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What Have You Been Missing?

By: Anonymous

I was at one of my favorite parks in NY which many detectorists had left for dead. This place has been pounded for 30 years but with each Minelab upgrade, targets still seem to appear!

I had four buddies with me from a local club, The State Island History Hunters, and we each had a different metal detector. I was using the Minelab E-TRAC while the four other detectors were Garrett Ace 250, Fisher CZ-6, Fisher 1280-X and a Minelab Explorer SE. I was at the field about 20 minutes before they arrived and had marked two signals for the guys to check out. The first was an Indian penny signal about 8" down and the only detector that was able to get a solid response was my E-TRAC. It ended up being an 1890 Indian.

The other signal was a beautiful high pitch reading 11-45 on the meter with the depth icon down around 80%. This was exciting. Again, no other detector was able to get a repeatable signal. The Explorer SE sounded off but not repeatably. All four guys were standing around me as I took a large plug out. After clearing about 6" of dirt out, I heard a solid signal with my probe in the dead center of the hole. Now we have attracted the attention of park patrons so there were about 10 people standing around the hole. The dirt was dry and hard so digging was slow. The probe was screaming after clearing about 9" out of the hole. Then after one more "scoop" out came a black disc. It looked like a copper coin until I picked it up and felt the weight. It was a thin 1783 Two Real silver coin! The coin was passed around to everyone as they went "oooh and ahhhh". I am pretty sure I sold a few E-TRACs that day. Ask Ron!

Pics are after it was cleaned. Not the greatest condition.

what-have-you-been-missing-1 what-have-you-been-missing-2