War of 1812 Shoulder Plate

By: Anonymous

I've had 2 Minelab's in the past 5 years. A Quattro MP and then moved up to the E-TRAC about 2 years ago.

On (-4--2012 ( my daughter's birthday) my hunting partner "king coiler" Randy C and daughter were both busy so I went detecting on my own in an old spot that's been done by us and other before.


There weren't any finds except for iron and surface junk like bottle caps and cans. But in the first 15 minutes I got a 12-45 and started digging.

It wasn't a big sound so I figured it was a coin, button or junk. I checked with my Sunray probe about 4-6 inches down and it was still deeper. I gave up 3 times filling in the hole and double checking the spot again, the reading and sound stayed the same so I finally got down on my hands and knees and decided to keep going until I found whatever was there.

Metal detecting finds - 1812 shoulder plate At around * inches hidden under 2 roots that were crossing each other in an X, I pulled out this shoulder plate. I sent pics to a well known magazine and asked for help IDing it.

Their experts said it was a army of militia officers sword shoulder plate from the 1808 to 1815 era and that while plain plates like this are common, an incised one with a federal eagle on it could be worth several thousand.

I can't wait to find out, if it is I will be parting with it to buy the new CTX 3030.

war-of-1812-shoulder-plate-1 war-of-1812-shoulder-plate-2