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Underground Cable Locators

An underground cable locator can be a real life-saver. Knowing where those cables lie before any work is carried out can stop a number of potentially dangerous situations developing. Plus, it can make it easier to find those old cables to then dig them up and replace them. However, in order to locate that underground utility cable or pipe, you need to have the right equipment at hand and that is where an underground cable detector can play a part.

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What is an Underground Cable Locator?

An underground cable locator, or an underground cable wire locator, is a simple device that allows a surveyor, or developer, to safely locate cables buried below ground. The same process also applies to the location of an underground pipe and knowing where they lie makes moving forward with plans a whole lot easier. 

It’s not enough to just know that there’s a cable underground due to its signal strength. Instead, you need to know the actual utility lines across the entire site. An underground cable tracer will help you to trace the line even if the cable does something unexpected. The same thing applies for any type of utility locator where the aim is to locate pipes as well as cabling.

How an Underground Cable Locator Works

An underground cable locator, or pipe locator, works using a very simple process. Its main method of working is by picking up on the electromagnetic field surrounding a cable which then results in a signal being sent back to the detector. However, this aspect only works when there is live current flowing through the underground wire, so a locator needs to have more functions for it to be fully effective.

For pipes, they are typically made from cast iron, so a buried utility pipe can be easily found just like any other piece of metal. With a substantial battery, these line locators or cable testers will quickly become an important part of your arsenal.

An underground cable wire locator will also have its own pinpointing capabilities and provide a depth reading. This saves time and energy as you know its exact positioning, down to ½ inch, allowing you to determine if the cable is indeed in a problem area.

The Different Underground Cable Locator Equipment

There are different items that you may be interested in purchasing when selecting an underground locator. 

Just finding the cable isn’t enough. If there’s a problem, then a cable fault locator will also make life easier. There are different types of detectors available from those that do so acoustically while others focus on liquid leaks. They work by eliminating background noise and picking up on sounds made by liquid allowing the user to identify where there’s a problem, and do so accurately.

Another option is a valve or box locator. This underground cable wire locator is designed to locate valves that have been covered and can also often be used to locate survey markers, conduits and meters that may be hidden below ground. While they may not be able to provide you with the cable or pipe itself, they do still play a key role in locating cables or pipes below ground.

What is the Best Underground Cable Locator

The best underground cable locator equipment doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and we stock a number of products from several companies. Of course, the best underground cable locator for you will depend on your exact needs. 

A product such as the Fisher TW-82 is a perfect example. This version uses a single frequency to locate both cables and pipes. It is also weatherproof, impact resistant, and can indicate the direction of the utility making it easier for you to trace its entire line. These kinds of features should be a key consideration when purchasing an underground utility locator. 

Making sure you have the correct underground cable locator for your needs is important for both ease of use as well as safety reasons. Here at Kellyco, our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have in advance of making your purchase. Simply call our customer care department and see how we can help.

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