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The Right Choice

By: Anonymous

Woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning then answered the phone to be asked by my usual detecting partner to hit some fields as they were being seeded on the Monday of course I jumped at the chance to try out my brand new E-TRAC which I had not even turned on yet. So I checked the battery loaded my gear into the car and 45 minutes later I was at the site only to be greeted with my friend with a long face, the area to be detected was not available, instead we had to use a ploughed and rolled field that had supposedly been done to death for years by various detectorists and clubs.

My friend broke out his trusty X-TERRA 705 then was off. Now it is time to start thinking on my feet I thought I loaded a couple of quick mask bars and kept the machine in multi tones and hit auto sensitivity she run super stable and smooth signals were few and far between until we got to the top of a hill where I got my first beautiful clear signal after that the signals came fast and furious. I have to say if this machine performs on ploughed land which has been detected repeatedly over the years I can’t wait to go to a more productive site to try it. The first photo below is the finds from the morning the second photo is of a tudor clothes fastener which falls under the treasure act the third one is a Edward iv half groat. I had reservations about parting with my trusty Explorer SE Pro I can now say that I definitely made the right choice in upgrading to the E-TRAC.