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Kellyco is your specialist source for metal detectors at incredible prices. Kellyco doesn't just stock metal detectors and pull a box off the shelf when you order it. Instead, each sale is an opportunity for the Kellyco staff to meet the customer's specific needs with their expert knowledge, experience and responsive customer service. On this page you will find Cobra Brand metal detectors perfect for picking up submerged metals in places you wouldn't take an ordinary metal detector. Wading through a shallow pond, crossing a river or just braving the rain and mud are not environments you would want to expose your average metal detector to, but the Cobra brand metal detectors available from Kellyco are up to the challenge. Need replacement parts or watertight seals? Kellyco has those too. Why settle for the metal detectors sold at the big box stores when the quality, price and knowledge at Kellyco can't be beat. At Kellyco, you can be sure to receive exactly the detector you need and you can rest assured it's supported by industry leading customer service.

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What Sets a Cobra Metal Detector Apart?

Metal detecting can be done for a variety of reasons but one very common places to lose valuable objects is in water. Rings dropped into ponds, valuable coins washing up on shore, gold washing down streams, weapons tossed into rivers and even disaster debris washed away in storms are all common sources of submerged treasure. A long-standing name in the business, Cobra Brand metal detectors are designed to probe under the surface of the water for these hidden metal objects as their user wades or floats nearby. Plus, no one wants a sudden rainstorm or an accident with a puddle to ruin a metal detector that may be worth many hundreds of dollars. With the wealth of metal objects that can be found under mud and in water, a Cobra Brand metal detector is the ideal choice for many hobbyists and professionals alike. So what else sets a Cobra brand metal detector apart from the rest?

1. Capable of Sorting Out Garbage Metals

As with any metal detecting, not all that glitters is gold and much of what lies at the bottom of a river or lake is simply junk. Look for the adjustable "trash eliminator" feature on Cobra metal detectors to filter the good from the bad, especially important when the water is murky or your treasure is buried under mud. The detection depth is also adjustable to sort out metals that may lie deeper in layers of mud or sediment.

2. Water Proofing

The entire unit, minus the head phones, is sealed against water and is pressure rated up to a depth of 5 feet. This doesn't limit the Cobra to sticking close to the surface however, as it is designed to search for metal at a distance from 6 all the way down to 130 feet under the surface, though you will need to descend to retrieve what it alerts you to at those depths.

3. Visual and Audio Alerts

Cobra metal detectors have both audio alerts and a visual "target light". By deactivating the sound, it is possible to search silently and even to submerge the detector completely as long as the target light can be seen. This allows a level of flexibility unavailable in even more expensive detectors that aren't hydro-sealed.

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