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Three Crazy Days of Silver Finds

By: Anonymous

I have had my White’s M6 for 3 1/2 years now and it has never let me down! The last weekend in July 2012 I found great amount of silver. Two finds really stand out. The first one came on a Saturday morning hunting a local school with my Son and a Friend. We had hunted this school before but it had one more surprise!

My third target was a strong sharp sounding +94 VDI. It was about three inches deep. When I pulled back the plug all I saw was one big silver coin! It turned out to be a 1 oz. fine silver American Eagle! I could not believe someone could have lost it. I thought that was great, but the next day I hunted a local middle school that I had only hunt once before.

After about an hour I had a good $10.00 in change. The sun was going down so I started heading back to my truck when I got a +88 VDI, I'm hoping it's a big silver ring! Well it was and it is the largest silver ring I have found in 14 years using White’s detectors. It was my 100th ring of the year and the most unique. It turned out to be a prison made ring from San Quentin State Prison! I believe it could be one of a kind! The other silver for the three days were a 1964 Washington quarter, silver bracelet and a nice silver band.

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