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Magnetic Locators

A magnetic locator is a simple but useful tool that allows you to locate metal items such as surveying nails, manhole covers and magnetic markers. Used mainly by surveyors, a magnet finder comes with their own carrying case and is simple to operate, delivering results instantly and allowing you to locate those key items without any problem. Be aware that a magnetic locator is not intended for treasure hunters or those individuals searching for relics.

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How Do Magnetic Locators Work

This magnet finder isn’t used by treasure hunters. Instead, its role is very specific as is the way in which they work. Rather than sending out a signal, this subsurface magnetic locator focuses more on the magnetic field of the earth. It then reads any distortion to this magnetic field before alerting the user. 

This approach does mean that the best surveying magnetic locators are very sensitive in order to identify those subtle changes in the magnetic field. They are lightweight, carried in one hand and deliver results in an instant allowing the user to determine if something is indeed buried below the surface. 

You will also find that they can work to varying depths depending on the model, so if you have any concerns as to whether or not this will be suitable for your needs then one of our experts can advise you on which one we believe is the best option.

Where are Magnetic Locators Used

The range of ways in which a subsurface magnetic locator is used is more extensive than you may think. Typically, this type of metal detector can uncover survey markers, corner markers, cast iron pipes, locate a septic tank, well casings or even act as a utility locator. 

Magnetic locators are capable of being used on different terrain. These subsurface instruments will operate in any conditions from below freezing point to extreme heat. They do this without it affecting their ability to deliver accurate results.

These magnetic locators are not for the treasure hunter. Primarily aimed at ground that is being developed or for working in an industrial setting, they are the perfect solution even as a cable locator allowing you to better understand what your next course of action should be. 

Best Magnetic Locators

The best magnetic locators should meet certain industry standards that allow for a quick resolution and location of those markers or objects. Also, due to the type of terrain you could be working in, the ability to get into those small areas, that may otherwise be inaccessible, is also key. That is why these locators only work via hand operation. You might also be interested in a magnetic locator probe which helps you to get into those tight spaces between rocks while still getting an accurate reading.

Fisher is a leading name in developing the magnetic locator. Their target location can work to impressive depths with survey nails being located to 14”, survey markers to 8ft and curbs to 9ft. These depths do allow their underground magnetic locators to be used in even more areas while the accuracy of this ferromagnetic locator is outstanding. 

Also, they come with their own hard case to protect the equipment when in use and they are also waterproof. The soft case for ease of transport is also an added bonus. Their accuracy cuts down on the potential area that you would then need to explore even when used in harsh conditions. 

For us, the key part of a magnetic locator is its speed of working, accuracy of locating those ferrous objects or pk nails as well as a substantial battery life. Each option in our store is capable of doing all of that and more.

Here at Kellyco we stock the best magnetic locators on the market. If you have any questions as to which product would be best suited for your needs, then simply contact our customer care department and we will be happy to help. Our team of industry experts are ready and waiting to take your call.

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