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Fisher F44 11DD Metal Detector

Includes $32 in FREE Accessories!

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Product highlights

with 11" DD Waterproof Elliptical Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories
  • Weatherproof design resistant to weather, rain, storms, hail, snow, sleet, and high wind
  • 5 operating modes: Jewelry, coin, artifact, custom, and all metal
  • 20 levels of sensitivity and volume
  • Just under 4 lbs.
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
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this products includes a set of accessories listed below, worth $32.98
Product Description

Fisher F44 11DD Metal Detector
with 11" DD Waterproof Elliptical Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

The Fisher F44 Metal Detector with 11" DD Search Coil is the best model in the Latest F series from Fisher Research Labs. Discover the benefits of unparalleled features at this absolute bargain price. This Fisher model includes a back-lit display screen making it easier for you to hunt in low light conditions. A newly designed Semi-Elliptical waterproof search coil allows you greater scanning coverage to find more targets in less time. Have more fun and adventure with the best F series metal detector, the Fisher F44.

Leading The Industry with a new Weatherproof Design and five (5) modes of operation: Jewelry, Coins, Artifact, Custom and All Metal. the Fisher F44 detector is ideal for use in dry and wet conditions. Although it is not designed for underwater use you will easily see the benefits of the waterproof design as you detect in areas other detectors find troublesome. The best model in the latest F Series from Fisher Research Labs is environmentally sealed for use in the toughest environments. Rain or shine, your Fisher F44 metal detector will be by your side.

Weatherproof vs. Waterproof:
Our weatherproof unit, the F44, is resistant to weather, rain, storms, hail, snow, sleet, and high wind. This machine is impervious to splashing waves in beach use, or any kind of water. However, weatherproof does not mean that this machine can be submerged. That means, we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by submersion or even dunking.

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  • Frequency : 7.69 kHz
  • Warranty : 5 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 2.3 lbs (1 kg)
  • Ground Balance : Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Sensitivity Control : 20 Levels of Control. Adjust Detector to Changing Ground Conditions
  • Target ID : 9-Segment Visual Target ID Scale Offers the Increased Ability to Distinguish One Target’s Conductivity from Another
  • Manufacturer Fisher
  • Manuals

    Instruction Manuals

  • Quick Look Latest in the F series lineup, the F44 detector with an 11" DD coil uses 5 operating modes, 20 sensitivity levels and handles very easily.
  • SKU 12-F4411DD-bundle-old
  • Product Dimensions 22.125x8.625x5.375
  • Product Type Metal Detectors
  • Best for Beginner, Coin, Relic
  • Factory Included Accessories
    • 11" DD Waterproof Elliptical Search Coil
  • Warranty Yes
  • Detector Type All-Purpose
  • Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
  • Technology VLF Single Frequency
  • Arm Rest Adjustable
  • Arm Rest Strap No
  • Adjustable Shaft Yes
  • Assembled Length Max (in) 51
  • Assembled Length Min (in) 41
  • Apps None
  • GPS No
  • Audio Tones Yes
  • Depth Indication Yes
  • Control Box Mount Standard
  • Frequencies 7.69 kHz
  • Number of Frequencies 1
  • Programmable Target Id Yes
  • Target Id Segments 99
  • Target Id Yes
  • Threshold Adjustable
  • Discrimination Adjustable
  • Pinpoint Mode Yes
  • Ground Balance Manual
  • Vibration Mode No
  • Search Modes 5
  • Search Mode Types All Metal, Artifact, Coins, Custom, Jewelry
  • Search Flashlight No
  • Display Type LCD
  • Backlit Display Yes
  • Volume Control Yes
  • Headphone Jack 1/4"
  • Bluetooth Compatible No
  • Interchangeable Headphones Yes
  • Battery Type AA
  • Battery Quantity 2
  • Battery Life (hr) 15 to 20 Hours
  • Waterproof Non-Waterproof
  • Rechargeable System No
  • Exclusive Features 11" DD Waterproof Coil, Ground Grab, Notch, Weatherproof, All-Metal Mode, Fe-Tone
More Information

Fisher F44 11DD Metal Detector

Technical Specifications:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Frequency : 7.69 kHz
  • Weight : 2.3 lbs (1 kg)
  • 11" DD Waterproof Elliptical Search Coil
  • Batteries : (2) AA
  • 4-Tone Audio-ID
  • Battery Life : 30 Hours
  • Manual Ground Balance
  • 9-Segment Visual Target-ID
  • 20 Levels of Adjustable Volume
  • 20 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Large 2-Digit, 1-99 Numeric Target-ID
  • Search Modes : 5 Plus Electronic Pinpoint
    • Jewelry, Coin, Artifact, Custom, All Metal, Pinpoint
  • 6 Segment Graphic Target Depth Indicator


  • Weatherproof
  • Iron Identifier Icon
  • Ground Mineralization Readout
  • Fe-Tone® (Adjustable Iron Audio)
  • Backlight for Low Light Conditions
  • Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings
  • Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing

Customer Reviews

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4.8 average of 4 reviews


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    • ★★★★★ Great machine!

    Review by A. Fisher on October 12, 2019

    I went over an area that I have detected many times. Within minutes, I found a 10k ring and 1945 Mercury dime. I am very pleased with this purchase!
    • ★★★★★ Good product

    Review by Da Man on October 4, 2019

    • ★★★★★ Technology is great

    Review by Jayhawker on June 29, 2019

    I needed a little more advanced detector for my wife, not a $1000 machine but still a great machine, the f44 is just the ticket. Light weight, accurate id’s, good depth, simple technology, and easy ground balance. I love it and so does she. The metal detectors technology today is amazing. My third fisher and my best fisher and it’s nit even an f75!
    • ★★★★★ Superb Performance

    Review by Cecil Miller on September 30, 2018

    Between February 13, 2018 through September 30, 2018, I estimate that I have found over 300 coins, plus two silver earrings, one silver pendant, a brass cross with Jesus, metal toys, whistles, buttons, bullets/cartridges, junk and of course the normal bottle caps and pull tabs. I say five star because I have continual success with my F44. It is extremely light weight and only uses two double AA batteries. I did add a coil cover to protect the coil. The device is still under 3-lbs. As a beginner with no guidance from others, I started learning how to use the F44 in my yard, at Medina Lake, and at various parking lots that have grassy Islands. At my lunch break, the grassy Islands near movie theatres and between strip centers and restaurants produced a multitude of coins. I would uncover between 7 to 15 coins in 45 to 50 minutes. Then back to work. In the beginning I would rush through the areas and try to get the maximum booty, but I learned how to slow down and use the different modes as the machine talks to you, and you must listen to what it's saying. Every time I went back to the same areas I would unearth more booty dropped by pedestrians, movie goers and passer byes. The zero to 99 numbers on this super fast processor are telling a story of what's beneath and the user deciphers and learns the truth through trial and error. Learning the language is a mental challenge, fun and rewarding. I would recommend this Fisher F44 to anyone.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 6/13/2021 By: Bob Michael

    Q: What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of the DD coil on the F44 for relic hunting?

    A: The two main coils are the (DD) and the concentric or also named (mono loop) coil. The concentric coil puts out a snow cone-shaped field (shaped like a snow cone), the DD field is more like the "knife blade" of the concentric (shaped like an I). The DD coil separates much better and gets more even depth especially in mineralized ground.
  • Posted On: 7/4/2020 By: Bennie P Massie

    Q: Where is this shipped from

    A: We ship from Knoxville, TN.

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