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What an Honour

By: Anonymous

I have been metal detecting a lot this winter in East Texas. I have my sorted piles of junk, bent metal, nails, old identifiable things and etc!


I belong to another forum on TNET and they have a "what is it" category; so I took a picture of this bent up thing that had numbers on it. To me it looked like a bent up metal high heel shoe. If it wouldn't have been for the numbers on it, I probably would have tossed it in the scrap metal pile.

Image how dumb I felt, when others responded to the forum telling me that I have a Civil War era British-made Enfield model-1853 rifle's buttplate. I was also told the the numbers on it were from a distinctive number-marking which meant it was imported across the Atlantic ocean to America during the Civil War years. I can't explain it like the guys on the forum did.

What an honor I felt to have found something so historically unique!