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What are the Chances

By: Jessica m.

Today was my 3rd day hunting with my new Excalibur II and oh boy what an exciting day.. I was tired of the clad that I was finding the past week and really needed an old coin to boost my morale.. Well this may have been my most exciting find ever... I only found a total of 12 coins in my entire hunt today, but two of them were 1800's 20 Franc Gold Pieces and another was my 1st wheat penny since returning to the hobby.. I also found a junk bracelet that I got excited about until I really got home to examine it.. Enjoy the pics: One is an 1831 Louis Philippe I and the other is an 1851 Republique Francaise. I still can't believe that I found these today and am sitting here playing with them in amazement.. The next question I have is "Will there be more ?"... I mean what are the chances of finding two gold coins from the same era 20 feet apart on a beach?? Did someone actually lose these?? Did Hurricane Irene churn these up from the ocean floor?? I love this hobby and I love all the possibilities of beach hunting.. I think after today that I am going to continue seeking out new beaches to hunt as anything is possible..

what-are-the-chances-1 what-are-the-chances-2