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White's UltraLite Headphones


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Light, Comfortable and Collapsible Headphones. One Size Fits Most
Product Description

White's UltraLite Headphones
Light, Comfortable and Collapsible Headphones. One Size Fits Most

UltraLite Headphones are packed with features to help you hear those smaller, deeper targets while being light, comfortable and collapsible. 1/4" headphone jack, coiled cord extender, foldable design for go-anywhere portability, comfortable over the ear pads, and inline volume control. Once size fits most.

  • Quick Look White's UltraLite Headphones are lightweight, collapsible, and surround the ear so you can hear even the smallest targets.
  • SKU 960-4012024
  • Manufacturer SKU 401-2024
  • Manufacturer White's
  • Product Type Headphones
  • Headphone Type Headphones
  • Wireless Non-Wireless
  • Waterproof Non-Waterproof
  • Connector 1/4"
More Information

White's UltraLite Headphones


  • 1/4" Headphone Jack
  • Coiled Cord Extender
  • Inline Volume Controls
  • Comfortable Over the Ear Pads
  • Wide, Natural Sound with Deep Bass
  • Foldable Design for Go-Anywhere Portability

Technical Specifications:

  • Rating Power : 200mW
  • Impedance : 32 + 32 ohms
  • Max Input Power : 1000mW
  • Sound Pressure Level : 115 dB
  • Frequency Response : 20 to 20kHz
  • Driver : 40mm (for maximum sound performance)

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    • ★★★★★ Love 'Em

    Review by Charles on January 28, 2018

    Not only lightweight, good sound and great fit, but they are not hot in warm weather.
    • ★★★★★ Fell Short of Expectations

    Review by Jerry P in Hesperia on April 5, 2016

    Ok, I ordered the Ultralight headphones last week (3/21/2016) and I was super excited to hit the field with them and try them out as soon as I got the chance. They were delivered on 3/28/2016 (Ground 5 business days) and on 3/31/2016 was the first day I used them and already I must admit "I was very disappointed in the way they felt over my ears" and some design flaws that I need to point out.

    Let me start out by saying that I'm not a tall guy to begin with I'm 5'10" and weigh 190 lbs and don't have a big head or fat head as some people say. My previous headset was the White's Royal GT of which I still have and own. The Royal GT headphone was ok, but had a bad design. The ear cups were made of plastic and during the summer months in California's beaches and deserts let me tell you plastic SUCKS around your ears - I think I must have lost about 10 lbs in my ears from sweating so much, the speakers were also too close to the top line of the ear cup making for aching ears due to the cups pressing against the ears. So I was done with the GT's and needed to move on, hence the NEW ULTRALIGHT HEADPHONE purchase.

    My first observation that I noticed right off the bat is when I stand at my normal stance with the new Ultralights on my head and my White's SST metal detector on the ground there is not enough slack to keep a comfortable stance to take a quick break, at my height the headphones get pulled down and off my ears and are now halfway on. One would have to be hunched over to not have this happen. So, if you are over 5'10" these are not for you unless you buy a 1/4" female stereo to 1/4" stereo male adapter extension cable. I tried to pull the coiled cable to relax the length and give me more, but it wasn't gonna give it to me. So White's take note here: add an additional 1/4" female stereo to 1/4" stereo male extension cable at least 2' (2 feet) to give enough slack to move detector around and bring the coil back and forth to you while putting handfuls of dirt in front of coil for quick pinpointing. I do have a TRX, but sometimes you just want to wave the plug over the coil or a handful of dirt over the coil, not happening here with the current length. In its normal flaccid state the cord is a paltry 30", but can extend to more than 6 ft!, but the problem is the darn headphones are so light the coil of the extension pulls the darn things of your noggin' - no joke. The Royal GT's cord length was perfect, although not a big fan of coiled cables, there is a tendency for the coiled cable to twist up like the old analog telephones.

    Sound - 5 Stars here - the clarity is superb and much cleaner over the Royal GT's, bass response was good as good and presence was excellent. The soundproof of the headphones for exterior noise was very acceptable, in fact excellent and perfect for metal detecting. If their was a rattler nearby you would be able to hear it while at the same time canceling out exterior noise. There is a nice volume adjuster on the cable and is perfectly within reach, so good that you can close your eyes and go right to it. The Ultralights ear cups are of a different material than the GT's ear cups, but not that different. It feels like rubber and feels like plastic still but has the look of leather (so I guess we can say it's pleather) So yup! just like my trusty ol' GT's it's gonna get sweaty in them ears.

    Collapsible Design - 5 stars I really do like the idea of a collapsible headset to minimize the footprint, I didn't like the bulkiness of my gig bag when my Royal GT's were in there along with my TRX pinpointer / holster, batteries, gloves, Lesche Tool with sheath. Its cramped quarters, only enough room for 1 sheriff in town. The Ultralights surprisingly shrank the bulkiness of the zipper pouch, not by much, but it was enough to notice and rest assured that it wasn't going to get crunched from the tight fitting of all the gear.

    I purchased these ultralights with my expectations being met or at least exceeded. It fell short by 50%!
    Lightweight ----PASSED 5 Stars
    Compactness ----PASSED 5 Stars
    Friendly Design----FAILED 1 Star (not enough cable for standing and working)
    Comfort----FAILED 1 Star (ears still hurt around outer ear area like the GTs after 30-40 minutes)
    Sound - PASSED 5 STARS Clear and vibrant and acceptable

    I would return the headphones, but I threw the retail box away and don't want to pay return shipping. I would rate a 3 based on what I judged but those 2 design flaws drop the rating down to a 2 for me - Sorry White's! I think you can do better. As for now, I'm still on the hunt for those perfect headphones and will continue to use my GT's for now. The beauty of reviews is to have people read them so that they make informed decisions so that they can make their purchase the first review by jr on (10/13/2015) was enough for me to purchase these Ultralights, but in reading it again he totally failed to fill in the gaps that most of us metal detecting hobbyists need to hear. Hence this review, enjoy. I still love White's products though, I'm loyal to the end ; ) - just not this one. Everyone's noggin is different so in the end try them yourself for the comfort factor - these points were just what I came across during my review of these headphones. I did manage to go out in the field longer and it did get sweaty just not as sweaty as the GT's.
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