War, What is it Good For?

By: Anonymous

The title is with a positive angle.

If you're gonna think about all the horror or war around the world war has giving, you wouldn't enjoy a lot of finds we make with our detectors. So yes, respect for the history worldwide, but also a lot of joy when we find a piece of war history.


At my home place, are fought many wars. The Romans and the Vikings have been here, but also the great sea battle at the Gouwe just around the 14th century. Then the Spanish invaded about 1500, then the French. And as we all know the Germans with WWII.

A lot of bullets and grenades are from the second World War. When I find that kind of ammunition, I always call the bomb disposal squad. But what I'd do is keep are the cannon balls and musket balls from the war against the Spanish invaders from around 1500.

Hope you enjoy it.

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