detecting. Since I got my detector, I’ve been learning this machine as recommended in the manuals and video. I found a lot of helpful advice in forums on the internet as well. According to many treasure hunters on the internet this detector is a very good machine to learn the basics and gain experience. And that is what I am doing now.

    Someday I would like to get an underwater detector as I have been scuba diving for many years and have used different detectors a couple of times. But I think the experience is essential for success, so I’m going to use my detector quite often and under different conditions. It is a very nice hobby and I wanted to get myself a detector for many years already, so I’m glad I finally did it. Research is very important too so one picks a hunting site which has the potential for good finds, may it be relics or jewelry and coins on a beach. So I’m trying to develop an "eye" for promising sites.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Bob R.

    Review by Bob R on April 8, 2008

    I really like my Garrett Ace 250. I have had some success locating coins with it. The LCD screen is great and very easy to use. What really impresses me the most about the 250 is how accurate the coin depth feature is. If the depth indicator reads 6 inches, that coin or metallic item will be in that 6 inch range. Another feature that that I like about the 250, is the sensitivity indicator. This feature enables me to know exactly where to dig by pushing the pinpoint button. The mode feature is also user friendly. This feature allows me to set what I wish to detect. I can look for just jewelry or relics. Usually, I set the mode to coins. What’s also very unique about the 250 is the different tones it makes letting me know if I found a copper penny or a silver coin. It even lets me know if I found a pop can top, but I still dig it up just to make sure that's what is and it's mostly always right. Just recently I went to southern Florida and I disassembled my Ace 250 and took it with.

    I had an opportunity to do some detecting on the beaches around Ft. Lauderdale. I had hoped to find some old Spanish coins but had no success. I did manage to find modern coins and had fun detecting in Florida. This summer I'm going to travel to the Dakotas and check out some old ghost towns. I really like my Ace 250 and recommend this detector to anyone interested in detecting especially if you're a beginner. For the price I paid it is well worth it. I have only been detecting for about two years and found the Ace 250 to help me detect like a pro.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Chas G.

    Review by Chas G on April 8, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 detector is simplicity at its best, a basic turn on and go machine with great handling and depth. All Garrett machines are built to last, I have one of their early BFO units that works as good now as it did in 1973, now that’s dependable. I have been coin hunting since 1966 and love the hobby. I have used many popular brands of detectors, most are no longer being made, and have found a treasure chest full of goodies over the years, and I'm not stopping now. The Garrett Ace 250 has more depth and performance than my 10 year old White's Coin Master IV, which cost a lot more than the $212 Ace, and the Ace is smaller and lighter. I usually go to parks to detect coins and jewelry with good success so far, although parks are becoming harder and harder to get permission, they still give up the old coins.

    The health benefits of walking, stooping, and squatting are fantastic. You go at your own pace, stop when you get tired, and can lose weight while having fun. What other exercise can offer you old coins, rings, and other treasures along with a cardio vascular workout. I would recommend this hobby as one with many benefits, and a good detector like the Ace 250 is well worth the price. I would recommend any Garrett detector, you have to determine for yourself how much time and money you are willing to spend like in all hobbies the more time you spend the better you are at it. Keep looking. The treasure is out there and can be yours with a little effort.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Donald S.

    Review by Donald S on April 8, 2008

    After at least two years of studying and researching different metal detectors, I finally decided on a Garrett Ace250 for my first detector. I was hesitant to purchase it as I didn't know what to really get for a beginner. This particular detector has capabilities even for the intermediate and expert as well as the novice. The smallest thing I have found to date is a BB approximately four inches deep. I have found in the same area, a Girl Scout pendant approximately two inches down, as well as several coins. Currently, I am searching on an old homestead with a partner, and we have found, approximately twelve inches deep, an old wood stove top in relic mode. We have also found bits of plow shares and wagon wheel hubs. The most interesting piece I have found is the bullet and shell casing I had shot the year before while deer hunting with a .375 H&H rifle that is used for hunting dangerous big game in Africa.

    I like the notch system of being able to discriminate certain metals out as well as the way of adjusting the sensitivity up or down. This helps a lot as I like to search mostly in the relic and coin modes. Being able to customize the settings, makes it easier to detect what I'm looking for in my search area. I just recently learned about how iron metal can give off a "halo" cast from the rust on it and will go off in the coin area of the detector. I would recommend this detector for any one from beginning novice to expert.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Donald S.

    Review by Donald S on April 8, 2008

    I started with a Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II. This is not a bad detector, but as time went by I wanted a detector with a little more power at the coil, and better discrimination. Last year I had sickness and recovery, and I had a lot of time to read reviews and shop prices. I finally decided on the Ace 250 as a detector that would fit my needs. As a casual hobbyist, I wanted a detector that was simple to use yet have power to find those hard to reach treasures. As I recuperated from surgery, I wanted to use the detector as a form of rehabilitation.

    Kellyco was great as they answered all my questions about the Ace and had a great price as well. When my order came in, I was still in bed from the surgery but I was so excited that I got up and assembled my new Ace 250. My wife wasn't at home and she would have had a fit if she had seen me fire the Ace up and shuffle around the back yard. I couldn't bend down to dig, but I really enjoyed the sunshine and learning the Ace was a breeze. Since that time I have made a full recovery and I have really learned to appreciate the Ace 250. The ease of operation and quality of this device is outstanding. I live in an area that has a history of Civil War battles. Although many of these areas are protected, there are still areas that are accessible to detecting. This is where my interest has turned and I believe the Ace will do a great job for me.

    Thanks Kellyco for all your help and thanks Garrett for getting me out of the bed and back on the road to recovery.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Raymond B.

    Review by Raymond B on April 8, 2008

    About a year ago, I purchased a Garrett Ace 250. This is an outstanding detector for the money. I started finding coins and rings right out of the box. This is the second Garrett detector I have owned. The first was a Garrett Treasure Hunter 200. This also was an outstanding detector. Fact of the matter is I purchased my Ace 250 with the money and other valuables I found with this detector.

    I have made some very nice finds. The oldest coin so far is an 1842 penny also a 1942 walking liberty half dollar. Both coins are in excellent condition. The penny I found along a farm fence row. And the half dollar was in a parking area near a baseball diamond. Not sure how it got there seeing that the ball diamond has only been there about ten years. However, it was at one time part of a farm which might explain how it may have been lost.

    With the Ace 250, I have probably found at least seven rings. None of which have been of any great value. I was working a play ground at one of the local schools and found a child’s hearing aid down in some long grass. The next day I took it to the school office and they knew who it belonged to right away. The mother of the child contacted me by phone and thanked me and wanted to give me a reward. I declined the reward. However about a week later a little girl knocked at my door and asked if I was the person who had found her hearing aid. I said yes and she ran back to the car and got a box that she brought to me. In it were two dozen chocolate chip cookies. Just seeing the smile on her face was worth a million dollars.

    I would encourage anyone starting out to select either of these two detectors I don't believe you could possibly go wrong.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Leigh S.

    Review by Leigh S on April 8, 2008

    After first starting into the metal detecting hobby on Christmas 1982, I was still skeptical of the equipment and any finds I might possibly come up with. After more than twenty five years, I can truly say that I enjoy the hobby and look forward to more. I have used at least six different manufacturers and at least ten different models. So in respect to that, my favorite detector without a doubt is the Garrett Ace 250.

    First, there is the light weight. Only four AA batteries and a light weight set-up make this an ideal detector, especially if one is older and with back problems second is the ease of use. Just turn on, select a setting and go and keep on going. Living in New Jersey, with its long and rich history, has made detecting a rewarding hobby. I first was interested in American history growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was also here that my interest in coin collecting took hold. So metal detecting and coin collecting and American history seemed like a good fit at Christmas 1982.

    But why the Garrett Ace 250? Although over the years I have had some excellent finds the Ace 250 has really surprised me. The setting that I use most of the time is the jewelry setting. This setting allows the detector to be accurate on both jewelry and coins. Should I get a target that seems to be questionable, the touch pad goes to all metal or coins with an easy touch. This is the easiest detector I have owned and used. Now, why again the Ace 250? While detecting an old church yard I heard a very faint tone, but a good tone. So I got on my knees and started digging. After about 14 inches up, the best condition coin I had ever detected surfaced. It was a XF 1910 Barber dime. I was totally surprised. I also found a 1912 Barber Quarter and Indian cents.

    • ★★★★★ Review by Leigh S.

    Review by Leigh S on April 8, 2008

    I purchased the Garrett Ace 250 from Kellyco this past winter, but haven't had an opportunity to use it until a week ago (April 2008). The day my Ace arrived, I couldn't wait to open the box and see what my Christmas present to myself looked like. Wow! It’s bright yellow! It didn't take five minutes to put the Ace together, turn it on, and try it out. Actually, I think a ten year old could have done it just as well, as the process was super simple. Now that spring is finally here, it's my time to howl! I've been looking forward to trying my “new” Ace 250 for months!

    Mr. Garrett's instructions were straight forward, (starting in all metal modes) and I began finding things right away. All metal modes are a great place to begin, because it gives the beginner the opportunity to learn the different sounds emitting from different kinds of metals in the ground. In no time at all, I learned the difference between iron, bottle caps, tin foil, pull tabs, and coins.

    I was surprised to find out that some junk metals sound remarkably like nickel, but I'm getting the hang of it. In just one week, I've found my first wheat penny, several dimes, quarters, a brass soap dish from the 50's, several Catholic aluminum metals, one stainless steal Catholic metal with stainless steel 18" chain, and a screw on fuel tank cap (made by the WR Brown Corporation of Chicago from who knows when.) The Ace 250 is wonderfully easy to use, and the Garrett Performance Ace 6x 9" coil is extremely accurate and easy to pin-point with and built likes a tank. The Garrett Graphic Target ID is awesome!

    The powering up, changing modes from coins to relics to custom mode, to jewelry, to all metal mode, or raising and lowering sensitivity settings couldn't be any easier. After using the Ace 250 for several days, the battery level is still 3/4's full and looks like it will last at least several days more. Talk about conservative! Personally, I think the Garrett Ace 250 is a fantastic unit.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Tim E.

    Review by Tim E on April 8, 2008

    When I first started metal detecting I had no idea what I was getting into. My first detector was one I bought at a yard sale. Although it was good for the start of my new hobby, I soon outgrew it and lusted for more. Some people are born into wealth and others like me have to work for it. I couldn't afford the more expensive models (wife not willing) so I selected the Garrett Ace 250 for my next detector. I mainly hunt coins and relics in nearby locations, and couldn't wait to try my new Ace 250.

    When it arrived, I went to a local park and tried the volleyball courts. The sand made it easy to retrieve the found items. I couldn't believe the simplicity of the unit and how effective it is. That day I found over $20.00 in coins and several earrings. What surprised me the most was that I searched this same location two times prior to this with the other detector; and found a coin or two, but not like this. I guess you could say I've been bitten by the bug and hunt as often as I can. What a machine, I love it!

    On my most recent outing, I hit a nearby lake and immediately began getting hits. My first find was a gold chain, small but in great shape. By the end of the day I had fifteen fishing lures, and a jar full of hooks. The star of the day was a man’s gold wedding band. I have found items as small as a staple and as large as an old car door, this unit does it all.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Gerald K.

    Review by Gerald K on April 8, 2008

    I live near the beach, however I get the biggest thrill when I go to the desert and wander around where no one has been for a long time. I have found coins, old Zippo lighters and most recently an old hunting knife. I have to say that it's not the value of my finds that excites me, it's the search itself. I purchased my metal detector online through Kellyco and I have to say that I am more than satisfied with the way my purchase was handled. The order process was simple and my metal detector arrived a lot quicker than I thought it would, and the extras I got with my order made it all the better. I would recommend Kellyco to anyone looking to buy a metal detector or related products.

    I currently own a Garrett Ace 250 and I have to say that it's one of the best metal detectors I have ever owned, it's easy to use, light weight and durable. My kids and friends find it fun and easy, even those who have never used a metal detector before have a great time with it. I have owned a number of metal detectors in the past, and without stating brand names, have found them to be not only difficult to use but somewhat fragile. I’m a bit hard on the equipment, but the Garrett ace series seems to hold up under all conditions. Even my rough and tumble desert excursions didn’t phase this detector. Bottom line, this entire experience with Kellyco, from the first time I logged on to their website to delivery. This, above all of my other metal detectors, has been outstanding. Thank you, Kellyco.
    • ★★★★★ Review by John S.

    Review by John S on April 8, 2008

    The Ace 250 is OK. The price for it is pretty good, and I like how you can choose the different modes to detect and the discrimination for custom certain types.

    I like to hunt for large cents and other coins from the 19th century by using the metal detector at old cottage sites. Another thing I like about it is that the end of the metal detector is able to submerge underwater, so in spring I can search some pretty muddy and desolate areas. One thing that I think you should work on is a metal detector that’s monitor is rain proof.

    You should also try to make the metal detector even easier to pinpoint objects in the ground, it's OK the way it is now but it could be better because I think I spend a little too much time digging out my treasures. Another thing that I think should improve is the Identifying section on the top of the screen; when you are searching for something and you hear the metal detector most often the sounds and the dial of identifying section are going on spastic, so I would not be sure to dig it up. Last of all, I would like to say it is amazing how it can be used with just four AA batteries, for as long as 48 hours as I recall, (I might be off by a little) because most other metal detectors from other companies just waste battery power and you have to frequently go out and buy new batteries.

    And finally I would recommend this metal detector to the average metal detectorist, but a different one of higher quality might help you out on a more "rugged" adventure say for example some of the catholic sites in Europe.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Rick J.

    Review by Rick J on April 8, 2008

    I actually bought the Garrett 250 for my son. We were close during his growing years, but we have had a tough time of it as of late. I thought buying him this detector would be a way of spending time with each other without the awkward moments being sprinkled in. This machine has been a God send. He loves to find old coins and the Garrett never misses one. The built in pinpointer is right on the money every time. I had my concerns that he would have a hard time learning the machine, but the instructions were precise and clearly laid out. He is becoming a pro with the Garrett and wouldn't trade it for anything. I on the other hand, hoped he might need a little help with learning all the bells and whistles, but he's doing great.

    The best part aside from seeing the look on his face when he finds something is the time we get to spend traveling to and from the hunt sites. The 250 is a great little, easy to use, and durable machine. I realize that this contest is all about the tech-side of any given metal detector. In the end though, I felt the need to let you know about the human side of the Garrett. This machine was designed for beginners and the more experienced alike. Most people know and can appreciate that fact.

    So this letter may not win the DFX E for lack of technical feedback, but that's okay. The Garrett has already made me a winner with my son.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Michael C.

    Review by Michael C on April 5, 2008

    The Ace 250 is the perfect metal detector for someone that wants a powerful machine in a light weight package. I hike into most places that I hunt and every ounce counts. The Ace 250 is light enough to pack in and when you get to your hunting grounds you will cover more ground due to the light weight. This detector will allow you to find more treasure as you can swing the detector all day long without getting tired. I also hunt in and around boulders. The Ace 250 is perfect for this type of hunting as it is light enough to get it into small places and you can climb around without having to drag a heavy metal detector around.

    One of the best features of this detector is there is no sacrifice in power for weight. The Ace 250 will find deep targets. This machine pushes deep and will find valuable targets that other machines will pass over. It is amazing the power in such a light machine. Even though you can relic hunt and gold hunt with the Ace 250, it shines for coin shooting. If you set it up for coin shooting it will sniff out coins in between trash. It recovers quickly between targets allowing you to find those coins that are masked by trash. If you are the type of person that likes to travel light and cover a lot of ground on your metal detecting outings this is the detector for you.
    • ★★★★★ Review by John A.

    Review by John A on April 4, 2008

    I metal detected for many years but strangely I find myself almost new to the hobby. Let me explain. When I was a boy my father bought me a Garrett groundhog. We spent countless hours metal detecting old schools and parks. Dad always had time to take me detecting. As I got older I started to rebel and somehow started running with the wrong crowd. One thing led to another and I started using drugs. For years my life was in a tailspin and metal detecting was a thing of the past. I came to a point where drugs almost took my life, but through it all my father stood by my side and never gave up hope. I am happy to say that I have been clean for almost eight years now, and me and my father’s relationship is better than ever.

    Just recently my father told me to keep a lookout for a package that he had sent to me. There was a knock at the door and behold the mystery package had arrived. It was a shiny new Garrett Ace 250 with all the bells and whistles. This is a hobby that I fondly thought back to over the years. My Ace 250 not only came with a user manual but also an instructional DVD. I couldn't believe how easy it was to hit the ground running again with my Ace 250. My first time out I was able to retrieve an entire pocket full of change. It has different modes for the specific items I am searching for. I can set the modes for relic hunting, looking for jewelry, or just coin shooting. I can even put it in custom mode and set the Ace 250 for exactly the terrain I am in and the type of items I want to find.

    This is metal detecting made easy. I was amazed how the technology had changed since the old days. With the Ace 250's lightweight design and perfect balance I could metal detect for hours on end. The Ace 250 is exactly what I needed to get back into the sport of metal detecting. I would recommend the Ace 250 to someone new to the sport or a pro that has been detecting for years. Thanks to Kellyco and my Garrett Ace 250 I am now hooked on metal detecting again.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Johnny M.

    Review by Johnny M on April 4, 2008

    When I first started this hobby my first detector was one of those models from radio shack. I found a few coins and whole lot of junk with it. I wasn't very impressed. Then a few months later a friend of mine let me borrow one he had. It was a Garrett model and this thing was a big hit. I found coins and relics. I have used it for years. I thought he had forgotten about it until about two months ago. Well, there I was stuck with no metal detector.

    So I went online and looked at a lot of models. My friend called me one day and told me about I went and checked them out. Wow!!! They have so many different models to choose from. Then I saw the Garrett models and looked at the Ace 250 and was very impressed, and for the money it wouldn't break the bank account. I went online and looked at a lot of reviews. There were a lot of good positive reviews about the Ace 250. I went to Kellyco and ordered the Ace 250. Plus, it came with a lot of accessories. I couldn't wait till it came. It took only two days. Wow! That was fast!

    I took it out of the box and thought very nice. It came with directions but, I didn't need it because it was very easy to put together. I played the DVD that it came with and it was very helpful. I took it out in the yard and turned it on. Beep! Beep! Beep! It's on and now for the moment of truth. I scan over the yard and got a nice signal. I looked at the screen and it said penny at four inches. I dug a round plug and put it to the side. I ran the Ace 250 over the plug and got a signal. I looked though the plug and found the penny. It was a 1922 Indian head. I went over the whole yard and found a lot of coins. And let me tell you the pin point on the Ace 250 is so sweet. It puts the target right in the middle of the coil. And I love the five settings on the Ace 250. If you want to hunt just coins, then just set it on coins only.

    • ★★★★★ Review by Diane D.

    Review by Diane D on April 3, 2008

    I love the Ace 250. It took me awhile to get used to the different sounds and to be able to pinpoint with it. Once I got used to it I started to out hunt my husband with his Garrett 1500. We hunt a flea market site a lot and this detector is good at getting in between the small items in the ground and picking them out. My husband has trouble doing this with his larger coil machine. I would recommend this machine to anyone just starting out like me. You will not be disappointed with it at all.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Scott L.

    Review by Scott L on April 3, 2008

    I absolutely love my Ace 250! While I have only been hunting for one season and still consider myself to be "learning the ropes," I have enjoyed dozens of hours looking for coins so far. In my first 2 months with the Ace 250 my coin count has exceeded the 200 found mark. On my first day out after getting my new detector I decided to just spend a few hours in my yard getting the hang of how the machine works, and and was rewarded with a handful of wheat cents for my efforts! Shortly thereafter I started finding silver Roosevelt dimes, and a solid sterling award charm from a 1953 educational competition. All without leaving my yard!

    My only criticism so far is that it took me a while to get used to the pinpoint mode, but with only a little difficulty I was able to learn how to accurately locate my targets. The digital display and simple layout of the controls makes choosing the type of hunting you want to do easy, and the custom programmable mode has become indispensable for targeting exactly the types of items I want to find. With just a few flicks of my thumb I can adjust my settings to help me fairly accurately determine what is buried and how deep it is. All things considered, I would enthusiastically recommend the Garrett Ace 250 to anyone looking to get started in the hobby of metal detecting. It is easy to use, light weight, and is priced perfectly for someone looking to begin their adventures in treasure hunting.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Steven H.

    Review by Steven H on March 29, 2008

    Garret Ace 250. A detector with only 3 or 4 stars? Yet, I recommend the machine? For the price, the decision is not tough. I've been detecting and looking for coins for 50 years. I've found that coins when lost, average about an inch of depth for every 10 years. In an oak grove where the grass just does not grow that much, I've found Indian Head Pennies almost on the surface. Basically its a darn good starting machine.

    Bells and whistles are fun and they add to the excitement of 'gold fever'. I don't want to dig needless deep holes and move the dirt around, mixing up parts of a silver tie clasp with the stones falling off and hard to find. But, when you are in front of a store front where the sidewalk has been torn up, us "old timers" want an accurate machine. You want a good pin-pointing machine that will get you every coin. You take the soil off in layers. I've gone down to wooden boardwalks. At that point with low discrimination, you want a fast durable machine recovering every target.

    No confusion, just the recovery of items decades lost. Everything you need is here, depth, target and tone ID. Sensitivity is developed by one of the leaders in technology, with years of experience. Now an important feature, Touch and GO operation. If you have permission to detect in an area of construction where side walk is being replaced, there isn't time to get fussy with features. OK you want to upgrade your machine in a year or two. Do not get rid of this machine! The more features there are the more chance something goes wrong. Look in the trunk of the car of someone that has covered a lot of ground. They want a proven back up. In the situations I've just described they want this machine first! Garrett Ace 250!
    • ★★★★★ Review by James W.

    Review by James W on March 28, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a very good metal detector for someone just starting out due to the"automatic" settings for the different items you will be looking for. The features and low cost are hard to beat and it is a "good looking" detector which will allow you to be a competitive hunter right away! I like to search for coins because it is such a thrill to get a signal, pinpoint the location and bring the coin to the surface.

    Even though the detector will identify the target for you there is always a surprise. It might not be a coin at all but a token or maybe a ring or a metal object of some kind. One thing for sure is when you get a good signal you get bet there is something of interest in that hole. The Ace 250 is a most capable detector at a low price. I even bought the larger coil to be able to go deeper and cover more ground to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I now have spent many hours searching the soil and conclude that it is one of the most enjoyable hobbies that I have ever engaged in.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Dennis M.

    Review by Dennis M on March 27, 2008

    I've been detecting for over twenty three years, and the Garrett Ace 250 is by far the easiest detector I've ever used. In 2006 I found over four thousand clad coins with this detector, and hundreds of Silver Coins. I also dug a six pound cannonball in the state of Ohio. The Ace is easy to use, for the beginner or the hunter who has been hunting for years. It is not an expensive detector, but it carries all the might of the more expensive brands. I know because I own White's, Tesoros, Garretts, Fisher and Depth Pro detectors. I still use these detectors, but my main detector is the Ace 250.

    I do recommend the use of the larger coil and buying a probe is a must with any detector. I also like to hunt in the Coin mode, with not very much sensitivity. If you are hunting in an area where there is little trash, use the all metal mode. I try to dig all signals that sound kind of iffy and show up on the right side of the screen. If you get a signal that only sounds off in one direction, it is probably iron. I highly recommend this detector. It's easy to use, easy to set up and a lot of fun to use. Good Luck! I hope this information helps.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Robert B.

    Review by Robert B on March 24, 2008

    When I first got interested in metal detecting I did a lot of reading about different detectors, what I was going to hunt and where. Also, I looked for what would make my experience more fun, so I settled on the Garrett Ace 250 with sniper coil.

    Boy, am I glad I did! This machine is like a bird dog, it just sniffs those coins right out of the ground. Honestly, it’s so easy to use, and light weight enough to sort of looks like a toy. It’s no toy though, and I have a bad back (from a motorcycle wreck) so I’m only good for about an hour to an hour and half. I hunt all the time, pretty much wherever I go really.Places I hunt are schools, parks, walkways, and old home sites. I always find at least twenty five to thirty coins. I can’t get over how good the 250 works, I’ve been hunting at parks and see other detectors with name brands. As they walk by, I’m down on my knees digging up coins. They are still walking when I finish, and then I’m down again digging up more treasures.

    In two years or so I bet I’ve found over two thousand coins, one 1916 Merc dime, and one 1935 Buffalo nickel. If you would have told me that before I got started in this hobby, I’d of said you were lying. I really know the sounds of my detector now, and know what to dig and what not to dig. I also try to live by the detectors code by always filling my holes and picking up any trash I dig. I only have one detector and a pin pointer, some day I’d like to get a more advanced machine. I will buy it from Kellyco like I did the first one, because they are #1 in sales, service, help and variety.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Greg L.

    Review by Greg L on March 24, 2008

    This is one great little detector! I purchased my Garrett Ace 250 a couple years ago, and it has been impressive. It came in a sturdy packing box that was so light I wondered what was in there. Needless to say, the detector was complete and even came with batteries installed and ready to use. After a couple minutes of assembly I was searching my yard. Within minutes I had found a wheat penny my old detector missed. Wow what a machine! The Ace 250 is super easy to use and the icons quickly identified the finds and depth. Pinpointing took some time to master but with patience and perseverance I knew what this little "yeller feller" was saying. As with any hobby you only get out of it what you put in. I've used this machine mainly at parks, playgrounds, schools, and some woods type relic hunting and it always has done a fine job. The different modes eliminate some unwanted targets for you or you can customize your settings as you wish. The Garrett Ace 250 machine is a very versatile machine. It has lots of features not found on many more expensive machines. I really like this machine and found many coins and relics and even some gold jewelry. If you're on a budget but would like to try this hobby, this machine is for you! Try it and see for yourself!

    So in closing I'll review the Garrett Ace 250:

    Very light machine
    Multiple modes and notching capabilities
    Depth indicator
    Battery life indicator
    Headphone jack
    Pinpoint feature
    Optional coins available
    • ★★★★★ Review by David A.

    Review by David A on March 23, 2008

    I had a Bounty Hunter Sharpshooter 2 that I purchased years ago when I first started metal detecting, I sold it over the winter and just purchased a Garrett Ace 250 from Kellyco today. I like to search for coins, relics and jewelry. I found a twenty dollar bill before metal detecting haha. I am looking forward to getting out there with my new Garrett Ace 250. I have found lots of coins, I have still not found a ring or anything of real value, which is fine with me, I like to be with my wife and son outside getting fresh air and plenty of sunshine doing something fun like metal detecting.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Stephen M.

    Review by Stephen M on March 22, 2008

    I have been a bottle digger and relic hunter for the last 40 years. Over the years I have had a few metal detectors. I had one I built from a kit when I was about 14. All I ever found with it were nails. Then I had a couple no brand ones that I bought at yard sales. When I could get it somewhat tuned, I would find a few coins at the local playground. After reading a review about the Garrett Ace 250 in a treasure magazine, I bought one in May of 2006. It was a life changing move. One half hour after I received my Ace 250 I found an 1893 Indian head penny in my own yard. By the end of 2006 I had found gold and silver rings, wheat pennies, Mercury dimes, a Ben Franklin half dollar and literally thousands of coins.

    I like the Ace 250 because it is very simple to use. The price being affordable doesn’t hurt either. Turn it on, set it to the pre-set discrimination mode that fits the occasion and start swinging. It has a very short learning curve. Within a few months I was able to really listen to the different tones and have a good idea what I was swinging over. The tabs on the screen give you a good indication what you are swinging over and the depth too. No messing with ground balance or other tuning works good for me. I’m kind of old school, I like something I can just turn on and use and not have to spend time fiddling with it.

    Bottle and relic hunting is in my blood so I prefer to hunt areas that are old by California standards. My favorite places to hunt are houses, ranches and empty lots prior to the 1940’s and back to the late 1800’s. Pulling old coins from the ground is a great feeling. It’s also fun to find the pieces and parts of relics and try and figure out what they are. I also like to hunt parks, sports fields and other modern places where people congregate. It’s a thrill to pull a silver (and sometimes gold) ring out of the ground. There are also the other pieces of jewelry these locations that keep me going back.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Claudio P.

    Review by Claudio P on March 22, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is an excellent value for the price; easy to use, light weight, able to swing for several hours, extremely sensitive to small objects and silver. I use it mostly on the beach and lowering the sensitivity to 3 or 4 bars you can use it on the shoreline. This does not produce an excessive loss of depth and the target ID legend indicates visually whether you have found iron, foil, a nickel, pull tabs, gold, bronze, pennies, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars. However it is not to be trusted entirely. Its only an indication of the conductivity, while the depth reading (four bars 2, 4, 6, 8) is always accurate.

    In an air test, the ACE 250 reveals a coin at about 12 inches. Use it with headphones and the batteries will last for many hours. It has 5 modes:
    "All metal" (which will pick up every target including Iron, however the Iron gives a much lower tone than any other target).
    "Relics: (discriminates only the first notch on the left and then tends also to detect ferrous objects).
    "Coins" (in addition to removing iron eliminates the tinfoil, indeed the display besides eliminating the first segment left eliminates the third).
    "Jewelry" (Is a program that automatically discriminates iron the first two notches are eliminated).
    "Custom" (You can discriminate and find only the object you want).

    Once chosen one of these programs you can further customize discrimination with DISCRIM. Using the button you can move to the right or left cursor on the scale of metals, then subsequently pressing ELIM you can delete unwanted metals.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Randy F.

    Review by Randy F on March 21, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a great learning detector, but I find that there is lots more out there in a detector that I am missing and am longing for. Until I can afford a White's XLT or similar, the Ace 250 will have to do. I search mostly park and beaches and find that I don't always find the "good stuff" as others with better detectors find what I've missed. I know that this has to be because of the lack of features in the Ace 250. You "obviously get what you pay for in a metal detector".
    • ★★★★★ Review by Brian D.

    Review by Brian D on March 20, 2008

    It is an honor to write a review for the Garrett Ace 250. As far as starter metal detectors go, the Ace 250 is simply unsurpassed. From the simplicity of use to the wide array of features that are included, the Ace 250 packs quite a bang for the buck. Comparable machines cannot match the user-friendly display, depth capabilities, and the pinpointing ability of the detector that is affectionately known as the "Yellow Fellow".

    The Ace 250 was my first metal detector. I had never used a metal detector before and I wanted a detector that was going to be dependable and easy to use. Within the first ten minutes of use, I found a 1949 Wheat Penny in my own backyard at 4 inches! Two weeks later, I found my oldest find to date, an 1837 Large Cent! I could not have asked for a more enjoyable and rewarding first experience than the one I received detecting with the Ace 250. I am a full-time college student and currently in my senior year studying to become a Middle School Science/Social Studies teacher with a 3.6 GPA. I work 35 hours a week at my job and drive over 800 miles a week between work and school. My Ace 250 has found me enough clad coins to provide me the gas money to finish out my week on numerous occasions.

    I have already used some of my more historical detecting finds in the classroom. History takes on a new meaning for the kids when they can actually touch a piece of it. I hope to one day start an after-school program integrating metal detecting into the study of our local history with middle school students as the researchers. The Ace 250 would be a great choice for younger users by providing them with an enjoyable first experience with a metal detector. I am proud to own a quality American-made product from a company that firmly stands behind their product. When I needed to have my Ace 250 serviced by Garrett; I had my detector sent out, repaired free of charge, and returned to me in 10 days. World class customer service.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Eric B.

    Review by Eric B on March 20, 2008

    I have just recently started metal detecting with the Ace 250. I researched multiple detectors online for a prolonged period of time, and finally purchased the Garrett. I opened my box and began by reading the manual and watching the DVD. In a sense I really can't review this machine against other machines, but I will explain how easy and enjoyable this has made my extra time.

    I started off by going to easy sites such as playgrounds and ballparks. I pushed the power button and off you go. The Ace 250 has multiple settings so you can choose what you want to dig and what not to. When starting I chose to dig everything with the assumption I will be able to ID most targets by the noise. I was finding coins left and right, and realized how amazing this machine was. As a new metal detector I feel empowered enough with this machine to venture into pre-1900 sites and start looking for old coins, relics, and jewelry. If you take your time and get comfortable with the Ace 250 you will realize how enjoyable digging in the dirt really is. I am 29 and have wanted to purchase a metal detector for several years now, but I was very intimidated on figuring out a metal detector and end up wasting money. With this machine the only way you can fail at finding anything is by not being near dirt. I would recommend this model the Ace 250 to any entry, novice, and advanced users to get the enjoyment out of it I have.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Neil S.

    Review by Neil S on March 19, 2008

    For months I had been hearing terrific things about the Garrett Ace 250. As an experienced metal detecting enthusiast, I was a little skeptical about a detector that could do so many things for under $250. After seeing photo after photo of unbelievable coins and relics found with the Ace 250 I decided to sell one of my expensive detectors and buy an Ace so I could see for myself what it was capable of.

    After assembling the unit I thought I would give it a test at an old swimming hole where I had found many silver coins in the past. I had all but given up on the location; my last few trips to the lake had not given up any coins. I turned on the unit for the first time, and was impressed at how light and well balanced the machine was. I began to sweep the coil along the bank of the lake. Within a few minutes of detecting this "hunted out" site, I got a good dime signal at about 5 inches. I dug a plug and out popped a 1913 Barber dime! A few minutes later I got a solid half dollar signal and dug a 1902 Barber Half! I was floored at just how well the Ace performed for such a low price!

    A few weeks later, I got a solid dime hit at eight plus inches. I also dug a 1783 Vermont Copper; my first colonial! It was more than ten inches deep! I have since found numerous old coins and artifacts with the Ace 250, some going back hundreds of years. The Ace 250 has so many features typically found on more expensive machines. It's easy "turn and go" programs make it simple to use. Just press the power button, select a program, adjust the sensitivity, and you are ready to detect! Whether you are an experienced metal detecting enthusiast, or a newcomer to the hobby, the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector is truly a great machine!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Brant J.

    Review by Brant J on March 19, 2008

    I've been detecting for a little over a year now. Finally I decided to purchase a good quality metal detector. After doing a lot of research and looking at many reviews I decided on buying a Garrett Ace 250. This detector seemed to fit my needs as a coin shooter as well as a relic hunter. It is also within my budget. Being a father of 3 with 2 being teens I have to stay within my budget. I liked the pre-programed settings that the Ace offers. With one touch of a button you can change the entire setting of the detector. This feature seemed like something I would like in a new detector.

    When I purchased the Ace it came with an easy to understand DVD. The DVD explained every aspect of the detector. To my amazement the Ace wasn't difficult to figure out. It is actually quite simple. After putting the detector together the first thing I noticed was how light it is. This detector is light enough you can swing it all day without a problem. My 87 year old grandmother even uses it!

    The first time I used the Ace 250 was in a field where a house once stood. I have hunted this field at least a dozen times with my other detectors. The first coin find with my Ace turned out to be 1897 Indian head penny. It was about 4 inches deep. The Ace didn't have any problem picking up the coin. It rang every time I passed the coil over the coin. That day I ended up with a 1897 Indian head penny, 1941 Walking Liberty half dollar, a Civil War Eagle "I" button and a watch. The Garrett Ace 250 is a very powerful metal detector. I'm glad that I purchased the Garrett Ace 250. It fits all my detector needs and is well within even my budget.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jeff B.

    Review by Jeff B on March 19, 2008

    Being new to the metal detecting realm, I enjoy finding everything from coins to relics. That was the reason I chose the Garrett Ace 250. It is metal detector so easy to use it makes a novice like me look like a "ole pro". When you power it on it is ready to start detecting, there are no knobs to adjust for the ground balance or fine tuning. If you are hunting in a "trashy" area, like I do most of the time you can choose what type of treasure you are looking for like coins, etc. The feature I like the most about the Ace 250 is the bell tone, when you are in coin mode. When you are looking for coins, and the coil sweeps a coin the tone has a bell sound to it that makes it have more of a distinguished sound to let you know that you detected a potential coin. Then when you use the pin-point mode to narrow down the location the screen on the detector will show what the object is and approximate depth. Believe me I need all the help I can get when it comes to digging the treasure up! Also the Ace 250 is very reasonably priced. This was a very good selling point to me since I am on a limited budget. Since I have purchased my Ace 250 and used it for approximately six months now I have found a lot of coins (one being a mercury dime) and two rings just in area parks. I would recommend the Ace 250 to anyone that is new to metal detecting like myself and is looking for a very easy machine to use and an inexpensive way to start this hobby.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Herb B.

    Review by Herb B on March 19, 2008

    I was not what you would call an avid metal detector user but because of the Garrett Ace 250 detector that was purchased from Kellyco I probably will be. I have been detecting, mostly coin-shooting, for around ten years and have always used a fairly inexpensive detector. My daughters wanted to buy me a new detector for my birthday so in order to save them a little money I chose the Ace 250. That was probably the smartest decision I have ever made. The Ace 250 has to be the simplest and easiest to operate detector made. If you look up EASY or SIMPLE in the dictionary they will probably show a picture of the Ace 250. The controls are almost self explanatory and tuning is a snap. All controls and the large LCD display are easy to understand and view.

    On my first outing with my Ace 250 I decided to hunt an area where I lost my high school class ring in 1966 (Yes 1966, I'm old). I have searched this area before with the hope of finding the ring but never got even the faintest signal. After about five minutes of searching I got a strong signal at 6 inches deep. After using the pinpoint mode I dug the area and at about five inches my long lost class ring came into view. This ring has been in the ground for 41 years and it still has the same luster it had when I lost it. I have read articles where rings and items have been returned to their owners but now I am proud to say this ring has finally been returned to the owner (ME). Since finding the ring I have been using my detector much more and finding much more than I ever did before. My only problem is that now I have to go search all the areas that I thought were hunted out while using my old detector. I would highly recommend the Ace 250 for both the experienced and novice operator for the three "S" reasons. SIMPLE to operate, SUPERIOR performance, and SURPRISINGLY affordable. I guess it just proves that good equipment equals good results. Definite 5 stars.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jed M.

    Review by Jed M on March 19, 2008

    I have been detecting three months and this is my first detector (the Garrett Ace 250). Most of my time is spent searching for coins and jewelry at parks and playgrounds, but I also have spent some time detecting on the NC coast. As I said, this is my first detector and the learning curve could not have been easier. The factory preset hunting modes make it very easy for a beginner to get this machine up and running. Turn it on, select your mode, and start hunting. That's it! I have found many coins, gold and silver earrings, two 14k rings and one silver ring to date. On the beach, the Ace 250 is very quiet in the dry sand but a little more challenging in the wet sand, but with a little practice, I did pretty well in the wet sand also. Depth seems to be good for an entry level detector. I regularly find coins in the six inch range. The Garrett bell tone for coins is my favorite feature. You hear that tone and you can pretty much count on having found a coin. I also highly recommend the optional Sniper coil. My coin count went up due to the fact that it is much easier to work around metal objects. The initial setup on this machine could not have been easier, you can be up and running in under fifteen minutes. I would highly recommend the Ace 250 to anyone just getting into detecting. The number of features you get for the money are a great value. This is considered an entry level detector, but from I have seen, will hold it's own against many mid level machines.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Michael F.

    Review by Michael F on March 18, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a modern, state of the art metal detector. It is tough, sleek, light weight and easy to use. The Ace 250 is a turn on and go unit. It packs the punch of high dollar machines that detectorists dream of. This all comes at a fraction of the price.

    It is a coin finding magnet. With the Garrett bell tone, you know when a coin is below the ground. The Ace is powered by 4- AA batteries. These batteries will give you 30-40 hours of hunting pleasure. Even without a ground balance feature, the 250 does a great job in most types of soil. I have found targets at 8 inches deep with the 250. The probable target ID is very accurate. As with all detectors, practice and time in the field will make you become able to know what the Ace is telling you. The 250 has 5 separate hunting modes. Four of these are preset modes and one you cam make custom to suit your hunting needs. The Ace will save the mode you are in when you power down the detector and return to that mode at start up. I have recently purchased the sniper coil for the 250. This little coil netted me 2 (14K) gold rings, in the first week. And the best part is that they came from areas in which I have hunted with other detectors.

    I was sold on the 250, when I first laid hands on it. It is light weight and well balanced. I am hard of hearing and the Ace 250 is the loudest detector I have used. The one feature that makes the 250 my first choice when I head out is the pinpoint feature. The pinpoint is dead red on. The Ace 250 will tell you what it is and where it is, what else do you need in a metal detector? I have recommended the 250 to several first timers because of the small learning curve and the great results that Garrett built into this great little yellow machine.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Dale T.

    Review by Dale T on March 18, 2008

    In September 2007, I purchased a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. I wanted to join the metal detecting hobby (it is a hobby for me, not a profession) and I needed a machine that was easy to use, accurate, and would not cost an arm and a leg. Therefore I took a trip to Kellyco, which is only 70 miles away, and purchased my first machine. Since I knew very little about metal detecting, I purchased the Ace 250 with the Deluxe Sport Package. I wanted the larger search coil and some of the tools of the trade. This purchase was also a do or die purchase. If I did not buy it then, I never would have bought it. I had already read Charles Garrett’s: “How to Find Lost Treasure” book and had some ideas of where I wanted to go searching. Like all new toys, I put it together before fully reading the owner’s manual. But that came a real close second along with watching the DVD for the Ace 250. There was so much information in such a small book, I said to myself “could this be as good as they were saying?”

    My level of enthusiasm was much greater than my motivation, so after looking at my Ace 250 in its carrying case (or storage case) for some time, I finally picked it up and walked out the door to a local park walking distance away. With all my tools of the trade in my car, in minutes I’m there, scoping out the small park, trying to visualize where the large diamond ring would be. So it was time to put the headset on and turn my magic money making machine on. I told myself I must not be discouraged if I do not find what I want to find. After all, a metal detector detects all metals! The controls on the Ace 250 are easy to understand, especially after reading and viewing the DVD two or three times. Now what did the book say: Use the All-Metal Mode for the first ten hours or so, do not get discouraged and dig every target! Walk slowly but not to slow and swing the metal detector in a straight line, not a curve. So much to remember, so much fortunes to uncover.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Frank M.

    Review by Frank M on March 18, 2008

    I spend as much time as possible searching for coins, relics, and jewelry with my Garrett Ace 250. Here in Michigan time for enjoying this hobby is limited due to the weather. It is now mid March and I'm itching to get out and search for some more buried treasure. I've been at this hobby for the better part of seven years now; and enjoy it as much today as when I first started. The Garrett Ace 250 is the second detector that I have owned. I love the controls and features of this detector. I find it is one of the easiest detectors to operate that I have owned or used.

    I have found approximately three hundred dollars in clad coins. I have found two rare coins in particular. The first is an 1842 penny in excellent condition. I found it near a school yard that once was part of farm for over a hundred years. This penny was found at a depth of about six inches in hard clay. The second coin was a 1942 walking half dollar. This coin also is in excellent condition. It was found near a baseball diamond and was down only about four inches in hard gravel.

    During the winter months, I research old farms and homesteads at the local library. I have a number of new places that I’m itching to get out and try my luck, as soon as the weather breaks. One place is a location that was once a race track with a dirt parking area. I’m guessing I should find a number of old coins, and probably some jewelry. This detector probably isn't the top of the line, but it does an excellent job. I would recommend the Garrett Ace 250 to everyone.
    • ★★★★★ Review by William D.

    Review by William D on March 18, 2008

    Would like to get a better one for gold and relics to take my daughter out. She loves it but the Garrett Ace 250 doesn't discriminate as good as I would like. I am on disability, would love a better one. Was looking at Tesoro Lobo, Fisher Gold Bug and Scorpion Gold. Not sure which is best. The Ace 250 is a good beginner detector. Hope to win a better one though.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Charles S.

    Review by Charles S on March 18, 2008

    I purchased the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector to search my family's original homestead near Glen Burnie, MD. Over the years the property has moved out of family ownership and is now being developed. There is an acre of land surrounding the graveyard that is fenced in. This is where I plan to hunt. The graveyard is located close to where the Family Farmhouse was located and the large barn. Before choosing this detector I read a couple forums and looked at a few manufacturers websites. It was actually a little bit more than I wanted to pay being a newbie. But, after reading post by users both new and experienced it appeared this would be a good choice. I am convinced I made a good choice.

    This detector was easy to setup and learn the controls. My daughter and I had it out and testing/playing with it fifteen minutes after it arrived on our porch. We found some old foil gum wrappers and nails in the backyard. I found my first coin on my third hunt. It was a new coin just under a couple leaves, but was exciting. I have also used the detector to help find two property markers for my brother-in-law. One of the markers was in the middle of an asphalt road. I played with sensitivity and discrimination settings to successfully locate the iron marker. Although this is the only coin I have found to date, just getting a tone and finding the target is fun. I am sure that in no time I will be digging up Blackbeard's Treasure!
    • ★★★★★ Review by William L.

    Review by William L on March 18, 2008

    "Awesome Detector!" - Would recommend the Garrett Ace 250 to anyone. Easy to read. Lightweight and economical. Has great discrimination ability. It has encouraged others I have come in contact with at home and work to pick up the hobby. I have found coins, jewelry and old toys. Plus the best thing yet, it gets you outdoors, and is healthy fun.

    I work at a correctional facility, where the facility grounds are routinely swept for contraband. I will be recommending the 250 versus the old detectors being used now to our new warden. I have been involved with this hobby since I first saw my neighbors collection of artifacts on July 4th 2003, he was able to explain some of the ways to use the equipment, and help distinguish trash from treasure. He has amassed quite an impressive collection since he first started in the 1960s.

    After seeing the collection I soon realized this was the hobby for me and my family. I joined the local Black Swamp Detector Club and started experimenting with other brands like Tesoro's "Cortes" and Minelab to name a few. After my first find I was hooked and since then I can't wait for spring to come after our long winters. I have even recently bought an Ace 250 for my wife as a Christmas gift from Kellyco, as it seems every time we would go somewhere it never failed. I would find some nice coins and she would be taking over my detector and away she went.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Barbara S.

    Review by Barbara S on March 18, 2008

    I am a senior citizen with some health issue. I purchased the Garrett Ace 250 because of the light weight. Its ease of use has help me to locate items where others could not. I am very happy with this detector. I would recommend this to anyone from beginners on up. I mostly coin shoot, but have found everything from jewelry to relics. It's ease of changing modes and sensitivity make this an all around machine for everyone. I have used another brand for over 30 years and am so glad that I switched.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Timothy W.

    Review by Timothy W on March 18, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is an easy to understand metal detector! the settings are simple, it's light and affordable for beginners - its great! I have used it on beaches and with the sand being wet it needs to be set on low sens., to be able to detect items without getting all sorts of ghost signals, but set low sens. in these conditions works great too. I am just a beginner and found coins my first day out. I love the fact that you can submerge the coil in the surf, there's a lot out in the low waters. As for grassy areas, I used it on all metal settings and highest sens. # and found coins from 2-4 inches deep.

    It has a different tone for different metals - best to get some practice in what to listen for by running different metals across coil at home so you can get real use to what beep is for what metals. But it won't take long for you to pick up on it. If you're looking for one for your kid - this Ace 250 would be great! But this is no toy unit, and it's a great unit for adults too! It's a very sturdy unit and adjustable, I am 6'1" and it adjust perfect for me and my mother has used it some and she is 5'4" and worked great for her too. I would highly recommend it for someone on a budget or just starting out. It has the features of high dollar unit at a very affordable cost. This is the reason I give it five stars for the money verses quality you won't be disappointed in the Ace 250
    • ★★★★★ Review by Matt H.

    Review by Matt H on March 17, 2008

    The Ace 250 is a pretty nice model. Discriminator seems to be right about 40% of the time. Pinpointing seems to be a hit or miss on some objects. Overall, I am pleased with the detector. I have used the model about 12 hours so far. Had a cheap metal detector about 30 years ago... Seems to me I got better pinpointing on that cheap model... Or maybe my memory is not what it used to be. Price was good. Would like to win a new detector for my son to use!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jim N.

    Review by Jim N on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a very good beginners model. It has a lot of features only found on very expensive models. I highly recommend it as a companion to share with newbies that join you for a hunt. I like it because it is rugged and easy to turn on and go. Great to keep in the backseat without worrying if it will get stolen. It's a lot tougher to keep a $1200 model in the back seat over night and still sleep.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Lloyd R.

    Review by Lloyd R on March 17, 2008

    Need a hobby, want the family (including the kids) to develop a new interest, will meet tons of new people who want to know of your new interest, and better yet there are a world of treasures out there just waiting to be found. Want to get exercise without getting bored? Then maybe, just maybe, metal detecting is for you. I found without spending a fortune that this is one adventure worth looking into. Talked with several people in the know and read several advertisements before purchasing my Garrett 250. Not the best but for a starter but it sure does the job. It's American engineered and built and does all one could ask of it. When we go to Florida for the winter, just like the family dog it goes along too. As a beginner I needed a piece of equipment that was simple, rugged and didn't cost a bundle. Garrett has been around for a long time and has the reputation of making good equipment. Sure there are other good units out there but this one more than filled the bill for me. I started by checking around the bleachers and concession stands after the local High School games, then advanced to city parks and local beaches. It is rare that I have gone out and returned without a find or two. At this time my findings include wedding rings, hot wheel cars, all kinds of coins including twenty five buried silver dollars that an interested person pointed out where they had been buried several years ago. It is hard to explain the feeling one gets when the Garrett sets off it's signal and the screen points out the target and its depth. The new detectors of all major brands are simple and a far cry from the machines of just a few years ago and they are a great buy for the money.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Neil M.

    Review by Neil M on March 17, 2008

    Before purchasing, I spent months researching every popular name brand metal detector available and, in my mind, the quality, features, and price of the Garrett ACE 250 cannot be beat.

    The unit has good balance, straight forward features, and a great digital readout meter. In short, its a pleasure to hunt with and has the quality of detectors costing much more. Of all the retailers I've spoken with, only the Kellyco staff took the time to walk me through the process of purchasing a metal detector that was right for me.

    The staff answered every question I had and made me aware of features I hadn't previously considered. My Garrett Ace 250 arrived within a few days from the time I placed my order and more than I had expected. I've since called Kellyco several times with many questions and they've answered every one of my concerns to my satisfaction. I'm delighted with my purchase and look forward to doing business with Kellyco again.

    Thank you Kellyco for treating me as if I were your only customer.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Reynda B.

    Review by Reynda B on March 17, 2008

    I have a Garrett Ace 250. My very first detector, just bought it last summer. I like the push button controls, very easy to switch from mode to mode. It's light weight, easy for me to carry around. What I don't like about it is that in dry grass it goes off or if I accidentally touch the ground it will signal. My only finds have been other people's garbage but I have not taken it out very much yet. Only in the desert, was searching for gold and mining relics.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Gary K.

    Review by Gary K on March 17, 2008

    I bought two Garrett Ace 250's for Christmas, one for my wife who had never done metal detecting before and one for me. My Dad had a Garrett detector he bought back in the late 70's or early 80's. It was a good quality detector back then so that is why I purchased the two new Garrett 250's from Kellyco Detectors. Kellyco Detectors offered a nice package of extras when I placed the order for our detectors online.

    The Garrett 250 is easy to use, light weight and is pretty accurate on what it displays. If it shows a quarter, you dig and there it is just like the display shows. The auto discrimination feature is really nice to have especially if you are not interested in digging for aluminum pull tops, foil or cans. I would recommend this metal detector to anyone just starting "Newbie" and for anyone looking for value added features found on high end detectors at an economical price. One other thing I liked about the Garrett 250 is it came with a valuable DVD which shows you all the features about the detector and who to use it. Very user friendly!

    Metal detecting has given both my wife and I a hobby that we can do together. We've been to several parks looking for coins, to the beach and recently visited areas of Southern California where gold was first found in 1860. So far my wife has the lead in amount of coins found... maybe a couple of dollars to my less than a dollar but who cares if you are enjoying the outdoors and doing something together. It may not sound like much now but we keep on detecting and who knows we may find the Mother Lode! Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with others interested in the hobby of metal detecting.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Erik S.

    Review by Erik S on March 17, 2008

    It all started one hot muggy night in late July. After spending only 10 minutes figuring out all of the symbols on the huge, clear LCD screen I grabbed a handful of change and and went outside. Once outside I closed my eyes and scattered the change blindly around me. I turned on my brand new Garrett Ace 250 detector and set discrimination low, turned up the sensitivity and choose the "coin" mode from the 5 other mode types. This was done extremely easily thanks to the bold LCD screen and easy to use touch buttons. Swinging my Ace 250 was like holding a cloud thanks to the detector weighing under 5 pounds! After 5 minutes I heard a loud DING from my detector. I looked at the easy to use LCD screen. The little pointer on the screen pointed to 1C at a depth of 4 inches. The Ace 250 has two awesome features that help even the least experienced person find treasures. These are the depth chart and the pinpoint feature.

    The depth chart is also LCD and will light up according to how deep the object is. The pinpoint feature allows for a direct location of the object and its so easy to use! All you have to do is swing the Ace 250 in a cross like pattern while holding the pinpoint button. When you are over the object, the detector will emit a loud buzz, indicating that your are over the object. These two features are combined inside the lightweight, easy to use Ace 250 making it one of the best beginner detectors on the market! After I had pinpointed the object in the ground I began digging. After digging roughly 4 inches into the moist summer dirt I hit metal. With my trowel I popped out a 1967 Lincoln cent! I couldn't believe that the first time I used my brand new Ace 250 I found my first coin in roughly 5 minutes. This detector completely blew away my expectations. I never thought I would find something the first time I ever picked up a metal detector, but with the Ace 250's huge LCD screen and helpful pinpointing features it made my first time at detecting so simple!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Renee O.

    Review by Renee O on March 17, 2008

    My husband is an avid detectorist and wanted me to come out with him, so not sure on what kind of detector to get, I thought I might get something affordable and easy to use. So after a month of research I thought the Garrett Ace 250 would be a good learner machine to try and it really wasn't expensive. The detector came with an instructional video that was very helpful. We went to a local park that has been here since the town the early 1920's and I couldn't believe the old silver coins I had found that day. The detector is actually easy to use you can eliminate pop tabs nails and foil with a push of the button. It also has a coin depth which is very accurate, I like to use the relic mode because I dig up every signal and have found that some pop tabs are really gold rings it has happened to me twice so I dig it all up.

    The sensitivity has a bar graph to show you how sensitive you have set your setting which I also like. It also only uses 4 batteries and lasts a very long time. I'm not sure how long, but it used the same batteries for the whole summer and I may have been out 10 times. I think my husband may be sorry he has got me into this hobby because I am loving it and am asking him to come with me now. The Garrett Ace 250 also has a low battery indicator and mine says it still has a full charge. I have found old silver Canadian coins, jewelry and some relics like horseshoes, police buttons, nails and yes of course pop tabs. So if you are a newbie like myself and want to try the hobby out and don't want to spend a lot of money on a detector that seems to work just fine, for me the Ace 250 is a good starter.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Harold W.

    Review by Harold W on March 17, 2008

    I have had this little detector (Garrett Ace 250) for a few months now. The Garret Ace 250 has been one of the best things I have done in the thirty five plus years I have been hunting. I had machines that cost hundreds more, and didn’t come close to this. I love the tone ID, because it saves me time standing at a spot to check if it’s bad or good. I have found more with this than I have with any brand that I have owned. A lot of good machines are being built today, but I will have to see them prove themselves to me before spending a lot to upgrade.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Kenneth B.

    Review by Kenneth B on March 17, 2008

    I spent about three years in the late 70's in the metal detecting hobby with a used Goldak detector and only one knob, which was the volume control. I found hundreds of coins, some keys, rusted toys, and other rusted junk. When I got a new job, I found myself away from the hobby I had grown so attached to. After I retired and starting to renew my interest in the metal detecting hobby; I started researching ads and looking on the internet for a new detector. That was about the time Garrett came out with the new Ace 250. After reading about it, I decided to order one.

    When I received the Garrett Ace 250, I quickly read the manual and did some test runs in my yard. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to operate, and how accurate the readings were! The ID readings in all four modes were “right on.” The depth readings were real close, as were the pin point feature. After hunting with some of my detecting friends and showing some of them up with higher price detectors, they couldn’t believe how well it was performing. I would go over spots where they already had hunted and actually make finds that they missed, one of which being a silver dollar! Two of those same friends went out later and bought the Ace 250 as a back up detector. They won't admit it but I think they are using them more than their higher priced ones! To sum it all up this is a great little detector for the price and it is so light it won't tire you out to use it all day!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Larry R.

    Review by Larry R on March 17, 2008

    I have been away from detecting for 10+ years from back in the day. I've owned a Garrett Ace 250 Master Hunter, a White's Coin Master and a Fisher 1280, but deciding to take up the hobby once again I wasn't sure which detector to purchase. After an exhausting research I got the Garrett Ace 250 and I'm completely happy with this unit. Set-up is no hassle, it's lightweight, and deep. It's just a pleasure to use! Sniper coil's great! Believe me it's payed for itself five times over. Happy Hunting!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Daniel H.

    Review by Daniel H on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is my second detector. My main hunting activities are coin shooting and relic hunting. I live in Northern Virginia, a Civil War Hot Spot. The Ace 250 has been a perfect addition for my hobby. My salesman took over an hour to demonstrate the detector and he put it together for me. All of the controls are simple to operate and are very clear even in low light conditions. There are different tones for different items, and you can notch with very little effort.

    The Ace 250 is lightweight and does not cause any strain on my arms during extended hunts. The face or readout is not cluttered and very easy to read. The unit operates on 4 AA batteries and the first set lasted for almost 4 months of every other day of hunting. There are a few different coils available for the Ace 250. I would recommend using headphones, for me it was a little hard to hear the different tones with all of the background noise. The use of headphones eliminated any problems with noise. The "No Motion" pinpoint works like a champ and is so accurate, there is little time wasted finding your target. The depth meter works great too. This detector gives you everything most of the more expensive detectors have to offer but at a lower price. A couple of my friends told me that the local fair grounds have been hunted out, I had to give it a try. I was barely out of my vehicle and the detector started singing with the coin tone, after hunting for less than an hour I had filled my pouch with coins; both silver and clad. In review the Garrett Ace 250 is a wonderful detector as long as you use headphones.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Larry H.

    Review by Larry H on March 17, 2008

    As my retirement drew near I knew that I had to have something for a hobby, something different and something where I could get outdoors, exercise and at the same time be a relaxing adventure. What a perfect match. My Garrett Ace 250 has been great, can't believe how easy it is to operate and how accurate this machine is. Turn it on, scan and it does everything but dig up your find. We travel down to Florida every winter and I really enjoy the time spent on several of the beaches and scanning the parks around the state. There have been over two thousand ships go down through the years around the coast of Florida and every now and then gold coins still wash ashore. Stopped into Kellyco over by Orlando (what a neat store and so helpful) and purchased a few books on finding treasures around our great country.

    They have saved me a lot of time and gas while pointing out where the best areas are. My biggest find so far has been twenty five silver dollars that had been buried nearly thirty years ago. I have found rings, toys and lots of coins and a find of what some have said could be small cannon shot. One never knows what their next find will be, and everyone from 5 to 90 takes an interest when they see what you are doing, some will even tell you where to look for lost treasures. It has been said that there are more coins buried in the soil then in circulation today. As hobbies go this one is great and you don't have to spend a fortune to find a fortune.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Skip R.

    Review by Skip R on March 17, 2008

    Newly retired after 30 plus years in government, I now have more time to pursue one of my favorite past times which is metal detecting! As one of my retirement gifts I received a gift card that promptly materialized as a Garrett Ace 250. I really wanted to see what all the buzz was on this newer ultralight and very inexpensive detector. As an owner of many of the high end machines I feel comfortable rating this model.

    Ease of operation is the Garrett Ace 250's claim to fame and this is no exaggeration. Former assorted models require a solid understanding of electronics as well as geology in their daily operation. Untrue with the 250! It is a snap to target it's abilities, set discrimination and reject unwanted targets and establish object depth and item type. This unit devours coins and jewelry and it is hard to leave it home while exploring with some of my higher priced units. It works great in dry sand but prefers minimizing sensitivity when in salt water and a careful avoidance of sand bottoms while underwater. Work just above the bottom and you can work tidal boundaries both wet and dry! Also buy the water repellent console cover to minimize water mishaps. This will not make you safe from the ravages of water but will help with an occasional light water splash. The smaller sniper coil is a nice add on and improves the Ace's ability to pinpoint objects which will take more time with the larger stock 6.5" x 9" coil included with the unit. You will lose a little depth but will gain better pinpointing and maneuverability when working trashy areas or getting closer to the base of objects such as trees or fence posts. You can swing this unit all day as it adjusts to all heights and as mentioned is quite light. The unit breaks down to 24 inches for travel and when assembled adjusts from 41" to 51". The LCD in the console ID is easy to read in sunlight and easier to interpret and understand.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jason D.

    Review by Jason D on March 17, 2008

    I bought the Ace 250 based on reviews that I read online, and I was amazed that everything that I read was true! Out of the box and within 10 minutes I was finding coins in my front lawn. My first month it pretty much paid for itself in change, sliver rings, and my first gold men's wedding band.
    I highly, make that VERY HIGHLY recommend this detector for anyone. For the price you cannot beat it, and it competes with the big boys that are twice as much. The pinpoint feature made it easy to zero in on my target, and the different discrimination setting helps it function in all types of ground.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Lee S.

    Review by Lee S on March 17, 2008

    I bought my Ace 250 for a second metal detector, to use as a back-up to my Bounty Hunter. But with all the bells and whistles that the Ace has for the money I spent and how easy it is to use, I ended up giving my Bounty Hunter to the wife to use. Now we are both out metal detecting and having a ball as both close friends and husband and wife. The Ace is superb in quality and ease of use, even a novice like me can pick coins and relics with no difficulty at any time!

    The four pre-set modes, plus a custom mode, make it easy to choose which one I want to use to detect. It also has a custom option so that I can make my own decision about detecting. With a flick of the switch, one is ready to go! Select the mode, the sensitivity is preset when its turned on, and the more experienced user can tweak that on the go with a push of the button. Once found, an item can be accurately pin pointed with the built-in pin pointer. For a beginner and possibly the experienced. I don't think the Ace 250 can be beat , at least for me. Being a novice at metal detecting I don't know the best, but in my books it does rate a 4 star!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Richard S.

    Review by Richard S on March 17, 2008

    My better half expressed an interest in my hobby of metal detecting last year and I decided to buy her a Garrett Ace 250 since the reviews were excellent everywhere I looked. As soon as it arrived and before even looking at the video or reading he manual I had it in the front yard checking it out. I was amazed that a machine in its price range was so sophisticated! Not only did I find coins that I had overlooked with my older machine I found that the target I.D. was correct and pinpointing was exact. One coin I found was a wheat penny at about 6 inches and the I.D. and depth was perfect.

    Then I headed out to one of my favorite playgrounds to see what it would do in the real world and it exceeded my wildest expectations. I came away with over $4 in clad and three rings, one of them silver in less than two hours of hunting. I was so excited that I stopped at the local metal detector dealer who sells another brand and showed him what the little green machine had found for me. He was so impressed that he left work and tried it out for himself. I don't believe he believed me about the performance of such an inexpensive detector but within an hour he was sold on the Ace 250.

    My better half, by this time was thinking that she had received her detector and lost it in the same day! That weekend she finally got out and hunted with it and although she had zero experience metal detecting she was soon finding coins and I knew that another person was hooked on the hobby. We hunted a high school football field and after about an hour I heard a yell. I turned around and she was jumping up and down holding something in her hand so I went over to see what she had found. It was a silver charm bracelet with nine charms, all marked sterling. She had just blown me away for I had only found about three dollars in clad and a fake ring. Checking out her other finds she had me beat on coins also. I was ready to repossess the Ace by then! We can both can give this machine the highest recommendation.
    • ★★★★★ Review by John B.

    Review by John B on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a great product!! You can't beat the price at about $212.00 for this great machine. Does a great job in both dry and wet (beach sand), and even has been a very good machine for my family to all use. Both our daughters use this same machine and at the ages of 6 & 9, they both can handle this quite well without much help from us. (The little one has even found more good stuff than me!)

    Another great find with this machine was "GOLD"!! That my buddy found while using one of ours while we were out in the mountains here in Washington State. While searching an old mine dump of tailings he got a beep and found a very nice gold nugget that was about 1/4th of an ounce or so. Not bad for a product prices at just over $200-Bucks!! All in all we give the Ace 250 the highest of marks at 5* as this machine will pay for itself over time and can be used by the entire family as well.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Joe M.

    Review by Joe M on March 17, 2008

    I like the Garrett Ace 250. I think it's about the coolest light weight, machine for coins and relic hunting; its so easy to learn. It has become a friend of mine. Hoping to find nice treasures that are buried in the ground. I have heard after purchasing the Ace 250 that White's DFX model is superior to all others. Dang should of bought me one. Maybe I will consider purchasing one in the future.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Michael H.

    Review by Michael H on March 17, 2008

    I have only used the Ace 250 detector a couple of times. It appears to have good sensitivity. It's easy to cut on and go. The price at Kellyco was certainly a big reason I chose this detector. The service was great and fast. Don't have a bad word at all. Twenty seven years ago I had another brand, which sold for three times as much, that didn't have near the features that the Garrett Ace 250 has. I've been waiting a long time for someone to build a detector loaded with features at a price the everyday working man could afford. Garrett and Kellyco together have done that.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Earl P.

    Review by Earl P on March 17, 2008

    I have been using my Garrett Ace 250 for about 5 years and enjoy it very much. Mostly I search for relics and coins. I have found some interesting things like old cartridges from Civil War era. Most of the coins I found were new, but a few were old. The detector was easy to use and the features it has are sufficient (ID, Digital Display and Discrimination).

    I would recommend the 250 as a good starter detector. I get good life out of the batteries and the unit is easy to carry and use. I take it when I go on vacation in my RV. I search playgrounds, campgrounds, fishing holes, swimming holes, baseball fields in and around the bleachers (when not in use) and campfire areas. It is surprising what people lose at these places. I have been researching New Mexico's part in the Civil War. I have visited many of the battle sites and have found a few relics such as mini balls and cartridges. Also I visited many of the Ghost Towns and mines throughout New Mexico.

    My Ace 250 has not failed me. My brother-in-law also has an Ace 250 and he is very happy with the operation of the unit. When I am ready to take it up a notch I hope to buy a gold detector as I would like to do some searching for gold. I am retired now and have more time to expand on my hobbies, and I feel it is relaxing to metal detect and be out with nature.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Mark D.

    Review by Mark D on March 17, 2008

    I bought the Ace 250 when they first came out. I have used it at some of the spots I had detected before with other detectors and keep finding stuff. I like the display, it is pretty accurate as far as what it is in the ground, if it says dime or penny etc. it is usually right on. The depth indicator is usually pretty close as well. Pinpointing with the Ace 250 is very easy. I like the light weight of the Ace 250 as well, I can hunt for hours without getting sore arms. I am very impressed with the depth I find things with the Ace 250, I found a mercury dime at 8" which is pretty impressive for a dime. I have used the Ace 250 at the ocean as well and it works great there too. I had a different detector before the Ace that didn't do nearly as well at the ocean, I would get a lot of false signals, but the Ace doesn't get fooled by the salt water or sand. I have found many things with my Ace 250 it is a great detector at any price. I would definitely buy another Ace 250 if mine was lost or stolen, it has become like an old friend to me. In the field it is like an extension of myself and I can't say enough about how much I love my Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. I even love the color of the Ace 250, it is an awesome machine all the way around.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Butch N.

    Review by Butch N on March 17, 2008

    The Ace 250 is a remarkable detector, especially for the beginner. Small, light, well balanced and easy to use. Not only well suited for the beginner, but the extreme accuracy and depth capabilities will well suit even the "Pro" who needs a "Back-up" or spare detector and doesn't wish to spend a LOT of money on a quality machine. I have owned this detector for over 3 years, and from what I've seen, they only get better with the newer models. The full function computer scale / meter is easy to understand and straight forward. A good detector for a variety of uses in a variety of soil conditions. I have found numerous coins and other "Like" objects in fairly difficult circumstances - including one nice GOLD ring and shell casings and projectiles. One interesting feature that REALLY paid off for me is the ability to "Notch" discriminate.

    My wife lost a highly prized and valuable gold and 1 ct diamond earring in a gravel driveway. The next morning, I took the OTHER earring and "Set" the notch discrimination feature to "Accept" ONLY this earring. It took me almost an hour to recover this keepsake, but when I returned it to my wife un-damaged the look on her face was worth the price of the detector alone. Garrett has been in the business for many years and has built many good detectors over the years. I would not hesitate to buy another if the need should present itself!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Hong T.

    Review by Hong T on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a great metal detector. This is the one metal detector that everyone should have. It has a depth finder and a built in pinpointer. I paid about $212.00 for my Ace 250 and it came with free accessories like headphones, a treasure digger, an apron and a pouch, treasure finding books and more. That's a cheap price to pay for all these things!

    I have used the Garrett Ace 250 at the farm field close by my house and I found old Civil War bullets, old chains that were used on slaves back in the 1800s. Whenever I go out and metal detect I always find something. This metal detector is so accurate, it also works in the river. That's right - the river! I have so much fun with the Ace 250. There are so many places to go with it!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Bill G.

    Review by Bill G on March 17, 2008

    I have always wanted a metal detector since I was a kid and finally got a Garrett Ace 250 at age 60 from Kellyco in Winter Springs. Nice bunch of people who were very knowledgeable and helpful on getting me started. Don't wait as long as I did or you will be missing out on a lot of fun and excitement. That same day I bought the detector I took my kids, Foster 10, Madison 13 and Hunter 18 to the beach to test our Ace 250 out. We had so much fun... but it seems that one detector will not be enough as all my kids could not get enough time on using the detector.

    So... if you have a family don't get just one or you will never be able to get it out of your kids hands. It was fun to see the excitement in their eyes when the detector went off and they dug up a coin at the depth the detector said it would be and even told us the denomination. We are going to focus more on shipwreck coins on the beach as we live along the Brevard coast as there are more coins to be found along the coast. Get one today is all I can say.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Christopher B.

    Review by Christopher B on March 17, 2008

    I search for everything. Coins, relics, jewelry, caches; anything that the Ace 250 metal detector will pick up. Even though there are only a few areas close by to go I always find something even if its a nail tab or coins. Most of the places I go I find coins and the occasional ring or necklace. My personal favorite find was a very nice 14k gold pocket watch. I have also found quite a few bullets while hunting through the woods near my house. I found that this detector does great in any condition I have put it through.The Ace 250 is solid and small but don't let the size fool you. It's a rugged little machine.

    The visual display is clear. The sounds of the machine, the tones that indicate when you have hit a coin, iron, or just trash, are all clear and distinct. You will know when you hit a target worth digging. If you're not sure about the target you will quickly learn to dig it anyway. Many iffy tones, while usually junk, have turned out to be real keepers. It does good when its dry and wet and in all terrain. I find the detector easy to use and light. The controls are simple and easy to get used to. Both my niece and nephew love to go out with me on my hunts. They seem to find it quite exciting because they never know what they will dig up. I would recommend this metal detector (the Garrett Ace 250) to anyone thinking about trying metal detecting. Its great for the novice or the seasoned hunter.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Wes H.

    Review by Wes H on March 17, 2008

    Garrett's Ace 250 is a really good addition to their line and especially in the price range that it is in. I can do just about anything with it that most other more expensive detectors can do and maybe more. It's light weight, attractive, and I just love it. Good going Charlie Garrett! The detector has a notch system to cut out what you don't want to dig like pull tabs, bottle caps, small screws and nails, and this saves one much time and effort.

    Of course, it is nice when people want to rid the ground of trash so the next detectorist doesn't have to contend with it. Of course the Ace 250 has multiple sounds for different targets which is great but not so many different sounds that you can't remember which sound is signaling what. Some of the detector manufacturers are getting carried away with too many different signal sounds.

    My Ace is just a great companion that I can carry with me all the time so that when I get an unexpected chance to detect an old homestead or something, I have it right there with me. It only takes 4 double A batteries and they last plenty long enough for me to go on several outings. I like the face of the Ace showing you all the information you might want to know including what is most likely beneath your coil. The pinpoint button is very handy in pinpointing your target especially if you are using the small sniper coil. All in all, I think this is one of the best detectors on the market.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jose O.

    Review by Jose O on March 17, 2008

    I like to search for coins, relics and jewelry every time I have free time. Normally I do when I travel to Mexico, so far I still haven't found something good, but I will not give up. The Garrett Ace 250 is very easy to work with, and I recommend Garrett 250 to everyone.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Christopher A.

    Review by Christopher A on March 17, 2008

    I love the Ace 250 detector, sensitivity is great, pinpoint feature is awesome, lightweight, sleek design. My first detector was a Bounty Hunter Lone Star. It was pretty good, I had a lot of false readings with it. Discrimination was not too good. So I decided to buy a Garrett Ace 250. From what I saw in posts on various websites, and on a metal detector review website, people were ecstatic about this detector. I bought my detector here at Kellyco, of course it came with a bunch of freebies, a nice added bonus.

    I took it outside at the apartment complex where I used to live, and within about a ten minute span, I found 2 quarters, a dime, 3 pennies, and 5 nickels. The nickels were all within a square foot, the Ace 250 was screaming. I took some change out to bury, and didn't even have to use it. A friend of mine had a Discovery 2200, he tried it on the same place I was testing mine, it barely picked up anything. I was definitely impressed right off.

    I took it out in my fathers yard in Massachusetts, and I don't know what they were doing before he bought the house, but there was change everywhere. I found $1.56 worth of nickels, dimes, and pennies within about a half hour, most coins were between 4-6 inches. I set it at a low discriminate, and in only picked up one piece of tin, all the rest were coins. I would for sure recommend this model to anyone beginning in the hobby, because of its ease of use. I'm sure I will one day move up to a more advanced model, but this detector is great, and hard to let go.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Roger A.

    Review by Roger A on March 17, 2008

    I have thought for many years that I would like to metal detect. I started looking and asking various dealers about what is a good detector for a NEWBIE and received consistent results "for the money you cannot beat the features, sensitivity and durability of the Ace 250".

    The Ace 250 has never disappointed me yet. I did a show and tell for my local club where we have various targets glued to paint sticks. After giving a brief review of the Ace 250 I asked for a volunteer from the group that had never used the Ace before. I gave him my detector and let him ID the targets which were not visible to the operator. He positively identified EVERY target 100%. We had coins of every denomination, a few iron targets and some lead targets. I must tell you that the seasoned detectorists were very impressed by the ability of the Ace 250. Many of the higher priced detectors can not POSITIVELY ID a coin by the denomination. I have recommended it to many new comers and they too have been completely satisfied with their new Ace 250's.

    As far as sensitivity goes I have dug targets as small as a .22 bullet at nearly 12" just to see what it was finding. Just as the people that I contacted before buying, I too am suggesting the Ace 250 to any Newbie. It is a modest investment in a well know brand (Garrett) and yet if the hobby isn't for you, this detector can be readily sold due to its popularity. The only thing an Ace 250 can't do is tell you the date on the coin.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Martin B.

    Review by Martin B on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a fantastic metal detector! For the price, you simply cannot purchase a metal detector with better quality and features. If you're looking to purchase your 1st detector and you're on a budget, buy the Garrett Ace 250 and buy it from The Kellyco Super Store.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Steve B.

    Review by Steve B on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is a very stable unit for the novice with its simple controls and fool proof systems that work to help you to find those buried goodies.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Russell L.

    Review by Russell L on March 17, 2008

    The Garrett Ace 250 is an excellent easy to learn and use detector for any person from novice to experienced. I have been using Garrett metal detectors since 1981 when I bought a Garrett ADS from Kellyco and the Ace 250 ranks among the best all around detector values I have experienced. The Ace 250 offers above average depth on coins, jewelry items and relics while providing accurate target identification and depth reading information that Garrett has long been noted for in the detector industry. I usually hunt yards of old houses (with permission, of course) and public parks and playgrounds. Most coins and jewelry items are generally in the depth range of 6 inches or less so the depth capabilities of the Ace 250 are more than adequate for my type of hunting.

    I also hunt the saltwater beaches of South Carolina and the Ace 250 works fairly well on both the dry and wet sand although it does not have a salt mode or ground balancing control. The Ace 250 works well even in the wet salt sand if you hunt in the jewelry mode and reduce the sensitivity setting to 5 or 6 segments in order to reduce the number of false signals that are often encountered in wet salt sand. You will still get an occasional false signal but you can easily tell the difference between a false signal caused by the wet salt sand and a solid repeatable signal caused by a good target such as a coin or a ring. Also, the Garrett Bell Tone alert makes it even easier to identify good targets as opposed to false signals. Battery life is excellent and the Ace 250 is a good value. The pinpointing takes a little practice time to learn and this is the reason I did not give it 5 stars.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Robert L.

    Review by Robert L on March 17, 2008

    I bought myself a Christmas gift in 2005, an Ace 250 from Kellyco after doing some research about the current models available. I wanted a general use detector for hunting schoolyards, fields, etc. I have detected for many years and have owned several detectors. In the past I had a White's XLT and did great hunting Civil War Relics in my local area. It has since died, I went a few years without detecting at all. I wanted to get back into it. I waited until Christmas before opening it. I was very impressed with the feel of it, right away. As luck would have it, we had a very rough winter, so I couldn't try it until spring.

    On April 30, 2006, I was watching a NASCAR race on TV. They had a rain delay, so outside I went with the Ace. In the backyard, I didn't find much of anything. I went to the side of the house (built in 1930) and found some loose clad by the porch. My old emotion returned, I was in Heaven!
    The Ace was easy to use, that Target ID locked onto coins like nothing I have ever seen. Continuing to sweep toward the front yard, I found my first silver, a 1916 Mercury Dime. A few minutes later, a couple wheat pennies were in my pouch. I hit another signal, the ID said it was a cent. I dug and about five inches down was a Civil War Breastplate. It was on it's edge. I ran into the house to clean it up. The eagle with the arrow in it's talons came out in the moisture. I was thrilled. Later, I found my first Indian Head penny in years.

    This little detector has really come through for me. I have found much silver and even dug a 1879 five ($5.00) Gold Piece. I have also found 2 gold rings. One site gave up 70 silver coins before they built a bank there. It has more than paid for itself. This is a great detector for a newbie. I'm a little disappointed in the depth, but the Target ID makes up for it. Anyone can handle the lightness of it, and the batteries last a long while in use.
    • ★★★★★ Review by Adam P.

    Review by Adam P on March 17, 2008

    I have been metal detecting for about a year now and I have only used one detector, the Garrett Ace 250. This is a truly amazing machine and in my opinion one of the best metal detectors out there.

    Let's start off on what I like to search for. Well that's an easy answer... anything. That's right, I love searching for anything and everything ranging from coins and relics to gold and jewelry! The Garrett Ace 250 lets you find it all. It has five different search mode settings for just what you want to search for. There is a mode for all metal, jewelry, relics, coins, and you can even make your own custom mode setting. So whether you're at the beach trying to find some lost jewelry or in your local historic area trying to find some nice coins, the Garrett Ace 250 has the right search mode for your preference.

    The Garrett Ace 250 is very easy to use for all ages! It is pretty simple, turn it on and then start searching! Just a touch and go machine! None of that very hard and confusing tuning like the more expensive ones need. It is very lightweight and will keep you swinging away for hours without having a very sore arm. The Garrett Ace 250 is perfect for beginners, young children, and anyone who loves metal detecting.

    My typical finds vary from where I am searching. If I am searching up and down the beach on a nice sunny summer day, I usually find some really nice jewelry and some good cash in coins that people have dropped throughout the year. But if I am searching some old homes, churches, or historical sites, I usually find some very old coins dating back to the 1800s, some bullets, and various relics.

    As I said before, the Garrett Ace 250 is a truly amazing metal detector and you will get the most out of your money buying this! The Garrett Ace 250 is a very inexpensive metal detector and finds basically anything a very expensive metal detector can find. Metal detecting is a very fun hobby with good results. I would definitely recommend the Garrett Ace 250.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 11/13/2020 By: Where are the batterys.

    Q: Where are the battery’s.

    A: On the front of the detector. You slide the faceplate off where is says Ace 250.
  • Posted On: 8/1/2020 By: Michelle

    Q: can this be submerged in water


    The Garrett Ace 250 is NOT waterproof and it cannot be submerged in the water. 

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