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You Never Know

By: Anonymous

I have pounded this orchard for a couple of years with many different detectors finding the occasional button or bullet but never finding a coin.


It was a special day with my "new" hunting buddy who I introduced to metal detecting last year. He was using my Tejon and is getting the hang of things. He found a 1944 Washington quarter about 100 yards away in the same location. This was his first silver ever and I was very happy for him. He was pumped.

The sun was setting and my boy and buddy had already headed back to the vehicle. I was working my way back to the vehicle with my E-TRAC as they came over to hang with me. I told them we would leave after one more target. I got a signal and dug some lead. OK DONE, let's go! By now we were about 50 yards from the truck and I was still swinging my E-TRAC and about 10 steps from the last signal I got another. I cut the hole with the shovel and located it with my pinpointer. I brushed some dirt away and saw a glint of gold and immediately slammed my hand over the hole to hide it. I couldn't believe what I saw and my buddy said. "Is that what I think it is?". I still had my hand covering the target as I was SAVORING the moment. I slowly pulled my hand away and sure enough, it was gold but we couldn't tell what though. My son's eyes were as big as pancakes as I gently pulled the coin from the ground.

I have been metal detecting for 37 years and this is my first gold coin, an 1882-CC Five Dollar piece. I may never find another and that's OK. To dig this in the presence of my son and hunting buddy was a priceless moment that I will cherish forever. They enjoyed it as much as I did. The sun was setting as we drove off and all of us had giant smiles on our faces. I've made some great finds since getting an E-TRAC and may never find anything better... but, YOU NEVER KNOW!

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