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What Remains of a Soldier...

By: Anonymous

Some time ago while I was patrolling an area ( near where I live ), where in July 1944 U.S. troops have clashed and the German ones, including some splinters my CTX3030 gave me a number of distinct signals that ranged from a 12 -10 to a 14-12. very close .... at a depth of 10-12 cm...

Strange signal... I thought... then separate and multiple... intrigued because I already knew that they were not the usual bottoms of the cartridges for hunting .. I started to dig and marvel appeared before the chain to watch ( pocket .. ) brand UNION GLASHÜTTE 18Kt (brand name still exists producing precision timepieces ... then a faith ... ( we say that the period of war .. cmp alloy with the name .. (JAN OR FUCENLUS LAN ) and a cross in the sanctuary of Montenero ( on the outskirts of Livorno ) .. probably the soldier was also Catholic ...

From these details I could certainly infer that he was a German soldier wounded or perhaps fallen near them but which I have not found any other particular (perhaps the identity disc .. ) also probing depth among the vegetation ..I want to think that maybe he was wounded during the fighting right there and then evacuated by fellow soldiers and that it is able to survive and embrace his family ...

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