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Whites & Excelerator Finds Silver Crucifix & Coins

By: Kelly W.

Hi JW. I got the 8" DD Excelerator search coil on Friday, but because the temp was soaring around 105 degrees I was unable to get to use the coil until Saturday, then only for an hour, because of the heat. I was able to get a jump on the heat Sunday and get in 2 good hours before the heat and mosquitoes run me out of the park. West Nile virus is a serious problem in this area and you have to wear a lot of skitter repellent to protect yourself. Well I am impressed with this 8" DD Excelerator coil. I was hunting in a "hunted out" park that has its fair share of trash. I found that even though this coil is bigger than I normally use is high trash areas, I was still able to get great target separation and recover some coins out of the trash. VDI numbers were accurate as was the depth readings. I was running my White's MXT's gain at +2 and the detector was reasonably stable and quiet. What I liked best about the coil was its detection depth. I recovered two coins and a silver crucifix at 9 inches in a trashy area. I also found the usual clad coins and a couple of other items, but I just can't remember the last time that I dug so many nickels. I really like this coil JW and I am glad you recommended it to me. I look forward to future hunts using this great coil. Have a good one JW. Dennis in Caldwell, Idaho

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