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Pipe & Leak Locators

Whether you are looking for a pipe locator or a leak locator, you have come to the right place. Use Kellyco’s knowledge on the science of pipe and leak detection devices in addition to your professional knowledge and experience. This combined experience will work well for you whether you are a paver, a leak detection company, or a plumber. Here at Kellyco, our goal is to provide you with unparalleled professionalism you won’t be able to find anywhere else when searching for pipe and leak location devices.

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How Does Leak Detection Work?

At some point in everyone’s life, they are going to run into a situation where a leak needs to be found. Leaks can be hard to find without a detector, because they can often be very small and unobtrusive. This is especially the case with big utility water pipes or any type of swimming pool leak. Water leaks are messy business, as they will run up the water bill and cause unnecessary water waste. Put simply, leak locators work by acoustically amplifying the noise of a leak, while filtering out any background noises that impede the effectiveness of the operator. The operator will connect his or her equipment to the pipe and will be able to hear what is going on.

Accurate Leak Locators

Leak detection is a fickle business, so it is important to purchase gear that you have absolute faith in. The goal of leak locators is to simply find where there is a leak, so a professional can fix it. Fisher makes all of the acoustical leak detectors offered by Kellyco. Fisher is a well-known, American-made metal detector company that makes all kinds of equipment for sub-utility work as well. All of the Fisher acoustical leak detectors work like a charm, and different models have different features depending on what is needed. You can look at all of the different models and contact us if you need any help picking out a leak detector!

Acoustic Leak Detection Equipment Needs

Whether you are a plumbing service, performing irrigation leak detection, finding underground pipe leaks, or working with inground pools, you will want the right equipment to do the job right. Luckily, for anyone buying a Fisher acoustical leak detector, everything you need comes with the product. It includes high-quality headphones, a durable and protective carrying case, and a portable control box that has a digital display for ease-of-use.

Florida Leak Locators

Kellyco is happy to serve any Florida leak detection services with their detection device needs. We know that the demand for Florida leak locators is much heavier than in many other parts of the country, and we will do our best to help you pick out the right Fisher locator for you.

The Best Pipe Locators

Oftentimes it can be hard to locate a leak in a pipe if you can’t find the pipe itself! Business owners, homeowners, and definitely any contractors, plumbers, or other tradesmen and women should consider buying a pipe locator. Pipe locators are excellent, because they save you time, while allowing for the quick and easy pinpointing of both underground pipes and cables. The Fisher TW-6 Pipe & Cable Locator is great, as it comes with power line interference controls and is easy to use.

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