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Youngsters First Metal Detecting Find

By: Christopher C.

I recently purchased a cheap child's metal detector for my 4 year old son, Cam. He has been begging me to come metal detecting for some time now, but as I usually hunt cellar holes deep in the woods, the poison ivy and brush would be way too much for him. I finally decided to take him on his first hunt at a park in an old town in upstate New York. Cam pulled the first coin of the day, a 1975 penny, then pulled the second coin moments later. When I passed my Minelab Safari over the signal he got I knew he had something special. He dug and dug until finally he popped out a beautiful holed 1823 Matron head Large cent! I couldn't believe it. It had taken me a few years of metal detecting to find old coins, especially a LC. But Cam found his on his first trip, and I was so proud and maybe even a bit envious, as the only coin I've found older was an 1803 draped bust LC. He was so excited and ran around the park clutching the coin with the biggest smile on his face. Metal detecting has always been my hobby and passion, but it just got way better for me. I can't wait for the adventures to come with my son, and neither can he.