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V3i Found Bullets I've Passed 100's of Times!

By: Anonymous

I bought my V3i on 7-9-11… with the hot weather we were having I mostly played with it in my yard trying different settings etc. Finally the weather cooled off and I took it to an old campsite that I have pounded over the years to the point that it was hard to get even an iron signal. I have done three short hunts in that campsite with the V3i and these are some of the relics I have found so far with it.

It doesn't look like a whole lot... but knowing the site they came from, I still can't believe the V3i pulled these out, as I was finding bullets etc. where I know that I have walked over 100's of times...but they were all too deep for the other detectors to hear....plus the soil in my area is very highly mineralized. I can definitely say that the V3i is the deepest detecting vlf machine that I have ever used and I love it.

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