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US Mint Era Coin Found with V3i

By: Anonymous

You would think they would find it at the US Mint. But it took a White's V3i to find it!

I have been using the White's V3 detectors since they have hit the market. I am now using the V3i. I have had the best success with this detector. I have found lots of rings and silver coins with this detector. It has been a real pleasure knowing when I go out to detect that I’m going to find something if it’s there. I have had real good teachers on how to set up and run the detector. The White's forum has been a great help to me and my success. Today I was out detecting and found a couple silver coins and a few clad coins. After I arrived home I decided to try and read the dates on all the coins. I found today with my V3i. As I was looking at the coins, I discovered that I had found a US mint error. This was more exciting than finding a ring or a silver coin. I never found a mint error coin before.

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