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V3i Finds a 1787 Britannia Coin

By: Anonymous

I set my V3i to Coin and Jewelry setting and was using my 950 loop. I got a mixed signal showing 6 inches… bouncing back and forth to iron then high tone… buried under tree roots. I dug down, found a nail. Went over the hole again and got a solid high tone, dug down 6 inches and out pops a large copper disk. I wasn’t too sure what it was, so I threw it in my bag.

I continued detecting and got a solid signal, showing 4 inches down. I decided to dig the signal and found a 1902 Indian head (my first!!!!) I was so excited. I stopped and went home and I started to clean (running under water) the large disk and saw some print around the edges. I took the disk to a local coin dealer and he told me it was a colonial 1787 Britannia Copper coin. WOWWWW. I had two excitements in one day. My heart was racing! The V3i is the best!!!!

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