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USA Silver a Long Way From Home - in NZ

By: Anonymous

Last month I was out with my trusty X-TERRA 705 in a local Auckland park. I had two silver finds that day, one a 1939 Silver NZ 3d coin and the other was unbelievably a 1918 Winged Mercury Silver dime!

What was that doing in an Auckland Park? It was minted in Denver as it had a small D at the base on the obverse side.

From the same park, at a later date the X-TERRA 705 found my first NZ Silver Half Crown - a lovely 1933 George V coin.

Hard to fathom what was going on in that park way back in history, but the X-TERRA 705 is proving a great detector to use. I am just using the standard factory coin settings and they work a treat.

usa-silver-a-long-way-from-home-in-nz-1 usa-silver-a-long-way-from-home-in-nz-2