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Wish It Was My Full Time Job

By: Anonymous

I went and picked up my buddy today April 28th, and he doesn't have a car or a very good detector. I usually feel bad as I pull tons of coins, silver and more out and he ends the day with very little. Today he did good digging a silver coin from 1939 and I was the one feeling bad.

I moved down to a creek that is currently very low because of almost a year of no rain. I was slowly making my way along the still wet sand and mud when I hit on a solid 12-46 on the E-TRAC which is most of the time a U.S Quarter. As I was digging the hole, it began to fill with water as fast as I could dig. I would pull out some wet sand and scan with my pinpointer but nothing.

After digging down to almost 8" with no signal, I was going to give up and assume it was a soda can which can also read as a 12-46 and at that depth, I was sure that is what I had. One more pass of my handheld pinpointer gave off a loud screech. I plopped down another shovel full of nasty mud and scanned it and got a nice hit.

I saw what I thought was a silver dollar and my heart started racing. I have learned of course to always re-scan your hole and the E-TRAC gave off a second identical 12-46 just as loud as the first. I dug out another load of dirty wet sand and got a duplicate coin.

After cleaning them with creek water, the half dollar sized coins were found to be Religous coins that upon research were minted at the US Mint. They say on them Protected by Angels. What is Ironic is my buddy I was hunting with is named Angel.

I love this Hobby and wish it was my full time job. You just never know what neat new find you will un-cover and thanks to Minelab, we have no excuse for missing a target and leaving it for the next hunter to come along.

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