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V3i Comes Through in Tough Ground

By: Anonymous

I went out today for a detecting fix. So I headed to a site that I hunted once before. The ground was like concrete and just too hard to dig. So I packed it up and went home. We are in need of some rain right now.

On the way home I saw a hunk of woods next to some old homes, so I said to myself hey give it a shot. The digging was just as hard there too, but at least I was not doing any damage. I found some stuff that held my interest like a buffalo nickel and a William Penn token and some other stuff. Then I got an overload signal that had a VDI of 84. Not more than a couple of inches down I dug up this buckle. I thought to myself what is this doing in New Jersey? I was so excited that I went home to clean it up.

The White’s V3i came through again! Thanks White’s for making a great detector.

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