What a Great Day

By: Anonymous

The year is 1921. The city, Ottawa, Ontario. The place, The Royal Canadian Mint. Someone says "Dump the coins!" and almost 3.5 million silver Canadian 5 Cent pieces are melted down. The government has chosen to go with the cheaper and larger nickel format for the coming year. But wait, some people have already purchased the 1921 5 cent piece, and about 300 have gone into circulation.

Fast forward 90 + years. An avid E-TRAC user goes over some of the same ground that he and another E-TRAC user have been pounding over for the last 2 months. So far 9 holes, no treasure. But wait, a repeatable signal in the coin range. Could be junk in this nail infested sight, but experience tells the detector to dig these signals.

The plug is dug and removed. The soil is combed with a pinpointer. BReeeeeeep. And out pops a silver coin. "But what is it"? the detectorist asks himself. It's small enough to be a "fishscale" 5 cent piece. A video camera is turned on as slowly the detectorist pours water over the coin. "Oh please, oh please" he pleads as the date on the coin is slowly revealed.

1921! One of the 300 or so of these coins in existence. The Detectorists is knocked flat on his rear and proceeds to phone his friend who knows the value of such a coin. $7000.00! Wow! what a great day, and what a great machine!