Wow What a Find!

By: Anonymous

I have been detecting since '97. Started out with a cheap Quickdraw II and immediately became hooked. It wasn't long before I realized I needed something a little better. My first Minelab was an Explorer XS. Through the years I've upgraded several times and currently use an E-TRAC. Hands down the best machine I've ever used. I hunt with a buddy that uses a Whites and he just can't get the depth that I get.

My most recent example of depth is my deepest find to date. This past weekend I was hunting an old plantation site that dates back to 1815. The area is also well known for Civil War activity. I was primarily looking for coins -- still looking for an elusive seated quarter. I had dug a few wheats then picked up a minie ball in great condition that was around 8".


The very next swing I hit a very faint, but very solid 12-46. I run gain fairly low to distinguish the shallow from the deep. I started digging and got down to around 10-11" and still had a signal in the bottom of the hole. At this point I almost gave up thinking surely it had to be a buried can. But, I kept digging because of that never changing 12-46 signal I was getting. I few minutes later I find the edge of a brass object right at 16" deep. A few more minutes of digging and cleaning, I realize I have an Eagle Officer's Sword Belt Plate in very good condition! Wow what I find!

Without a doubt it's my best Civil War relic and likely the best I'll ever find. It measures 51x83mm and is solid brass. It was slightly turned on it's side at an angle. Ground conditions were pretty bad as well. So much iron in the ground that I had to swing extremely slow. There is no way I would have found this with a different detector.

Keep up the great work. I don't see how you can improve upon the E-TRAC, but sure can't wait to see the next generation of detectors.