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The Way a Detector Should Be

By: Anonymous

I traded in my DFX and purchased the E-TRAC on Monday. Tuesday I read the manual and Andy's book. Today I took it out for a full 10 hour day, hitting my favorite spots that I have been over multiple times and directions with my DFX. The E-TRAC and me just hit it off right away. The smooth and steady threshold in what I know were very difficult EMI areas was such a pleasure. I immediately started finding Mercs and silver quarters. Then I hit a Kennedy half. I mean, this machine was just in tune with me. I could 'feel' what the machine was telling me. All day long it was locating finds that I said "can't be, I was just here last week", but it was there. I absolutely, totally love this machine. This is how a detector should be. Anyway, this is what I found today using the stock coil program with the threshold turned down a bit and + 3 on sensitivity. My intent was just to learn the sounds of targets… well I did.

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