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  1. White's MX Sport Metal Detector

    The White's MX Sport Metal Dectector features automatic ground balance and tracking. Waterproof and lightweight. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0347

    In Stock 8

  2. White's MX7 Metal Detector

    White's MX7 Metal Detector is lightweight, rugged, and affordable. Loaded with advanced features at an unbeatable price. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0350

    In Stock 5

  3. White's TREASUREpro Metal Detector

    Use 5 search modes to scoure small treasures with White's TREASUREpro Metal Detector. Comes with a 10" coil. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0346

    In Stock 1

  4. White's TDI BeachHunter Metal Detector

    White's TDI BeachHunter Metal Detector is waterproof to 25 feet. Great for salt or fresh water detecting on lakes or seas. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0352

    Out of stock

  5. White's TDI SL 12 Metal Detector

    Perfect for difficult mineral ground conditions, White's TDI SL 12 Metal Detector operates best in harsh terrain. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0332-12

    In Stock 1

  6. White's MXT All-Pro Metal Detector

    Collect gold, coins, or relics with easy using White's MXT All-Pro Metal Detector. Legendary performance. 3-in-1 machine. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0342

    In Stock 7

  7. White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector

    Find the oldest, deepest treasures with White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector. Full HD display and 3 frequency detection. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0329

    In Stock 4

  8. White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector with Headphones

    White's Spectra V3i Metal Dectector with Wireless Headphones will complete your high quality metal detecting kit. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0329-HP

    Out of stock

  9. White's Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

    White's Spectra VX3 Metal Dectector is a premium easy-to-tune, easy-to-use for smooth operation. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0331

    Out of stock

  10. White's XVenture Metal Detector

    White's XVenture Metal Detector has easy-to-read icons for detecting coins and avoiding pull-tabs. Great for beginners. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0348-M

    Out of stock

  11. White's TREASUREmaster Metal Detector

    White's TREASUREmaster Metal Detector is equipped with a 9.5" coil to help you find gold and silver jewelry and relics. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0345

    In Stock 7

  12. White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

    Sweep parks and beaches for coin and jewelry with the White's Matrix M6 Metal Dectector. Lightweight with 7 tones. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0317

    In Stock 1

  13. White's Coinmaster Metal Detector

    This White's Counmaster Metal Detector is ideal for general use on most soil types. Affordable yet accurate. Ideal for beginners. Learn More
    SKU: 800-0325

    Out of stock

  14. White's 9.5" Eclipse 950 Search Coil (V3I / VX3 / MXT / M6 / MX5 / DFX)

    White's 9.5" Eclipse 950 Search Coil is a top of the line general purpose coil. Experience great depth with superior coverage. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3228-1

    In Stock 1

  15. White's 9.5" Search Coil (MX Sport)

    Traverse remote locations with White's 9.5" Search Coil for MX Sport machines. This coil is lightweight and accurate. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3257

    In Stock 1

  16. White's 10" DD Search Coil (MX Sport)



    Cover large areas and explore deep caches with the waterproof White's 10" DD Search Coil for MX Sport. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3256 no reorder

    In Stock 2

  17. White's 9.5" PZ Search Coil (Coinmaster / Prizm / Classic)

    Find treasure in any soil condition with White's 9.5" PZ Search Coil. Fits Coinmaster, Prizm, and Classic machines. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3222-1

    In Stock 6

  18. White's 12" Super Search Coil (V3I / VX3 / MXT / M6 / MX5 / DFX)

    Search low mineralized ground with White's 12" Super Search Coil. Fits White's models V3I, VX3, MXT, M6, MX5 and DFX. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3235-1

    In Stock 1

  19. White's 9" Spider Search Coil (Coinmaster / Prizm)

    Control sweet resistance with the waterproof White's 9" Spider Search Coil. Fits Coinmaster and Prizm metal detectors. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3231-0

    In Stock 1

  20. White's 12" Dual Field Search Coil (TDI)

    The White's 12" Dual Field Search Coil for TDI and TDI Pro machines is great for use on high magnetic susceptibility soils. Learn More
    SKU: 801-3230

    In Stock 1

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