Through Snow and Frozen Ground

By: Anonymous

Well I decided to go to Hopewell NM with the new GPX 5000, it was a nice drive to there, sort of, when we got there the winds were blowing about 40 mph. And there was a foot of snow on the ground. So I told my wife since we were here I’ll give it a try. Of course my wife said she would stay in the truck.

After about a hour I got this signal and after removing about a foot of snow, the signal got louder. I've never have dug in frozen ground before but it took me awhile to dig six inches. But there it was a very small nugget. It’s the one at top left side. I was just amazed that the GPX 5000 would go though snow, and frozen ground. The rest of the day I found all of the rest of these at about a foot deep of frozen ground and a foot of snow. I didn’t care that my hands, and feet were frozen and blue. It was worth it all.