V3i is a Great Machine

By: Anonymous

I had the best year I have ever had last year we detected up to the last day of 2011. Here are some of my favorite finds.

1840 Seated Dime was a Surface find from a Construction site on a old Civil war Home

1885 seated Dime

1692 King William III Six Pence

1860 Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal President Token

1898 1oz Sliver Half Crown from Britain

1892 Aurora, Indiana Fire Dept Captain's Badge what's funny about that I'm also a firefighter myself

Many Civil war items also dug, Button, Bullets, Relic's.


My Buddy and I, have done so good this year we have a spot where if we didn't dig up over 180+ 1800's coins in this area we did dig up any and now to this day every time we go back we still are getting goodies. I just can’t tell you how much fun that we had this last year and how much fun this year is going to be, The White’s V3i is a Great machine and I would recommend it to anyone that has experience in Detecting, If your just starting out I wouldn't recommend this one maybe one that's a couple below this one.

There is a lot of history that was around here in the southeastern part of Indiana, especially in our area, so we know there is a lot more out their calling are names just waiting to see the day light after being buried for over 100yrs.

v3i-is-a-great-machine-1 v3i-is-a-great-machine-2 v3i-is-a-great-machine-3 v3i-is-a-great-machine-4