Tipping the Scales With Over 5kg of Gold Coins

By: Anonymous

I have been a keen gold prospector for a good 15 years now and have never been interested in Relic or Coin hunting, but have a mate that does have a Minelab Quattro and he did a bit of relic work around the old Miners huts while we were out on the gold. So it was for that reason that I thought maybe I should get one myself and give it a go. So I bought an E-TRAC so I could relic around the goldfield miners huts and towns myself whilst I was out, but still never made time to do that while I was on the gold.

Whilst being at home during the week I thought I would try my luck on the local parks for coins and it did not take long for the bug to bite me and get hooked on finding Pennies, Shillings, Sixpences and most of all the amount of $1-$2 coins that were out there. So now that I have set the E-TRAC up with my own Pattern I am just finding $1 and $2 dollar coins and cannot believe how easy it is to setup your own pattern and just start walking and up they come on the well displayed screen that the Minelab E-TRAC has. So far I found over 5kgs of the $1-$2 coins with a total of $1,114 and still climbing.