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Waiting for a Detectorist

By: Anonymous

One of the highlights of any hunt, would be to find something pulled from the ground, that has a date on it. Silver, Gold, actually any kind of coin, or relic. I'm excited just to get a dated dogtag, but my most recent find of this medallion/award has a real story to it.

Way back in 1917, a young boy, or girl, sent into the Pittsburg Press (notice no H as yet) a story about George Washington (a contest), and was given this medallion as a prize award. I was hoping to trace this back thru the paper, to a person, but they can't seem to find it in their archives. I do however know that this award has not been lost by someone. It has been just been tucked away, for these past 94 years, waiting for a detectionist ( with an E-TRAC of course) like myself to come along. I absolutely consider this as my very best find to date.