What a Beauty!

By: Anonymous

The E-TRAC is my third Minelab machine. I thought my Explorer II could not be beaten but it was. I spent the weekend in North Wales on a site near to a 10th Century Church that was built on an even earlier site. Had a great day with spectacular scenery, peace and quiet, a cold can of Guinness but best of all I found four hammered coins and a Roman Bulla. Three of the coins were Elizabeth 1st and I've found several similar coins in the past. Then, just as I was finishing my Guinness came that lovely clear peep. About a foot down I found the coin that makes it all worthwhile. An Edward 6th Shilling... Fantastic.


He was 10 years old when crowned and died aged 16 making his coins pretty rare, but what a beauty and what an excellent machine the E-TRAC is. I stuck it on e-bay with a silly reserve on just to see what it was worth, sorry e-bay but it's a great way of getting a true valuation of a coin!! (Please don't grass me up for passing on this tip :-). Take a look at the coin, 12 inches down in pasture with a signal that was clear as a bell... amazing.