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Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 585 Waterproof Pinpointer

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Submersible to 100' (30 m)

Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 585 Waterproof Pinpointer
Submersible to 100' (30 m)

The only pinpointer with tip only detection, so you know precisely where the target is. No push button switches. The Vibra-Probe™ uses our unique tilt on & off technology, in addition to our traditional one-minute automatic-off battery saver. This translates into faster recovery times and longer battery life.

No annoying buzzers! The Vibra-Probe™ is the original pinpointer that communicates with vibration. It alerts only you that you've found a target. Plus, you never have to worry about dirt, dust, mud or water because our unique sealed design is airtight and waterproof to a depth of 100 feet.

No fumbling with knobs! The Vibra-Probe™ is fully automatic. The self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled circuitry requires no adjustments of any kind. The included belt holster makes it easy to carry and always at the ready.

Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 585 Waterproof Pinpointer


  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Holster : Includes Belt Mountable Holster for Easy Carrying
  • Target Distancing : The Pulses of Vibration Increase in Frequency as the Probe Tip Approaches the Target
  • Low Battery Indicator : Built in Low Battery Sensor Alerts you when the Battery is Low and Needs Replacing
  • Automatic Tuning : The State of the Art Microprocessor Controlled Design Requires No Adjustments of Any Kind
  • Solid Construction : The Vibra-Probe™ Rugged Sealed Construction and Stainless Steel Hardware are Built to Last
  • Target Direction : The Vibra-Probe™ Detects at the Tip Only, Not Along the Shaft, Enabling Precision Target Pinpointing
  • Pulse Induction (PI) : This Technology Allows Hunting at the Beach in Salt Water or in Any Type of Soil, Including Black Sand
  • Detection Depth Stability : New Advanced Circuitry Maintains the Unit's Detection Distance throughout the Life of the Battery
  • Waterproof : Unique Sealed Design Allows the Vibra-Probe™ to be Used in the Rain, Mud, or Underwater to a Depth of 100 Feet
  • Tilt On and Off : No Push Button Switches. The Vibra-Probe™ Turns On and Off when Pointed Upward or Will Automatically Turn Itself Off One Minute After the Last Detection
  • Easy Battery Installation : The Standard 9 Volt Battery is Quick and Easy to Change without Tools. Simply Rotate the Rear Knob and Pull Out the Compression Seal to Access the Battery Compartment
  • Communicates with Vibration : The Vibra-Probe™ Signals with Pulses of Vibration when a Target is Located. It Replaces the Need for Buzzers that can be Difficult to Hear, Especially when Wearing Headphones from a Primary Detector

Customer Reviews

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pinpointer doesn't vibrate until tip is within 1/2 inch of target.

Review by james on May 10, 2018

it may have some things that others don't. however, a pinpointer 's main purpose is to detect asap your target. vibraphone fails miserably at 1/2 inch. my other pinpointers detect target when within 1 to 1 1/2 in. i received this as a gift but cannot use it.

Rugged. No Bells or Whistles.

Review by Anarcheaologist on October 04, 2017

I'm surprised more people don't use these. It's an easy pin pointer to operate & they can handle the abuse of being used everyday. Would be cool if it had a little LED light like the Garrett carrot or TRX. I'm about to order my second 585...only because the TRX is out of stock lol. Seriously though, the 585 is a really great pin pointer for the money. It's nothing flashy/fancy & I think that's why its not as popular as others. It's function over form. If you want a reliable pin pointer this is it.

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