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White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector with Headphones

Includes $42 in FREE Accessories!

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with SpectraSound Wireless Headphones and 10" Double D Search Coil
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this products includes a set of accessories listed below, worth $42.97
Product Description

White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector
with SpectraSound Wireless Headphones and 10" Double D Search Coil

With White's Spectra V3i metal detector with wireless headphones you can now free yourself from "Plug In" headphones with phone cords that always seem to get in your way. White’s EXCLUSIVE Wireless SpectraSound™ Headphones are engineered exclusively for Spectra V3i. Multiple channels to choose from avoids picking up signals from other Spectra metal detectors in the area, or you can set two headphones up to hear targets from one detector, a terrific tool for teaching about target sounds! Custom-Built Spectra Sound™. Wireless Headphones "sync" with your Spectra V3i in just a couple of easy steps making this a Best Metal Detector to buy!

The Spectra V3i is White’s very best metal detector using 3 frequency detection to find more older, deeper treasures. Large 3x3 Target ID System, 10 Preset Hunting Programs, waterproof search coil, and much more. Spectra V3i features a Full-Color High Definition Display with target information in bold, high contrast color! Use the ZOOM key to enlarge or reduce display info. Metal detect for gold, coins, jewelry, (all valuables) using the preset color pallets or create your own custom programs.

White’s Spectra V3i is the top-of-the-line metal detector for the VX3 and V3i. Spectra is Loaded with exclusive advanced features to make your metal detecting experience the very best. Read the latest review and you will understand why this metal detector rates a positive 5 star review!


  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 4.5 lbs (2 kgs)
  • Frequencies : 22.5 kHz, 2.5 kHz or 7.5 kHz
  • Includes Wireless SpectraSound™ Headphones : Engineered just for Spectra V3i by White's
  • 3 x 3 Target ID System : Quickly and Conveniently Check Targets with 3 Different Target Screens Activated by the Trigger
  • Selectable Ground Filters : 8 Different Filtering Levels from 5 Hz -12.5 Hz to Suit Ground Minerals and Search Coil Sweep Preferences
  • Six-Block Menu : All the Discrimination, Sensitivity, Audio and Ground Balance Tweaks are Here, Plus some New Adjustments to Enhance your Performance and Depth Even More
  • Manufacturer White's
  • Manuals

    Instruction Manuals

  • Quick Look White's Spectra V3i Metal Dectector with Wireless Headphones will complete your high quality metal detecting kit.
  • SKU 960-8000329HP
  • Product Dimensions 21x12.75x7.50
  • Manufacturer SKU 800-0329-HP
  • Product Type Metal Detectors
  • Best for Advanced, Beach, Coin, Gold, Relic
  • Factory Included Accessories
    • Instructional DVD
    • 10" Double D Search Coil
    • Penlight 8AA Battery Holder
    • NiMH Charger Stand (Spectra)
    • 12V NiMH Rechargeable Battery
    • SpectraSound Wireless Headphones
    • Spectra V3 Universal Wall Cube Charger
  • Warranty Yes
  • Detector Type All-Purpose
  • Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
  • Technology VLF Multiple Frequency
  • Arm Rest Adjustable
  • Arm Rest Strap Yes
  • Adjustable Shaft Yes
  • Assembled Length Max (in) 52
  • Assembled Length Min (in) 44
  • Apps None
  • GPS No
  • Audio Tones Yes
  • Depth Indication Yes
  • Control Box Mount Standard
  • Frequencies 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 22.5 kHz
  • Number of Frequencies 3
  • Programmable Target Id Yes
  • Target Id Segments 191
  • Target Id Yes
  • Threshold Adjustable
  • Discrimination Adjustable
  • Pinpoint Mode Yes
  • Ground Balance Automatic Ground Tracking
  • Vibration Mode No
  • Search Modes 10
  • Search Mode Types Coin / Jewelry, Common, Deep Silver, Hi-Pro, High Trash, Meteorite, Mixed Mode Pro, Prospecting, Relics, Salt Beach
  • Search Flashlight No
  • Display Type LCD
  • Backlit Display No
  • Volume Control Yes
  • Headphone Jack 1/4"
  • Bluetooth Compatible No
  • Interchangeable Headphones Yes
  • Battery Type AA
  • Battery Quantity 8
  • Battery Life (hr) 5 to 10 Hours
  • Waterproof Non-Waterproof
  • Rechargeable System Yes
  • Exclusive Features Active Pinpoint Screen,Active Analyze Screen,Accuracy Probability/Confidence Level,Target Size,Color LCD Screen,Live Controls,3x3 Target ID System,Free Scale Arm-9 Processor With Built in DSP,Language Selection,Soil Type Program,Ground Track,Single Freque
More Information

White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector

with SpectraSound Wireless Headphones

One of the Most Powerful Metal Detectors White's Electronics Has Ever Built!

The Spectra V3i is the first production frequency domain Metal Detector to simultaneously use more than 2 frequencies. It is also the first multi-frequency Metal Detector to offer optimized single frequency modes. The Spectra V3i is the first to display the target phase response independently for each frequency. White's will continue to be a leading innovator in Metal Detection technology.

How Does it Work?

What does multi-frequency do for depth and discrimination? The truth is, any time a detector is simultaneously transmitting more than one frequency, the transmit energy must be divided amongst the frequencies. Therefore, a single frequency detector can usually squeeze out slightly more depth than a multi-frequency design at that certain frequency. But this is an advantage only at one frequency, which tends to favor only a narrow range of targets.

This is where the Spectra V3i really shines. The Spectra V3i transmits at 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 22.5kHz, making it simultaneously "HOT" on silver, gold and relics. Single frequency detectors are unable to have "Peak Performance" over such a wide range of targets. This is an advantage not only in detecting desirable targets, but also in discriminating out undesirable targets. So the Spectra V3i multi-frequency detectors get excellent depth over a much wider range of targets, and do a better job of identifying targets.

The Spectra V3i can also beat single frequency detectors at their own game! The Spectra V3i has the ability to run in single frequency mode using any of its three frequencies, and the transmit waveform is optimized to put all the energy into that one frequency. So if you want to hunt for only Deep Silver or only Deep gold jewelry, the Spectra V3i is optimized for these tasks.

The Spectra V3i is ready to go and easy to use! We have found the Spectra V3i very easy to use and offer many of the same operating conveniences that White's Metal Detectors are known for. White's engineers have incorporated many useful features like "Live Control" that allows you to quickly make changes to the sensitivity, threshold and more. A new "Zoom" feature allow you to make the text larger or expand a menu. With only six window menus to choose from, learning the Spectra V3i is Easy! You will be quickly navigating your way to finding more and deeper targets in no time at all.

Spectra V3i Can Hunt In Multiple Languages!

Spectra Flags

Introductory Videos


Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 10" DD Search Coil
  • Weight : 4.5 lbs (2 kgs)
  • Frequencies : 22.5 kHz, 2.5 kHz or 7.5 kHz
  • All Metal Audio : Array
  • Disc Audio : All Options
  • Battery Life : 8-10 Hours
  • Length : 44" - 52" Adjustable
  • Search Modes : 10 All-New-Turn-On-and-Go Modes
    • Coin / Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver
      High Trash, Meteorite, Hi-Pro, Mixed Mode Pro and Common
  • Audio Output : Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • 8-AA + NiMH Battery Operation (batteries included)


  • Dozens of Expert Menu Options
  • Adjustable Backlight : Twenty Different Intensity Levels
  • Owner Registration : Embed your Name and Contact Information with a Special Password
  • Recovery Delay : 200 Different Signal Processing Speeds to Choose from Matching Sweep Speed and Search Conditions
  • Color-Keyed Disc Pattern : Displays RS Across the Bottom of the Search Screen SpectraGraph (Red = Rejected, Green = Accepted)
  • 'Analyze' and 3 Frequency SpectraGraph Screens : New Ways to Interpret Target Information Using All Data Collected from Each Frequency
  • On-the-Fly Adjustments : Use the Live Controls at the Bottom of Every Search Screen and Adjust while you Hunt. Different Live Controls for Every Program
  • Selectable Ground Filters : 8 Different Ground Filtering Levels from 5 Hz -12.5 Hz to Suit Ground Minerals and Search Coil Sweep Preferences
  • 3 x 3 Target ID System : Quickly and Conveniently Check Targets with 3 Different Target Screens you Activate with the Trigger. All-New SpectraGraph, Pinpoint and Analyze Screens
  • Six-Block Menu : All the Discrimination, Sensitivity, Audio and Ground Balance Tweaks are Here, Plus some New Adjustments to Enhance your Performance and Depth Even More
  • Vision-to-Vision Wireless Program Transfer : Share Programs Wirelessly with other Spectra V3is! Create a Custom Program for your Hunting and Transfer to other Spectra V3is in Moments with Just a Few Steps
  • Live Controls for Real-Time Adjustments : Make on-the-Fly Adjustments as you Hunt from the "Dashboard-Like" Live Controls on the Bottom of your Display. Live Controls are Customized for each Preset Program
  • Full-Color High Definition Display : All the Target Information you Need Now in Bold, High Contrast Color! Bigger VDI Numbers, Icons and SpectraGraph. The Zoom Key Enlarges or Reduces Display Info. Hunt Using Preset Color Pallets or Create Custom Color Schemes for Each Program
  • Wireless SpectraSound™ Headphones : Engineered just for Spectra V3i by White's. Multiple Channels to Choose from to Avoid Picking Up Signals from other Spectra V3is in the Area, or Set Two Headphones Up to Hear Targets from One Detector. A Terrific Tool for Teaching about Target Sounds

A Complete Hierarchical Menu Tree of the Spectra V3i
Details of the Preset Program settings for Each of the 10 Programs
and the Range of Adjustments for Each Setting

Click an Object in the Tree to View the PDF

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    • ★★★★★ Metal detector and other items

    Review by Vance on January 3, 2020

    Loved it ❤️
    • ★★★★★ Best Detector out there.

    Review by Ted on October 20, 2019

    Nothing better out there than a V3i
    • ★★★★★ Killer the best metal detecting tool

    Review by Shelton on March 31, 2019

    I really love it, and always back to it! After many models - I'm beta tester I can say: the best from the best!
    • ★★★★★ Great

    Review by Robbie on July 9, 2018

    Awesome detector got to spend time to learn it but well worth it
    • ★★★★★ The V3i is a Real Performer!

    Review by Gene B on February 10, 2015

    I have had my V3i for over a year now. The build quality, and beautiful full color display is top notch. The V3i can be a turn on and go machine with the wide variety of preset programs, or can be adjusted for extreme performance as you learn and grow with detector. There is so much information at your finger tips to help you decide what targets are worth digging. Three powerful frequencies make this machine hot on all types of targets from gold, coins, to relics. The V3i can also operate in single frequency mode, allowing you to pick the frequency most appropriate for the targets you are searching for. Depth is amazing on the V3i in three frequency, and the optimized single frequencies push it even deeper. I've tested the V3i against other flagship models, and I can honestly say the V3i will keep up with them all, and surpass most.
    • ★★★★★ V3i - Another 5 Star Detector from White's

    Review by Michael C on November 24, 2014

    So my V3i arrived today and these are my first impressions. I own an MXT, for 6 years now, and so I'm familiar with White's detectors, feel, build quality, etc. After assembling the unit, which was a breeze, I picked up the V3i and found it to be well balanced, very solid feeling, and, it seemed to fit my hand like a glove. V3i menu - excellent! Just enough adjustments to impact hunting conditions, and a breeze to navigate. Then, off to my test garden. My first target was a dime at 7". I was surprised at how easily the V3i hit this target, I mean solid hit! A few other coins were in the 7" - 8" range and the V3i had no problem hitting these coins. Headphones are great! Simple connection, no delay, great sound. Another 5 Star Detector from White's.
Questions and Answers
  • Posted On: 7/12/2020 By: Rod Parker

    Q: When are you getting more in?


    Due to the recent changes with White's we will not be getting additional stock from White's what we have, is all we will have. 

  • Posted On: 7/2/2020 By: Cheryl Nevius

    Q: Hi. I was just given a White's DFX Spectrum E series detector. It was purchased in 2005. The powerpack and charging system are corroded (the batteries) and the wall plug doesn't seem to work. Is there a suitable replacement for this older model detector? Thanks, Cheryl Nevius


    We do have the batteries and the chrarger for the DFX available. You would need this battery and this charger

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