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What Detecting is All About

By: Anonymous

This has to be my best find ever and I have found some really great artefacts. Brand new land, which is steeped in history within 1/2 mile of a Manor House and on a "How" a mound which was used in the early medieval times as a meeting place to exchange goods and news, all being over looked and in control of the Lord of the Manor.


It was one of those day which my detecting buddy and I had great expectations. All indications would suggest many great finds. After two hours of finding nothing not even a rusty nail. I had just set off to make my way back to the Landi to make a cuppa indicating to my Neil my buddy to follow in 5 minuets when the land owner tapped me on my shoulder. I stuck my spade in the ground and rested the E-TRAC on on it as you do. The E-TRAC gave such a loud and clear high pitch sound, thinking that it was the spade that had given the signal I took my headphones off to talk to the land owner.

After a brief chat I picked up the E-TRAC and was surprised to find that it was not the spade. With the landowner looking on I dug a plug of soil out of the turf, and between 6 and 8 inches down and the bottom of the hole the land owner and I found our selves looking at a 11-12c Heraldic Pendant with gold and blue enamel decoration it measures 50mm across with the suspension loop still intact. I is beautiful, this what detecting is all about..