Thrilled to Bits

By: Anonymous

It is not often that you are relatively sure you have found "Find of the Year" at your club meeting only moments after you have first set eyes on it, but this is what happened to me. I didn't want to get too overconfident though as there are always cracking finds at our meetings, but this is special.


Out on a dig a couple of months ago I recieved a cracking signal on my E-TRAC that showed solidly in the middle of the screen. Do you get a sixth sense that something is good or is it experience with the E-TRAC that tells you? Anyway I was towards the edge of a large Wiltshire field in South West England. I dug down the 8 or so inches that the E-TRAC was telling me was the depth of the find, I was careful with my digging as usual so as not to damage anything and I was glad that I was.

At the bottom of the hole was what first looked dissapointingly like a piece of wrought iron fence. However, when I fully recovered it, I could hardly believe it. I had found a Bronze age Torque, and it was in one piece. It is beautiful and probably over 3000 years old.

Beautifully hand made and turned with tapered ends. I would like to think that it was put there as an offering for the next year to bring good crops. Maybe it was the best thing that the owner had to offer up to the gods. Sure enough, at my club, the Wyvern Historical and Detecting Society in Swindon, Wilshire, last month, the members voted the Torque as Find of the Year. I am thrilled to bits, thank you E-TRAC, you've done it again.