Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector with 5" DD Search Coil

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with 5" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories
  • 1/4" & 1/8" headphones jack
  • Large LCD screen
  • 2 Tone VCO - Super Sensitive
  • Computer assisted ground grab and ground balance
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Works well on beach to find small and large gold
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Product Description

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector
with 5" DD Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

A Gold PLUS Metal Detector Finds Gold! Fisher Labs is proud to introduce the "Gold Bug." The engineers at Fisher have been busy designing one of the most sensitive new gold detectors to ever be offered by Fisher and at a very affordable price. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you because it will find the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils! Let’s face it, most dug nuggets at the shallower depths will be smaller in size for the most part and this is where this little gem will show its best sensitivity! It’s small 5 inch DD search coil will effectively cancel out most ground conditions and the prospector can monitor the ground phase and ground mineralization. Computerized to give optimum results in all soils!

PLUS - Finds Coins, Rings, Jewelry & Relics! More than a Hot Gold Machine, the Gold Bug will make adjustments a snap with many user intuitive features. When you’re not in the Gold fields simply change modes and your ready for coin shooting and even relic hunting. You can not find a deeper, easier to use light weight gold detector today for finding gold nuggets and don’t worry the little Gold Bug will find the bigger nuggets too.

Kellyco has sold and distributed Fisher products since 1975 and was certified as Fisher detector experts since 1984! Buy with confidence at Kellyco where you always get more for your money.


  • Frequency : 19 kHz
  • Warranty : 5 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 2.5 lbs (1.1 kgs)
  • Audio : Dual Headphone Jacks (1/4" and 1/8")
  • Ground Balance Range : From Ferrite to Salt Water Inclusive
  • V-Break : Industry's First Variable Breakpoint Tone Discrimination System

  • Manufacturer Fisher
  • Manuals

    Instruction Manuals

  • Quick Look This Fisher Gold Bug combines its 5" DD coil with active audio boost and iron discrimination modes which ignores trash and delivers what you need - GOLD!
  • Product Dimensions 28.50x10.25x6.25
  • Manufacturer SKU goldbug
  • Product Type Metal Detectors
  • Best for Beginner, Gold
  • Factory Included Accessories
    • 5" DD Search Coil
  • Warranty Yes
  • Detector Type Gold
  • Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
  • Technology VLF Single Frequency
  • Arm Rest Fixed
  • Arm Rest Strap No
  • Adjustable Shaft Yes
  • Assembled Length Max (in) 50.5
  • Assembled Length Min (in) 40.5
  • Apps None
  • GPS No
  • Audio Tones Yes
  • Depth Indication Yes
  • Control Box Mount Standard
  • Frequencies 19 kHz
  • Number of Frequencies 1
  • Programmable Target Id No
  • Target Id Segments 99
  • Target Id Yes
  • Threshold Adjustable
  • Discrimination Adjustable
  • Pinpoint Mode Yes
  • Ground Balance Manual
  • Vibration Mode No
  • Search Modes 3
  • Search Mode Types All Metal, Discrimination, Pinpoint
  • Search Flashlight No
  • Display Type LCD
  • Backlit Display No
  • Volume Control No
  • Headphone Jack 1/4"
  • Bluetooth Compatible No
  • Interchangeable Headphones Yes
  • Battery Type 9-Volt
  • Battery Quantity 1
  • Battery Life (hr) 10 to 15 Hours
  • Rechargeable System No
More Information

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

Technical Specifications:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 5" DD Search Coil
  • Frequency : 19 kHz
  • Weight : 2.5 lbs (1.1 kgs)
  • Batteries : (1) 9V
  • Battery Life : 15 Hours
  • Dual Headphone Jacks (1/4" and 1/8")
  • Search Modes : 2 Plus Electronic Pinpoint
    • All Metal, Discrimination, Pinpoint


  • Super Sensitive
  • Large Target Alert
  • Threshold and Gain Adjustments
  • Lightest Weight / Best Ergonomics in the Industry
  • Depth Readout and Running Signal Strength Indicator
  • Ground Balance Range : From Ferrite to Salt Water Inclusive
  • Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display
  • V-Break : Industry's First Variable Breakpoint Tone Discrimination System
  • Computerized Ground Grab®, Real-Time Computerized Automatic Ground Balancing

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    • ★★★★★ Very happy

    Review by James on October 14, 2020

    I have been very happy with my fisher gold bug purchase. This machine is very sensitive to tiny gold and is a light weight machine well suited for older individuals such as myself.
    • ★★★★★ Review by JPM

    Review by JPM on March 29, 2016

    I have been using a Fisher CZ-6 for 15 years to relic hunt with great success, but thought it was time to upgrade to some new equipment. A friend allowed me to try his Fisher Gold Bug Pro Special Edition recently. We went to two locations that had been "hammered" over the years and were heavy with iron. I thought they would be good test areas for the Gold Bug Pro. The Gold Bug Pro learning curve was very simple and the controls were easy to use. During the hunt I found several colonial flat buttons and some period Civil War 3 ring minnie balls at 8+ inches. I dug a saucer size wad of folded up brass at 14 inches! The Gold Bug Pro cut through the iron and made it easy to pick out the brass and lead. If there were any coins to be found there I'm sure the Gold Bug would have got them too. I have owned and hunted with White's, Fisher, Tesoro, Nautilus, Minelab, and Garrett detectors over the years and this new Gold Bug Pro SE with the 11 inch coil is the easiest and lightest to use. The depth is great and I anticipate increasing my collection with it. I can recommend this detector!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Jim T.

    Review by Jim T on September 18, 2010

    Received my Gold Bug Special Edition a few days ago and I'm already impressed. Being retired military with some war wound damage, I wanted a detector that was lightweight and easy to carry. The Gold Bug is just that. After reading the very helpful owner's manual, I took it down to the train station on the edge of town which has been around since the 1880s and got permission from the ticket office to search the grounds. Within 5 minutes, I had an old silver quarter and within an hour a few more silver coins, all around 4-6 inches deep. I also came away with several clad coins and a silver ring, minus the stone. I know this detector is designed for gold and it will be used for that 99% of the time. If it's performance on coins is any indication, I'll be buying a lot of sun screen (the altitude here is almost 8,000 feet) while I search the old riverbeds and dry washes that run through and around my 40 acres south of town. After that, it's off to the mountains!

    BTW, just a note that the Gold Bug SE came with the battery INSTALLED. Nice touch and very appreciated!!!
    • ★★★★★ Review by Frank T.

    Review by Frank T on January 5, 2010

    This is not a good or bad review but a heads-up to those who are interested in purchasing this detector. This was advertised to be available Dec 12. I made my purchase in November (2009). The Fisher folks as of today, Jan 5 2010, have not started manufacturing. According to my source at Fisher, this will not be available for another 5-6 months (middle of summer 2010). Kellyco is processing my refund and will hopefully update information on their site for people who are interested in purchasing this Gold Bug (which should be a competitive gold detector in a decent price range).
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 8/27/2020 By: karl

    Q: Is the GOLD BUG waterproof at all?


    The Gold bug detector is NOT waterproof but the coil is waterproof. 

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