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Three in One

By: Anonymous

Today I met up with diggerDan and off we went to do some door knocking, first house we stopped at we got permission and we were there all day!


Dan got a silver dime right off the bat, and I got an odd scratchy signal, sounded like silver from one way but horrible after I turned 90 degrees, it was giving me a reading on the E-TRAC as 01-47....03-47... So I dig and the first thing I see if this big iron chunk, pull it out and then I saw a silver quarter... 3 of them!!!! A Washington and 2 SLQ ALL IN ONE HOLE!!!! Man I was on cloud nine. I wished I had got the full dig on video!

Dan got a silver ring after that, we got it on video, full dig, we both got a ton of wheats... I got 3 silver dimes, and a sterling St. Christopher medal. I also got that on a full dig video.

Other finds were the toy firetruck, a 1908 Indian, the good for 5 cent token and the cool cat button. So all in all I got 7 silver and Dan got 3... a 10 silver yard about 40 wheats, one Indian, and a token what a VIRGIN yard!

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