Two of My Best Relic Finds With My MXT

By: Jessica m.

Recently I got permission to hunt a plantation house site that dates back to the 1770's. I was ecstatic as this property had essentially never been hunted! On the first day I arrived, I pulled the MXT out of the trunk, turned it on, and the first target out of the ground was a Colonial shoe buckle! This was followed by a deep Navy cuff button, a good number of flat buttons, brass hinges, and other house site finds. Two of the best finds I've made there so far were the gilded Virginia state seal button (my first Civil War period Virginia), and a worn, but readable,1795 large cent. There is a lot more to be found at this site, and I can't wait to see what else the MXT will turn up!

two-of-my-best-relic-finds-with-my-mxt-1 two-of-my-best-relic-finds-with-my-mxt-2 two-of-my-best-relic-finds-with-my-mxt-3