Trying to Save the Past From the Future

By: Anonymous

A small town close to my house had a school that was built in the 1800's along with some homes and a settlement. In the 1950's, the county bought the property and ploughed everything down and built a then new school.


I have been detecting the fields there for about a year now pulling old coins, bottles and other relics and trying to save some of the history. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to rescue what is left since they have plans to sell the property, tear down the 1950's schools and build a strip mall plaza or other type businesses there which would bring in more money.

Most of the bottles I dig are broken and the ones I do find in good shape, are only found because either there are lids on them that the detector picks up, or another good target nearby. This past weekend I hit the motherload in one hole.

I felt like an archaeologist as I carefully spent over 2 hours pulling out items from 80 years ago or more among the broken glass. Here is a photo of the items I was able to salvage. A silver plated spoon and fork. A huge compact. A milk glass cold cream jar. A ink well glass and an unknown nice bottle as well.