Vary Rare

By: Anonymous

I've had my E-TRAC for a year now and have made many amazing finds with it. I've hunted parks, old schools, and old houses with much success. I decided to try my first cornfield hunt. After researching an 1874 atlas of our county, I picked an old farm that was only a couple miles from my house. The owner of the house was very friendly and told me the house dates back to at least 1850.


After getting permission to hunt in the field, it took only 15 minutes to get my first coin. It rang up as 12-40 on the E-TRAC and was only 2 inches deep. I was very surprised to get an 1839 seated liberty half dime. This was my 117th silver coin of the year and also my oldest coin ever. A few minutes later, I found a very corroded braided halr large cent. The next hour or so was uneventful and then I got a beautiful 12-47 signal at 3 inches deep. It was another corroded large cent but the date was a legible 1855.

Not even two minutes later, I got a sweet high-pitched 12-38 and popped out my second seated liberty half dime for the day. This one turned out to be an 1838-O! My new oldest coin ever. It turns out this is a very special coin. Considered by the PCGS to be "very rare" with only about 200 known examples out of the original 70,000 minted at the New Orleans mint. Thank you Minelab!