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Unbelievable Relic Hunter

By: Anonymous A.

At the March 2011 Diggin' in Virginia XVII, I won a Minelab GPX 5000. I could not believe my luck to win such an incredible machine! I used it in the field over the weekend and it was a great experience. With all the talk about the GPX Series, I was going to put it to the test right out of the gate. I went to a spot that has been hunted for Civil War relics for many years. Finds are few and far between, and the land is loaded with junk iron and modern nails. All I have to say is this detector is incredible! The depth and the iron discrimination is unbelievable. I only dug a few junk pieces (to learn the tones) and I was off and running. I would highly recommend this machine to serious relic hunters.

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