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Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 580 Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector

Sku: 384-580

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Submersible to 100' (30 m)

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Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 580 Pinpointer
Submersible to 100' (30 m)

The Vibra-Probe 580 uses our unique tilt-on/off technology in addition to our traditional one-minute automatic-off battery saver. Use it in water or on land! This translates into faster recovery The only pinpointer with tip only detection, so you know precisely where the target is. No push button switches.

No annoying buzzers! The Vibra-Probe is the original pinpointer that communicates with vibration. It alerts only you that you’ve found a target.Never worry about dirt, dust, mud or water because our unique sealed design is airtight and waterproof to a depth of 100'.

No fumbling with knobs! The Vibra-Probe 580 is fully automatic. The self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled circuitry requires no adjustments of any kind. The included belt holster makes it easy to carry and always at the ready.

Treasure Products Vibra-Probe 580 Waterproof Pinpointer


  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Holster : Includes Belt Mountable Holster for Easy Carrying
  • Target Distancing : The Pulses of Vibration Increase in Frequency as the Probe Tip Approaches the Target
  • Low Battery Indicator : Built in Low Battery Sensor Alerts you when the Battery is Low and Needs Replacing
  • Automatic Tuning : The State of the Art Microprocessor Controlled Design Requires No Adjustments of Any Kind
  • Solid Construction : The Vibra-Probe™ Rugged Sealed Construction and Stainless Steel Hardware are Built to Last
  • Target Direction : The Vibra-Probe™ Detects at the Tip Only, Not Along the Shaft, Enabling Precision Target Pinpointing
  • Pulse Induction (PI) : This Technology Allows Hunting at the Beach in Salt Water or in Any Type of Soil, Including Black Sand
  • Detection Depth Stability : New Advanced Circuitry Maintains the Unit's Detection Distance throughout the Life of the Battery
  • Waterproof : Unique Sealed Design Allows the Vibra-Probe™ to be Used in the Rain, Mud, or Underwater to a Depth of 100 Feet
  • Tilt On and Off : No Push Button Switches. The Vibra-Probe™ Turns On and Off when Pointed Upward or Will Automatically Turn Itself Off One Minute After the Last Detection
  • Easy Battery Installation : The Standard 9 Volt Battery is Quick and Easy to Change without Tools. Simply Rotate the Rear Knob and Pull Out the Compression Seal to Access the Battery Compartment
  • Communicates with Vibration : The Vibra-Probe™ Signals with Pulses of Vibration when a Target is Located. It Replaces the Need for Buzzers that can be Difficult to Hear, Especially when Wearing Headphones from a Primary Detector

Customer Reviews

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Review by Doug

Review by Doug on February 25, 2016

The Vibra Probe 580 never left my side when I went out. It was particularly great at the beach. I would actually use it to dig some dirt and make the hole bigger, that's how durable it is. I just bought two Vibra Quatic 2 for me and my son as my Vibra probe just bit the dust. Had it for about 4 years or so. I beat the crap out of it. Pros: works like it's supposed to and you can beat it up. Cons: I don't mind but it is a little bulky. My son always takes it from me so I bought two this time round. I highly recommend this product.


Review by Joe Y on April 15, 2015

This would be a tough one to compare this pointer to others as it is primarily designed as an underwater tool. A job at which it is outstanding. I recently purchased 2, Vulcan 360 pointers and 2, Vibra-Probe 580. I did a side by side comparison. On the minus side I found the Vibra-Probe to be somewhat less sensitive than the Vulcan 360 along with the fact that it is a bit bulky. On the plus side, it has a very well designed and secure battery compartment making changing the battery easy while ensuring a water tight seal. It is built like a tank and can take quite a bit of abuse.
For daily use on a sunny day I would recommend using a different pointer such as a Vulcan 360 or a Garrett pro pointer. In bad weather, extended field / camping trips with unknown weather or conditions that require true rugged design this would be a good choice. For under water use it would be my first choice. When I purchased my last 4 pointers the Garrett Pro Pointer AT "Garrett Carrot" had not been released. I am very anxious to try one.
- Joe in Indiana

Take My Vibra Probe 580 Only Out of My Cold Dead Hands

Review by Larry T on February 09, 2015

Owned the Vibra Probe 580 for 3 years and can't do without it. I spend up to 10 hours a day beach hunting during the winter months in Florida with a Minelab Excalibur II and often find targets that are too small and fall through my scoop. I first tried to move and sift sand with my fingers but it is almost impossible to find small targets in the sand. My Vibra Probe 580 works great at finding the small targets (gold cross, gold ends of earrings) in the sand or in the hole's sides or bottom. A number of times I was about to give up on a target because I simply could not locate it in the hole - the Vibra Probe would detect it at the bottom, often a sinker, or on the sides (coins) of the hole. I'm rough on everything and use the Vibra Probe to dig in sand and jab it in the bottom trying to find the target. So far it has survived me and when it dies I'll buy another one without hesitation. I love the fact that it is easy to turn-on by pointing it up, and after I use it I just put it back in the holster and it turns off. This is an accessory, like my sand scoop, I can't do without.

The Best on the Market

Review by Mark R on August 11, 2014

The only one to use in the water. Great quality and simple design make this one a winner. I would actually give it 4 1/2 stars as I would like to see a change in the on-off system. As it works now, you have to tilt the tip up to turn it on or off and it has a 1 minute non-use automatic shut-off supposedly to save on battery life. It's just a bit annoying having to turn it on all the time. I would like to see an automatic "sleep" mode to save the battery and once it gets next to metal, it awakens automatically. Sometimes it will cross-talk with your main detector, so you need to keep your coil off to the side while using the Vibra Probe. Minor, I know, but that's why it doesn't get a full 5 stars from me. Otherwise it's an excellent piece of gear.

Super Sensitive

Review by D D on February 27, 2013

I bought a cheaper probe first which had audio only. This is the second probe I bought and will likely be the last I will need. It is just what you need when you have back ground noise, flowing stream, crashing waves or any other noises. Vibrates strongly and vibrates more steadily the closer the target. It is very sensitive and will pick up tiny pieces of metal. It is rugged and waterproof.

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