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V3i Lives Up to its Expectations

By: Anonymous

I am so glad to submit another happy story made possible by using White’s metal detectors. I just got my new White’s V3i a few weeks ago and I’m glad to report it lives up to everything I’ve heard about it. I am just using the pre set programs and learning the machine and I had an opportunity to hunt for a class ring lost over 24 years ago for a friend.

His daughter lost her mother’s ring in the back yard and I was glad to try to find it for him. I was using the coin jewelry program and in just an hour I had the ring in hand. It was 4 inches deep and when I pulled out the grass plug I cut the ring was in the plug. I couldn’t wait to give the good news to the owner. I went to her work and the picture tells it all. Thanks White’s for another great detector.

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