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Very Happy With My Find

By: Anonymous

On my third hunting trip to a secret locale with my buddy where I had previously found a Walking Liberty Half Dollar and a silver ring we decided to grid another section where we had previously left off.


About 2 hours into the hunt and only about 1 to 2 inches down I got a 30 on my X-TERRA 705. It kept bouncing from 30, 28, 30 then 24. I thought it's probably a zinc penny and decided to dig it anyway to add to my daily clad count. After pulling up the plug I pulled out a piece of chain which was still intact and called my buddy Randy (Creepycrawler) over.

As I examined the chain I thought maybe a dog collar but then I thought it's too short and the appearance was of a bracelet. Later that night after cleaning it up and acid testing it I found out it was silver with 3 small 10k gold rings. Some people have said that it's a watch chain. Either way I'm very happy with my find.