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Wanted to Find For Ages

By: Anonymous

Recently dad and I haven't been hunting as we have been looking for some old spots to try for pre-decimal coins as I am only 8 off 100! We had found a spot that we think had to be over 100 years old and thought it would be a great place to have a swing with the trusty X-TERRA 705.


We got to the site, put on our gloves, got our digger and quickly set the detector and we where off ! After two short swings I had a signal. But not a signal I had heard before. This one was very jumpy and extremely deep. We decided to dig as we always do because you never know until you have a look. Well I'm happy dad and I use that motto because at about 6 inches down I spotted a big old Australian penny. After a quick rub we saw the date was 1928, you beauty!!

Another two steps another signal, this one a solid 34 on the display. I was almost certain it was a halfpenny. I really must be getting to know my detector because that's what it was. A 1949 Australian half penny . After a few happy high fives with dad we moved on.

Around 5 minutes later I had a signal again and it was again a solid 34. 'Halfpenny' I kept saying to myself. But the I saw it as dad was digging. 'STOP !' I yelled as I pulled somethings lovely out of the ground. I couldn't believe it. I had wanted to find one of these for ages. It was an Australian rising sun badge dating from 1949 to 1952. I was so stoked that I didn't care we went home straight away.

After a few 1 and 2 cent coins we decided to call it a day. As soon as we got home I washed it under running water, dried it off and put it straight with my favorite finds. This find will always have to be my favorite. It made me think how lucky I am to have such a great machine and a great mum and dad that always take me hunting. As always thanks Minelab and until next time Happy hunting and good luck.