Where the MIners Have Been

By: Anonymous

Yesterday was my second day out with my new GPX 5000. I went to an area just north of Yuma AZ. An area where there was a lot of drywasher holes, and some evidence of metal detecting. I believe in the old adage, "go where the miners have been". Several of the hillsides at this site had been raked. That told me someone had probably found gold there.


I was using the mono coil supplied with the unit. I decided to first detect a steep ATV trail down into the wash. About eight feet down from the crown of the hill I got a good hit in the center of the ATV trail. I dug down about four inches and started using my scoop. After getting the hit in my scoop I worked it down till there was barely anything left. Stuff about the size of a small BB. I was just getting ready to toss it when I saw a small piece that looked a little different . I ran it across the coil and Bingo! After my sure fire cleaning test (pop it in my mouth), it came out shining.

What a great day with the new machine. Just weighed it, point 2 grams. Well it won't buy a motor home but it's all gold!