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Whites MXT Find 1893 Worlds Fair Medallion

By: Kelly W.

Hi My name is Jay, I've been detecting about fifteen years Just thought you would like to see this nice 1893 worlds fair medallion I found, it appears to be made of lead , I don't know much else about it or value if any. But I sure was excited to see that come out of the ground.It's huge as you can see in the pic compared to the rest of my haul. I found it using my Whites MXT with the 5" excelarator coil, found in London, Ontario Canada, about 4" deep. the ground is infested with well rusted iron and a lot of nails I usually get 2-3 in in every scoop of my digger. the MXT with 5" excelarator coil is great at separating trash. Keep up the good work ...I plan on getting a 14- 18 in coil soon. Cheers , Jayson Gerdes, London Ontario Canada

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